Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers

"A Tale of Two Worlds"

Written by Shane Jackson

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A Tale of Two Worlds - Part I

By Shane Jackson
(Scene starts out at Fat cat's hid out with an old cat antique dealer.)

Fat Cat: Prefect! You wouldn't lie to me? Would you?

Fat cat flips out a nail at the old cat

Old cat: Oh on Mr.fat! I would not! By old lore these cubes will
summon two of the greatest ancient ones.

The old cat takes out three cubes from his old smock, one looks like a
gray and dark red is ooze floating in it. The other one  looks a bluish
green. The third, a ocean green.

Fat Cat: So you say.

Fat cat takes the bluish and gray/red from the old cat and holds them
to the first light of the sun to inspect them.

Old cat: NO! Don't hold them to the sun till you are ready to summon

Fat cat takes them from the sun.

Old cat: Only 5 hours after the sun rises can they be held to the sun.

Fat Cat: Oh, really? So all I have to do is hold them to the first light
of the sun?

Old cat: Yes. After they are summoned they will protect and obey the one
that summons them, to the death if necessary.

Fat Cat: PURRRFICT!!! Finally some good help for a change. Well lets do
it, I have big plans for these two!

Old cat: Wait! My payment.

Fat Cat: Oh yes I nearly forgot!

Fat cat goes over to his desk and pulls out a brief case.

Fat Cat: It should be all here, 500 fins.

Old cat: Exllent! I'll go now.

As the old cat leaves Fat cat holds one of the cubes close to the light.
But before he can get it in the light fully Chip swings threw the window
of Fat cat's office.

Chip: Put that down Fat cat! 

Fat Cat: OOHH! Rescue rodents! I hate rodents!

After that Gadget swings in the window.

Gadget: That's Ranger to you!

Fat Cat: OOOHHH! (Pushes the intercom button) GET IN HERE! I HAVE A

The intercom comes back in Monterey's voice.

Monterey: Sorry fatty, were kind of tied up at the moment, your on your

At that time Gadget and chip jumps up and grabs the cubes. But Fat cat
grabbed Gadget making her drop the cube she was holding.

Fat Cat: well at least I'm going to get rid of one rescue rodent!

Fat cat holds Gadget by the tail and over his open mouth.

Gadget: LET ME GO! HELP!

About that time Dale sneaks up behind Fat cat through a air vent. Grabs Fat
cat's tail and bites down hard making him drop Gadget on the desk.


Chip: C'mon, lets go! 

The rangers flee back to there tree.

Fat Cat: HA! I've still got tow of the cubes, And they'll never find out how
to work the cube I'll just get it back later.

(Scene shifts to the rangers tree's front room.)

Chip: What do you think it is Gadget? 

Gadget: Golly, I don't know, I've never seen anything like it.

Dale: Well if Fat cat wants it it's trouble for us!

Monterey: Dales right! It's trouble, lets get rid of it.

Chip: No, it may be important. Well keep it for later.

Gadget: I think it's pretty.

Chip and Dale together: Then you can have it!

The rangers notice a strange glow coming from the bluish green ooze in the

Gadget: Dale, help me put it on the table so I can have a better look at it.

Dale helps Gadget put the cube on the table, some how it seems heavier than
before. As the sun's light strikes the cube the ooze starts to spin around,
slow at first then faster. Then a bright flash and a creature falling to
the floor hitting it's head on the tables edge knocking it out. When the
others look at the strange creature there startled.


Chip:(Hitting Dale on the head to calm him down) No it's not! Look at it
it's to small to be a human!

Monterey: Crikeay! It's an elf! Look at his ears.

Gadget: there pointed. Oh no he's hurt!

Looking down at the elf they see blood seeping out of a small cut on his

Gadget: Lets put him in the spare room down the hall.

As the rangers lay the elf on the bed the hear him speak a strange
language in his sleep.

Chip: What's he saying?

Elf: Donme con coop, reth thyin coup.

Dale: Look at all his cool stuff!

On his personal there looked to what seemed a standard long bow made of
some very fine wood and leather, a dagger made of fine steel/silver, a
leather quiver with a assortment of arrows for all kinds of situations,
and a sword made like the dagger only better, a cloak made of a rugged
but fine material, and finally many leather pouches filled with powders,
herb's, etc. His skin was leathery and a bit rough to the touch. his
hands were course and strong. His hair a blondish brown, fair to the wind. 

Chip: Woh! He's packing some serious fire power!

About that time the elf opened his eyes and sat up to what seemed to be
a mix between anger and startled.

Elf: Mon des la sut? Con alala sut ireut? dira!

Gadget: Its all right, were friends, we wont hurt you.

Chip: Do you spe..

Elf: English? but of course.

All: !!!!!!!!

Monterey: What's you name friend?

Elf: Etar.

Dale: E what?

Etar pulls out a small book and starts to flip through it.

Etar: Lets see, what's the translation... Oh! Here it is Jonathan. Call me

Gadget: Nice to meet you Jonathan,(shaking his hand)  I'm Gadget, He's Dale,
this is Chip, And over there is Monterey and zipper.

Jonathan: How did I get here? I mean, who summoned me? 

Chip: What do you mean?

Jonathan: What I mean is who was in possession of the cube?

Jonathan climbed out of the bed and faces the rangers.

Gadget: That would be me.

Jonathan gets down on one nee and faces Gadget.

Jonathan: Then by Eleven lore I must serve and protect you till I find a way
to get home, or till I have taken my last breath.

Gadget: Golly!

As Chip steps in front of Gadget Dale pulls her back with a tight grip.

Chip: Now you listen here!

Gadget: OW! Dale, let go of me, that hurts!

Jonathan almost as quickly draws his dagger in her defense. His eyes glow a
menacing red.

Jonathan: Let her go. Or else!

Dale: Or else what?

Jonathan throws the dagger at Dale caching the top of his shirt nailing him
to the back wall. He draws his sword just as quick.

Dale: Gulp!

Chip: OK now, we don't want any trouble.

Gadget: Jonathan, no! don't It's all right. There my friends! Don't hurt

Jonathan: By your command.

Jonathan walks over to dale and pulls out the dagger making dale fall with a

Chip and Dale together: (Talking to there self) I don't like him!

Monetary: So Jonathan, Where are you from?

Flashback time!

Jonathan: I am from the land of asdshe. Back when the only creatures on the
Earth were rats and mice. We Elfs made a pack with the rulers of the earth.
10 cubs were sent  and 5 return cubs went with them. In exchange for
natural resources water, soil, lumber, and seeds. our side of the world was
a utopia lust and green, the other was ruled by the dark mages. The mages
are a evil group, with only there best interests in mind. They use magic to
cause pain and death. My family was from a long line of enforcers, they
kept the border ruled with justice. But the one thing I remember most and
hate most about the mages is wen I was 5, the mages surprise the boarder
guards and gained entry to that first city my family was slotted. I was
the only one who lived out of my families murder. I am the last of a
dieing breed, the family of trzaroth. Arton One of the most powerful mages
known to exist is the one case of  the total dead that day. He can implode
buildings with a single thought. After that I put all my time to training
for the day I get my revenge. Unfourntinally 3 mage cubes were sent as well.

Gadget: Golly!

Chip: Do you think one of the mage cubes are still around?

Jonathan: possibly, If you were able to find my cube, the others could still
be out there.

As night comes over the park the Rangers hold a meeting about there new

Gadget: We have to find a way to get Jonathan home.

Dale: Sooner the better!

Monetary: Now Dale, Jonathan is new to this place. How would you like to be
ripped away from your home & stuck in a strange place?

Chip: Montaray's right, We need to make Jonathan feel welcome here till we
get him home. So starting tomorrow we need to take turns to help him adjust.

When Dale woke early the next day to watch cartoons, he noticed Jonathan
down the hallway sitting in a chair outside his room watching over all the
other doors in the hallway.

Dale: Have you been there all night? Why don't you watch cartoons with me?

Jonathan: I must not leave my post.

Dale Come on nothing going to happen to her! Come on watch cartoons with me!

Dale pulls on Jonathan's arm till he goes with Dale and sits in front of
the TV. 

Dale: (Dale turns on the TV to his favorite cartoon.) Oh boy! This is my
favorite TV show! You see, this guy here,(He points to the hero.) flies
around beating up bad guys who try to take over the city. He has all
sorts of super powers! X-ray vision, super strength, and he's so smart
he out wits the bad guy every time!

Jonathan: So, if he wins all the time ... what's the point of watching?

Dale: The point! What's the point! ... What is the point? OK, so
cartoons aren't your thing. Lets try comic books! I love comic books!
I've got lots of them! The swamp monster, Werewolf man, Blood sucking
vampires from Kansas, And my favorite, moon madness!