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Born in a chipmunk nursery at a very young age, this daring little guy has become the leader of the 'Rangers. His costume consists of a circa 1940s bomber jacket and an adventurers' hat. The source of his jacket remains a mystery to this day, but his Indiana Jones© style hat was picked up in a bubbly fight at a chinese laundry in Chinatown. [Episode Reference] To the Rescue Pt. II.
It's amazing how much things will shrink in the wash.
This one is nuts, and has a habit of defying the laws of physics for short moments. He wears a Rodney Dangerfield style, red, and yellow, tropical print, t-shirt and has an unbelievable amount of stuff in his pockets.
While he's not performing as a Ranger, Dale vacations in a small tropical island somewhere off the coast of Hawaii, which he won in a bet with the current CEO of the Disney corporation.
Monterey Jack
An Australian mouse with an insatiable appetite for cheese. Monty, as his friends call him, is the strong man of the Rangers. His costume consists of a tan overcoat, pilots' cap and goggles, and a large green turtleneck.
Using his worldly knowledge as a tool, Monty has gotten the Rangers both into and out of a lot of trouble.
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Easily Disney's most admired mouse inventor and best dressed of all the Rangers. A lavender jumpsuit (or are they overalls..? ;), white t-shirt, and usually a set of purplish blue pilots' goggles on her head are this mouse's outfit.
Little pink toes are cute. ^_^
An ability to build anything out of almost everything is Gadget's contribution to the team. The desire of both Chip and Dale, Gadget is usually too busy building things to notice their affections.
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