Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers

"Dreams of the Rarebit Rangers"

Written by Don Weatherwax

Characters herein are © Walt Disney corporation. Distribute freely, but do not modify.



The sign reads: DALE'S GARDEN -- KEEP OUT!

Will you calm down, Dale? It
isn't the end of the world.


This is a badly maintained garden. Dead and dying plants
droop in carelessly graded rows. The plants are as tall as
the chipmunks.

Dale is storming around angrily with a WATERING CAN. Chip
stands nearby with his arms folded, seething.

That's easy for you to say!
It's not your garden!

They're just plants, Dale.
They'll grow back.

But why didn't you water them
like I said to?

(cuffing a stalk)
I just forgot, okay? I didn't
mean for this to happen.

Huh! You just don't like

Oh, yeah? Well, neither do
you! If you liked this garden
you'd water it yourself!

I like plants! I just ...
don't like takin' care of `em.
(kicking ground)

That kind of attitude won't
get you anywhere. It's no
wonder I'm the leader of
this outfit.

The deuce you say!

Dale slams the watering can over Chip's head. Chip pulls it
off; he is soaked with water. He flings himself at Dale.

Their fight is interrupted by Zipper, who flies up and
squeaks at them, waving a tiny fork.


Uh-oh ~ Monty said he was
cooking up something special.

I hope it's not walnut flamb~e

Last one there tries it first!

Chip dashes off. Dale trips over the watering can and


Chip, Dale and Zipper zoom into their seats. Monterey Jack
enters with four pieces of toast.


Howdy, lads! Where's Gadget?

In her workshop, I think.

There is an explosion nearby. Everyone turns to look.

Blimey! What was that?

Gadget, bruised and soot-stained, staggers in from a doorway.
Her goggles, worn down over her eyes, are cracked. She

Don't ask.

(waving away smoke)
Gadget, what happened?

Gadget strips off her goggles and throws them away.

I said don't ask, all right? 
Nothing's working today.
(sighs glumly)
Maybe I should just take a
break from machines for a

Well, is everybody ready for

Sure, Monty! What cookin'?

It's called Welsh rabbit! You
guys'll love it.

Monterey places a piece of toast on each plate and leaves.
They stare at their dishes dubiously. Gadget picks her toast

But, Monty ... it's just
toast. I don't see any rabbit.

Monterey reenters with a yellow-encrusted pan.

No, no, Gadget luv'. Welsh
rabbit's just another name for
toast with melted chee-ee-ee-

He smacks his lips, then ladles melted cheese over their
toast ~ Welsh rarebit ["rabbit"]. Everyone smiles in relief.

I should have known.

And it ain't just any cheese,
either. It's me special blend
of herbs `n spices.


The sun sinks in the distance, behind the tree.

Eat hearty, lads! It doesn't
get any better than this.

Slowly, the sunset changes to night. The stars come out.


The Rangers lie about, their stomachs bulging, looking
queasy. Chip groans. Dale is snoring.

Oh, Monty, what have you done
to us?

Too right! Don't worry,
Chipper me lad. Everyone
always eats too much Welsh
rarebit. It's part o' the

Ohhh ... I'll never sleep

Sure you will, luv'. And
you'll `ave bad dreams
somethin' awful, too.

Bad dreams?

That's the other thing about
Welsh rarebit. When ye eat too
much of it, it gives ye
terrible vivid dreams.

Well, I never have bad dreams.
Think I'll go to bed; g'night,

Yeah, me neither. I'm going to
bed too.

(wakes up; groggy)
What dreams? What're you guys
talkin' about?

Gadget, Chip and Dale leave. Monty looks at Zipper.

Ah, Zipper me lad ... they
don't believe me. You mark my
words: it's gonna be a long
night for us all.

Zipper holds his belly and groans.



Zipper whines and turns over; his wings beat against the
blanket. The camera draws closer and closer to him and blurs;
then another scene swims into focus.

ZIPPER'S DREAM is a short series of images. Colors are muted
and incomplete; backgrounds are heavily defocused. There are
no words spoken, and sound effects are either bizarre or


First we see Zipper buzzing along somewhere dark. He looks
groggily around, then spots an endless glittering plain of
cakes and sweets ahead, wavering as if from heat. Zipper
salivates, zooms forward, dives into a strawberry tart, and
devours it from within. He hops from tart to cake to parfait.
As he licks clean a silver tray, he sees his reflection ~ and
then the blurred image of a flyswatter behind him. He looks
up and gasps to see a huge, disembodied red flyswatter above
him. He takes off just as the swatter smashes down, crumpling
the tray.

As Zipper flees over the sweets, flyswatters poke up between
the dishes and whale away at him. Frosting and fruit fly
everywhere as the swatters make a shambles of everything.
Finally Zipper zooms straight up; ten swatters collide where
he had been. He turns and gives them the raspberry, but the
sky is hung with spiderwebs; he hits one and sticks. As he
struggles, the web sprouts tendrils and cocoons him, leaving
his head free.

He gasps to see a large blue spider scuttling toward him,
holding a flyswatter. Another spider runs up, and they duel,
with their swatters, over Zipper's form. One spider swats the
other off the web to fall into darkness. The victor picks up
Zipper and licks his fangs. A shadow falls over them. They
look up at a titantic blue flyswatter hanging over them. It
rises, then swishes down ~ WHAP.


Zipper as he squeaks awake in his bed. He breathes a sigh of
relief, then looks over at Monty's bed, next to him.

Monty tosses and turns, grumbling, then fades away...

MONTEREY'S DREAM is prosaic at first, and looks like real
life. But there is a certain preoccupation with a particular


The Rangers are watching television, which shows only a piece
of Swiss cheese bouncing around on the screen.

Monterey is seated at the table, head buried in a newspaper. 
A picture of a cheese is visible on the front page.

All the Rangers are eating cheese. Rounds of cheese are all
around. Pieces of cheese are bouncing around outside the

`Ey, lads, look at this! Says
`ere cheese dropped eight
cents a pound yesterday.

The other Rangers seem to be mesmerized by the bouncing
cheese on TV. They are eating cheese, their hands moving in


And `ow about this! They just
found out that cheese cures
th' common cold and slows down
th' aging process.


And this `ere! You'll like
this, Gadget. Says they're
thinkin' of usin' cheese t'
generate electricity.


Monty twitches, shakes the paper angrily and glares at it.

What's this? What's this?
Cheese declared illegal? `At's
outrageous! `Oo says?

There is a KNOCK on the door. Monty looks up alertly.

Oh ~ Someone at th' door.

He gets up to answer it.


Monty struggles in his sleep. He waves his hands frantically.

No, lad...! Don't answer the
door, ye fool!


The front door CREAKS open to reveal Rat Capone in a patched,
threadbare black policeman's uniform, at the head of a pack
of blank-eyed dead-black RATS with grasping hands.

`Ello, citizen. Rumor `as it
youse folks've got cheese
`ere. Whereizzit?

Right this way, lads. `Elp

Monty stands to one side, and the black rats pour in. They
fan out and confiscate all the cheese in the room. Several
enter the kitchen and come out staggering under armloads of
cheese. One rat plucks the cheese from the TV; the screen
becomes just static.

Throughout all this, none of the Rangers so much as blink.
Only Monty seems mildly put off; he frowns.

Now, boys, d'ye think all
that's really necessary?


The real Monterey writhes in his blankets. He wrings his

No, no...! Don't let `em get
away wi' that!


Rat Capone is writing out a SUMMONS. Through the door behind
him can be seen pieces of cheese bouncing around outside,
chased by more black rats.

I'm chargin' youse wit'
`arborin' cheese in direct
violatin' o' th' law.
(tearing off summons, hands it to Monty)
Don' let it `appen again.

`Course not, officer. You can
always count on me.

The black rats, arms full of cheese, crowd into the doorway
and stick fast. Capone shoves them through, then slams the
door: BOOM.

There is a peculiar pause; everyone seems frozen for several
beats. Then Monterey blanches.

Blimey...! Lads, did you see
what just `appened? All our
cheese is gone! Lads?

Chip, Dale, Gadget and Zipper are still staring at the snowy

Monterey goes over and stands in front of the screen.

Listen up, lads! What're we
gonna do now? All our food's
gone! We've gotta get some

There is no response. Monty surveys the Rangers with obvious
disgust. He advances and gathers them up like cordwood.

Blimey! I `ave to do all the
work `round `ere.


Monterey, arms full of Rangers, kicks the door open. He dumps
them in a heap and pulls a windup key from a pocket. He
proceeds to wind the Rangers up, setting them down to let
them walk away.

Now, you lads return right
quick with some cheese,
alright? Make ol' Monty proud,

Monty goes back inside.

Zipper, flapping his wings just enough to stay aloft, bumps
into the tree before wandering away after Chip and Gadget.
Dale falls down and lies there, still trying to walk, like a
windup toy.


Monty claps his hands with satisfaction, then goes over and
adjusts the TV. He plops down onto a cushion.

Let's see if I can take me
mind off o' cheese for a bit.

The screen flickers, then shows a glowing genie lamp.

Friends, are you troubled by
the loss of your favorite
food? Nimnull's Magic Lamps
can help you! For all the
money you own ~

Monty changes the channel. The screen flickers, then shows a
DARK, BLOATED SHAPE, just a shadow with shiny white teeth and
glowing yellow slits for eyes. The Shape holds up a piece of
cheese, also glowing a brilliant yellow. It speaks softly, in
FAT CAT's voice.

Friends ~ are you troubled by
the loss of your favorite
food? I can help you. Just
let me into your home and your
troubles will be over. Because
I alone hold the secret of the
today! Don't wait another
moment to satisfy your
craving. Excuse me.

The Shape turns and walks out of view offscreen. The windows
around Monty suddenly darken.

Monty (in the dream) is distracted by a KNOCK on the tree's


No...! Don't open it, Monty,
ye fool! Don't do it!


The door CREAKS open again. It is now dark outside. Standing
before the door is the Dark, Bloated Shape, still just a
shadow. It towers over Monty; in fact, it is exactly the same
size as Fat Cat. In one shadowy paw the Shape clutches Chip,
Dale, Gadget and Zipper in a colorful handful. They are
mindlessly trying to walk.

Greetings, friend. Are you Mr.
Monterey Jack?

Aye, that's me.

Tell me, Monty - are you

The Shape pulls Dale free with his other hand, pops him into
his mouth with a POINK, swallows, and rubs his stomach.

(rubs his own stomach)
Aye ~ I am a bit `ungry, at

Well, suffer no more, my
friend. You have been selected
to partake in a marvelous
experiment. Do you see this?

The Shape brings yet another paw from behind its back (that's
three) and holds up the piece of cheese, glowing a brilliant
yellow as before. Its odor reaches Monty's nose; he twitches.


No, no! Keep away! Don't
listen to `im!


Why, that's ~ that's ~ CHEE-EE-

The Shape dangles Gadget over its mouth, drops her in and

Indeed, you are correct!
Friend, this is the ENDLESS
Kind. You'll not see anything
like it ever again.

Too right! They took all our
cheese. There's no cheese left
to be `ad for love nor money,
not anywhere.

Zipper escapes from the Shape's grip. The Shape snags him
with a shadowy froglike tongue and smacks its lips.

(continuing, oblivious)
I sent the lads out a while
ago to try and find some. Have
ye seen them?

Don't worry about them ...
just worry about Me.
(as it tosses Chip up and catches him)
I'm going to give you this
cheese ... absolutely free.

The Figure tosses the cheese to Monterey.

...For me? The Endless Piece
of Cheese? Y' mean it?

Eat hearty, my lad.  Eat

The Shape tosses Chip down its throat, then fades away into
the night. Monty holds up the cheese.

What a nice bloke. Imagine ...
`avin' one piece o' cheese do
ye for y'whole life!


No! No...! Don't eat that, ye
crazy idjit!



BEGIN ACT TWO EXT: JUST OUTSIDE TREE'S FRONT DOOR - NIGHT - MONTY'S DREAM Monty gulps down the cheese, burps, and pats his stomach. MONTEREY Ah ... that really hits the spot. A rumbling begins. Monty's stomach bulges. He looks down. MONTEREY `Ey! What's this? Monty's belly continues to inflate, immobilizing him. He grows and grows. In a trice he is too large for the branch to support him; it collapses. He keeps expanding; soon he is as big as the Tree. MONTEREY Blimey! What's `appenin' to me? Monty flails his arms, but he is now as big as the park, so he accidentally flattens the Rangers' Tree. He looks at the wreckage. MONTEREY Oops! Clumsy me. EXT: HORIZON SHOT - NIGHT - MONTY BIGGER THAN LIFE - MONTY'S DREAM Monty grows larger. Buildings crumble as he takes up their space. MONTEREY Strike me starkers! When's this gonna stop? EXT: PLANET EARTH - STARRY DARKNESS - MONTY'S DREAM Monty is soon as big as the planet. He bumps his head on the moon, which is blue. He yelps in pain, then picks up the rapidly shrinking moon and studies it. MONTEREY Look at that! The moon's not green cheese after all. It's Bleu cheese. He pops the moon, now the size of a marble, into his mouth. MONTEREY (mouth full) Hmm! Not bad, if I do say so meself. EXT: MILKY WAY - BLACK EMPTINESS - MONTY'S DREAM Monty looks around and sees that he is as large as the Milky Way. MONTEREY Oh no! Where's me home? Monty begins pawing at the Milky Way in search of the Earth. He stirs it into a whirlpool, which soon swirls away down an unseen drain. When it is all gone, there is only darkness around him. Disheartened, he spins slowly in the emptiness. MONTEREY Well, Monterey, you really got yerself into a mess this time. Was it worth it, d'ye think? FAT CAT (O.S.) Why, of course it was worth it! The Dark, Bloated Shape detaches itself from the background and reveals itself to be FAT CAT, who sniggers. Fat Cat is still huge compared to Monterey, and dressed in a dead black tuxedo. FAT CAT Now I have a king-sized snack! Just perfect for Me ... the ruler of the universe ... nyah hah. MONTEREY (gasps) Fat Cat! It's you! Fat Cat puts two fingertips together, generating a spark. FAT CAT I think I'll just create a brave new world, so to speak ... nyah hah. But first ... my midnight snack. Fat Cat, teeth glinting, reaches for Monty, who makes futile running motions but goes nowhere. INT: MONTY'S ROOM - NIGHT - MONTY ASLEEP MONTEREY (ASLEEP) Run! Run! Ye've got to get away! EXT: AN EMPTY UNIVERSE - MONTY'S DREAM Fat Cat's huge beringed hand grabs Monty and holds him above his immense, bloated face. FAT CAT Ah, the age-old game of cat and mouse ... and I win! He tosses Monty into his cavernous mouth. Monty flails as his surroundings fade to darkness. His belly deflates, and suddenly he is flailing in his bed, in the treehouse; the dream is over. INT: MONTY'S ROOM - NIGHT - MONTY AWAKE Monty awakes with a yell, and gasps and pants for a while. Zipper flies down to sit solicitously on his shoulder. MONTEREY Jeremiah Sebastian! I `aven't `ad a dream that awful since I ate that whole bottle o' Bleu Cheese dressin'. (to Zipper) Ah, Zipper me lad, I've just paid me dues what come with eatin' the Welsh Rarebit. How's th' night been for you? Zipper holds his head and groans. Monty pats him on the head. MONTEREY Buck up, lad. It was just a dream. Let's go `ave us a midnight snack ... brrr! And no cheese for me! (shivers, looking around) Ain't gonna be much sleepin' goin' on round `ere tonight, I can tell ye that. INT: GADGET'S ROOM - GADGET ASLEEP Gadget twitches, then grimaces and turns onto her side. Then her surroundings and clothing dissolve and change. Now it is morning and her bed has become lush satin, strewn with silk pillows. Her nightgown is silk and she wears jewelry. Her hair is long and lies strewn about. Her nails are polished and painted an emerald green. GADGET'S DREAM is a langorous, soft-focus fantasy. All backgrounds are poorly focused; colors are always exotic blends instead of primaries. All movement is slow and languid, and as dramatic as possible. No modern technology is present at all. INT: A PALACE IN SLUMBERLAND - MORNING - GADGET'S DREAM Monterey's arm appears and gently shakes Gadget awake. MONTEREY JACK (O.S.) Good morning, milady! Rise and shine! Gadget moans and stirs. Then she sits up, blinking. GADGET Where am I? She looks over at Monterey, who is dressed as an Arabian eunuch, complete with scimitar. Monterey bows deeply. MONTEREY In your royal palace, milady. Welcome to another day. Gadget examines the pendant on her necklace. She sits on the edge of the huge bed and stares around at exotic arches, statues, and murals. She looks at the rich bracelets on her wrists and ankles. GADGET Golly ... this must be a dream. MONTEREY A dream? No, your majesty, you're awake now. Shall I draw you a bath? GADGET But ... I don't remember any of this. (looks at Monterey) Who am I? MONTEREY Who are you? Why, you're ~ the most beautiful princess in all of Slumberland. And I - your humble servant. He bows again, deeply. Gadget examines the rings on her fingers. She starts to smile. GADGET Golly ... this is great. I'm a princess! Listen, Monty~ (clears throat, then resumes haughtily) Tell me, slave: as a princess ... do I have a workshop? MONTEREY A workshop...? Not that I can recall, milady; why? GADGET Oh, wow...! This is just great. No machines... hmmm. (to Monterey, archly) Begone, slave! I must collect my thoughts. MONTEREY As you wish, milady. He bows and backs out of the room. GADGET Golly, this is so nice. (lies back reflectively) It's too bad there's no one here to share it with. EXT: A PALACE IN SLUMBERLAND - DAY - GADGET'S DREAM The unbelievably huge sunlit Palace is something Winsor McKay might draw. Fountains sparkle in the courtyards. No one is visible, but Monty's voice is heard. MONTEREY (O.S.) (ECHOING) Princess...! Milady, where are you? INT: THRONE ROOM - DAY - GADGET'S DREAM Gadget, in a gauzy dress, lounges on a wicker throne on a raised dais. Zipper, also dressed in finery, is perched on her finger. Gadget is wearing eyeshadow now and looks rather Egyptian. MONTEREY (O.S.) There you are, milady. Gadget and Zipper turn to look at Monterey, panting in a doorway. GADGET Yes? MONTEREY (bows) Beggin' your pardon, milady, but there's someone at the castle gate. He demands to see you. GADGET (frowns) What does he want? MONTEREY Well, you do remember, milady, how his majesty the Caliph, your father, does want you to be married...? GADGET No. MONTEREY (bows very low) A thousand pardons, milady. This fellow at the gate believes himself to be a suitor for your hand. I shall return and convince him of his error. He grasps his scimitar and retreats. Gadget holds out her hand. GADGET Stop, there. This visitor, what is he like? MONTEREY He's a foreigner, milady. From another land, far away. GADGET Really? Why don't you send him in. MONTEREY But, milady...! He's a chipmunk, different from us. And he looks a fearsome fighter, too. GADGET And he sounds most interesting. Bring him forth! MONTEREY As you command, milady. He bows low and backs away. Gadget shivers with delight. GADGET Oh, I love the sound of that! The huge DOORS of the throne room are thrown open with a BOOM. Chip stalks in, dressed as an exotic warrior. His sword is straight, not a curved scimitar. He wears a gleaming silver helmet that is shaped exactly like his hat in real life. Monterey joins Gadget on the dais as Chip advances and bows. CHIP Greetings, your majesty. I come from across the sea, on a voyage of friendship. GADGET (buffs her nails) I don't doubt it. Tell me, sir; what do you think of me? CHIP (bows again) With respect ~ your majesty is very beautiful. GADGET (smiles sunnily) Yes, I know. And, why have you come to me? CHIP To ask you for your hand in marriage, your majesty. GADGET Marriage...? I'm not sure I'm ready for that just yet. CHIP (bows once more) That is for your majesty to decide, of course. Gadget twirls a flower beneath her nose, thinking. GADGET Tell me something else, noble sir: are there others who fain would be here in your place? CHIP There were hundreds, your majesty. But I am the one who won the honor of asking for your hand. DALE (O.S.) LIAR! Dale, dressed like Chip but without the hat, crashes in through one of the high arched windows, and kneels before the throne. DALE Don't listen to him, your majesty! It is I who deserve the honor. This impostor will bring you, uh, dishonor. Chip advances on Dale angrily. CHIP You're the impostor! The King himself chose me to represent the whole kingdom. You weren't even there! DALE Aha! You admit that I wasn't there! Then you'll also admit that if I had been there, the King would have chosen me, not you! Gadget watches with a smile, taking a grape from a plate Monterey proffers. Zipper fans her with his wings. CHIP Nonsense! Your majesty, don't listen to this fool. DALE Forget it, Chip! I'm not going to let a beautiful princess marry a creep like you. They draw their swords. The blades elongate and glow bright blue. CHIP Oh, so that's how you want it? So be it! GADGET Stop! I command it! The chipmunks turn to look at Gadget, who is standing on the dais. GADGET Now, enough! I am very flattered ... but there will be no fighting in this palace unless I desire it. CHIP & DALE (IN UNISON) Yes, your majesty. Gadget stands for a moment longer, then smiles. She sits down. GADGET All right ~ you may begin. Chip and Dale raise their swords immediately and fall upon each other. Their swords sound and behave like "light- sabers". DALE Yield, you blackguard! CHIP Never, usurper! Their dueling becomes more frenzied. Their parries and thrusts damage decor and hack chunks from the walls and floor. MONTEREY Milady ... shouldn't you stop them before they hurt something? GADGET I would not stop them if I could. Isn't it wonderful, to have two brave warriors fighting for my hand? MONTEREY If you say so, milady. But I fear for the palace. Chip swings at Dale, who ducks. Chip's sword slices through a column. The column crumbles and the walls shake. Monty looks up and gasps. MONTEREY Milady! Look out! Monty shields Gadget with his body as the ceiling collapses. When the dust clears, the chipmunks are still fighting amid the rubble. Gadget claps her hands and laughs. GADGET Oh, how marvelous! What fortitude! Ha ha ha! Dale forces Chip back into a wall, buckling it. The Palace shakes. The ground pitches wildly, toppling Monterey and spilling Gadget from her throne. EXT: A PALACE IN SLUMBERLAND - HAZY - GADGET'S DREAM The Palace shakes in the quake. It crumbles and crashes to the ground in a huge cloud of dust. EXT: RUINED THRONE ROOM - GADGET'S DREAM Gadget is left lying in a pile of silk finery next to her toppled throne. Wreckage is mounded all around. She extends a clenched fist to the fighters. GADGET Go for it, boys! Do it for me! She laughs wildly as the chipmunks battle back and forth over the tilting, debris-strewn floor. Suddenly both swords shatter against each other. Chip and Dale drop everything and grapple with their bare hands. The ground rumbles. Purplish-black clouds scud and swirl across the flickering orange sky. Great chasms open in the floor, redlit from below. Monterey slips half into one of these cracks. Zipper tries to pull him to safety, without success. MONTEREY Milady! What's happening? GADGET Does it matter? It's marvelous! The chipmunks clamber up the stairway to the dais as the floor falls away beneath them. Flames shoot up all around the dais. CHIP She's mine! DALE She's MINE! Gadget, laughing, holds her arms out to them. GADGET Take me, I'm yours! DALE See, she said she was mine! CHIP No, she said she was MINE! Each chipmunk seizes one of Gadget's arms. MONTEREY (angrily) Hey! Unhand the princess, you ruffians! A crack opens and widens beneath Gadget's feet. She finds herself dangling over flames, supported by her arms. She stops laughing. GADGET Hey, wait a minute. CHIP & DALE (IN UNISON) Don't worry, princess! I've got you! The chipmunks strain at Gadget's arms. She is stretched painfully. GADGET Ow!! Stop it! Let go! I command it! CHIP & DALE (IN UNISON) (in some surprise) Yes, your majesty. -As both of them let go. Gadget hangs in the air for a second ... GADGET Whoops. She drops like a stone into the chasm. CHIP, DALE, AND MONTEREY (IN UNISON) Princess! Gadget falls down, down, into the fiery depths. She flails her arms, and suddenly lands in her bed; her clothes and surroundings are back to normal. INT: GADGET'S ROOM - NIGHT - GADGET AWAKE Gadget looks at herself in shocked relief. GADGET Golly ... Some dream...! (wraps her arms around herself and shivers) ... Golly ... go figure. INT: DALE'S ROOM - NIGHT - DALE ASLEEP Dale is sleeping soundly with his hands behind his head. He is frowning. He mumbles to himself softly: DALE Well, if that's the kind of garden you want, do it yourself then, see if I care. Don't point that rake at me! Who do you think I am? He turns over and slumbers, then starts to blur. DALE'S DREAM is a simplistic, innocent fantasy of the Garden of Eden. Voices and body language are bright and cheery; colors are glossy and simple, with the emerald green of the Garden dominating everything. Backgrounds are clear and sharp. EXT: SOFT WHITE NOTHINGNESS - DALE'S DREAM Dale is wandering sleepily, without his shirt, or anything else. EXT: THE GARDEN OF EDEN - DAY - DALE'S DREAM Slowly, around him, the Garden FADES IN. Eden is a wonderland of nodding daisies and trees, beautiful and ethereal. Dale slows and stops in a clearing. He looks down at the soft grass, blinking. DALE Where am I? He beholds, lying on the grass before him, the sign from the first scene: DALE'S GARDEN. The words KEEP OUT have been bitten from the sign by jagged teeth. Dale picks up the sign, then tosses it away. DALE Gosh, what a beautiful garden. I wonder who lives here. MONTEREY (O.S.) Why, you do, Adam me lad! Monterey Jack, in the form of an angel, complete with wings and a clipboard, drifts down on a sunbeam to stand before Dale. DALE Gosh. Are you an angel? MONTEREY Ah, you're a quick one, for someone's just now created. DALE What do you mean? MONTEREY What I say! Me boy, you are the very...first...chipmunk. (poking Dale in the stomach as punctuation) You were just created, me lad. DALE Created? By who? MONTEREY Why, by Himself, of course. By, ah ~ (clears throat, jerking thumb skyward) The Big Cheeese. DALE (puzzled) You mean -- MONTEREY -- Ah, well, I don't know Him that well. I just work for Him. He sent me `ere to show you `round. Come on now! Let's see the sights. He takes Dale's hand and they move off. EXT: A WATERFALL IN EDEN - DAY - DALE'S DREAM This is a lovely little waterfall above a small pool, complete with rainbow. Dale and Monterey are watching from the bank. MONTEREY `Ow about that! Ain't it the loveliest waterfall you ever saw? DALE It's the only one I ever saw. What's it called? MONTEREY It ain't called anything, yet. You get to name it. DALE I get to name it? MONTEREY Course you do! After all, you're `ere first. You get to name everything ye see. Oh, um ... (refers to clipboard) `Cept, ah, yourself. Your name is Adam. That's Rule #1! Orders from above, you know. DALE But ~ but I thought my name was Dale. MONTEREY (frowns) None o' that, now! Remember, this is a dream. You keep yerSELF out of it. Monterey holds out his hand, and Zipper, who is not wearing his little sweater, immediately flutters down to sit on his wrist. MONTEREY Now look at this little critter, here. Quick ~ think of something to call it! Anything you like. DALE (scratches his head) Well, it flies, so ~ it's a "fly," I guess. Zipper flies away. Monterey puts on his frown again and coughs. MONTEREY Yes, well, Th' Boss and I was hopin' for a bit more creativity, if y'know what I mean. Try a little `arder next time ... Now, what's this thing, `ere? They are standing beneath a small gnarled vine. Monty indicates one of many grapes of exquisite beauty dangling over their heads. DALE Well, it looks like a grape, so, I guess it's a grape. MONTEREY That's me boy. Looks good, don't it? He prods the grape; it sways slowly back and forth. MONTEREY Gettin' hungry yet? DALE Boy, am I ever! Hey, we could eat that grape. MONTEREY (holds up clipboard, waggles finger) Nope! Rule #2: No grapes! You can't eat a grape, no matter what. Orders from above; sssorry. DALE What? That's not fair! MONTEREY Fair? Who said anything about fair? The Boss can do whatever `e wants! Ye got to obey orders, jest like me. DALE The deuce you say! I'm leaving. He stomps off. Monty runs forward and blocks his path. MONTEREY `Ere, now! I didn't say there wasn't food. You can eat anythin' you want, `cept grapes. `Ere, have a hazelnut. DALE Fooey on that! Who needs a garden anyway? MONTEREY But there's more! There's fresh water, and more critters wantin' names! You can't leave; this whole place was made for you special. DALE Aw, forget that. I'm goin' someplace where I don't have to follow nobody's stupid orders. MONTEREY Ah! Well ~ there's one more little thing I forgot t' mention. You'd be leavin' behind Eve, over there. He indicates a smiling Gadget, who is standing a little way off, clad only in her (very) long flowing hair. Dale's eyes bug out. DALE Wow! Y'mean she's here too? MONTEREY Only if you are! ... That's Rule #3. Dale zooms over to stand next to "Eve." He waves at the sky. DALE All right! Yes, sir! All the way with the Big Cheese! MONTEREY Well now, Adam lad, let's not get carried away. Nice t' see a bit o' enthusiasm, though. (checks tiny sundial on wrist) Well, I've got t' be going now. You two `ave fun. And remember, don't touch the grapes. Hands off! Monterey turns away and climbs an invisible stairway into the sky. Dale watches. Then Gadget takes his arm. GADGET Hi, "Adam." You hungry? Want a grape? She holds up a plump grape. Dale gasps. DALE Don't eat that! We can't touch that! Give me that. Dale grabs the grape from her and tosses it into the pool beneath the waterfall. It sinks with a PLOOP. DALE So much for that. Hey, I know a good name for the waterfall, now ~ Grape Falls. GADGET It's a beautiful name. She embraces Dale and nuzzles him. He is delighted. DALE Come on, let's find something else to eat! They scamper off downstream. The pool's surface is broken by a scaled head. A SERPENT rises from the water, an emerald diamondback rattler ending in Chip's upper body (scales in place of fur, no clothes). The Serpent's eyes are yellow with slit pupils, and his forked tongue flickers between smallish fangs. In his clawed hands he holds the grape, with a bite out of it. The Serpent takes another bite and peers after Dale and Gadget. His voice is Chip's, slowed down and distorted to a snaky hiss. SERPENT Vissitorssss. How niccce. END ACT TWO
BEGIN ACT THREE EXT: A MURMURING BROOK IN EDEN - DAY - DALE'S DREAM Dale and Gadget sit under a big flower. Dale's head is on her lap. GADGET So all of this was made for you? DALE Yeah, and I get to name everything, too! Neat, huh? GADGET Really! What's this flower called? She picks a buttercup and holds it up. Dale studies it. DALE I dunno ... it's a "buttercup," I guess. GADGET "Buttercup"... how beautiful. She smells the flower, then drops it into the brook. It floats briefly; then the Serpent rises beneath it. Dale and Gadget sit up in surprise; but the Serpent only smiles and bows, first to Dale and then to Gadget, while speaking. SERPENT Hello there, sssir, madam. I am called... Here the Serpent pauses and gestures expectantly at Dale. Dale is caught off guard. DALE Uh -- Chip...? The Serpent nods and is about to speak to Gadget again; but instead he pauses and regards Dale askance. SERPENT ..."Chip?" What kind of a name isss that...? DALE Well, you look like him, I mean ... uh ... SERPENT How about "Sssserpent?" It ssssounds better. DALE Sure, okay. "Serpent." The Serpent nods, then turns to Gadget again, clearing his throat. SERPENT ...Sssssserpent, at your ssserviccce. He picks the buttercup off the top of his head and offers it to Gadget. "Eve" accepts it, touched. GADGET Thanks, Mister Serpent. DALE Hey, stop that! You want flowers, Gadget? I mean, Eve? I'll get you flowers. Soon `s I find some ... He casts about for some blooms. The Serpent points offscreen. SERPENT There'sss a beautiful bunch of blosssomsss over there. DALE Really? Thanks. Dale heads offscreen. The Serpent immediately moves closer to Gadget and puts an arm round her shoulders. SERPENT My dear, it'ss a lovely day. Are you enjoying yoursself? GADGET (all innocence) I sure am! This place is so beautiful. SERPENT It sssure isss. Tell me ... would you like to sssee sssomething even more beautiful? GADGET I sure would. The Serpent brings his grape (with two bites out of it) from behind his back. He hands it to Gadget with a smile. SERPENT There. Isssn't it lovely? GADGET Gosh ... but Adam said I'm not supposed to touch this. SERPENT Iss that sso? Tell me, why not? Did he ssay why not...? The Serpent's eyes are brilliant and penetrating. Gadget's eyelids droop and her pupils spin. GADGET Gosh, I sure feel sleepy. SERPENT Why don't you lie down and resst. That'ss right. Gadget falls asleep. The grape rolls from her lap onto the grass. Dale comes back onscreen with a bunch of LILIES. DALE Here, Gadget, I mean Eve. Oh no! (as he drops the lilies and picks up the grape) A grape! Oh, gosh! Did she~ did she~ eat- t~this? The swaying Serpent closes his eyes and shakes his head solemnly. SERPENT I'm afraid we both have. Oh, woe iss me! It weighss heavy inssside me. DALE Oh gosh! What'll we do? Help! Help! Monterey the Angel steps immediately from the side of the screen. MONTEREY Alright, what's the problem `ere? What's goin' on? DALE Oh, gosh, Mister Angel, Gadget and the Serpent ate a grape! Look! He holds out the grape (which has two bites out of it). Monterey looks at the sleeping Gadget and the smiling Serpent. His brow clouds thunderously, and his eyes blaze; he doubles in size. MONTEREY Jumpin' Jerusalem! They've broken Rule #2!! (makes mark on clipboard so hard his pencil breaks) Now they must pay the Ultimate Penalty: expulsion from the Garden! He advances and picks up Gadget and the Serpent. EXT: THE GATE OF EDEN - DAY - DALE'S DREAM Monterey carries Gadget and the Serpent up to a huge GATE that stretches up to infinity, unlocks a large padlock with the letters D A L E engraved on it, and throws the gate open with a CREAK. Outside is only blackness, full of watching, blinking eyes, with a white floor lit by sunlight streaming through the Gate. Monty tosses Gadget and the Serpent through the Gate. Gadget is still asleep as she lands on the "floor"; the Serpent lands on his coils, smiling knowingly. DALE Hey, what're you doing? What's out there? MONTEREY (pulling Gate shut) Darkness! The Unknown! Who knows? Now they're out in it! DALE But Gadget ~ I mean, Eve! She needs me! He charges for the Gate, but bounces off Monty's ample stomach. MONTEREY Sorry, me boy, but yer still innocent. Ye can't go through as long as you `aven't eaten that grape. DALE But that's not fair! He peers through the Gate, sees the Serpent regarding Gadget covetously, licking his lips. DALE What the heck! It's just a dream. And I gotta save her! He is still carrying the grape; now he swallows it. A shadow falls across him; he looks up to see Monty, now huge, his eyes sunbursts. Monty pulls a flaming sword from behind his back. MONTEREY YOU ASKED FOR IT! NOW PAY TH' ULTIMATE PRICE! EXT: EYE-FILLED DARKNESS - NIGHT - DALE'S DREAM Dale is booted through the Gate and lands hard. The Gate swings to with an echoing BOOM. Now the only light comes from Gadget, who glows softly. The eyes watch the Serpent hover over "Eve," evilly lit by her glow. DALE Gosh, why's she glowin' like that? SERPENT (laughs harshly) Becausse sshe never ate the grape! Sshe'ss sstill innoccent, and sstill part of the Garden! But sshe'ss outsside itss protection now; that meanss sshe'ss MINE. Instead of looking frightened, Dale looks confused. DALE Oh, no! What have I done? ... Gosh, what HAVE I done...? The Serpent giggles as he wraps Gadget in his coils. Dale runs to her defense, but is smacked away. Dale gets up again and sees that Gadget is being stretched, elongated, in the Serpent's coils. DALE Oh, gosh! What's happenin' to you, Gadget? Two glowing serpents untwine from each other and hiss at him. One looks like Chip, the other like Gadget. Dale scratches his head, perplexed. DALE Gosh ~ I'm not understandin' this dream at all. The two serpents strike, wrapping Dale in their coils. He looks from one scaled, hissing face to another. DALE Help! Helppp... He is stretched, too, and drains away down a whirlpool of swirling eyes. Then he is covered by a mass of green. He twitches, then throws off his green bedspread. INT: DALE'S ROOM - NIGHT - DALE AWAKE Now Dale is lying panting in his bunk bed. He looks around. DALE Gosh, that was a weird dream. I guess that's what Monty was talking about. Chip? Hey, Chip, you awake? Dale peers into the lower bunk at Chip, who is tossing and turning in his sleep. Chip flips over onto his stomach and grabs his pillow. Then his surroundings fade out. EXT: TOP OF BARE ROCKY RIDGE - LATE AFTERNOON - CHIP'S DREAM Chip perks up and assumes an alert prone position as his normal clothing fades into view on his body, with additions like grenades, flamethrower, ammo belt, and a machete. He has binoculars held to his eyes. Below him is a valley filled with horrid writhing CARNIVOROUS PLANTS. In the sky, puffy blue-black clouds roil around the swollen, inflamed sun. CHIP'S DREAM is a violent, militaristic fantasy of himself as Fearless Leader of a band of mercenaries. None of the technology present is of the normal cobbled-together-from- human-junk variety; all of it is to scale. Most colors are brown (bare, rocky earth) or a sickening blackish green (the color of the villainous vegetation). Everything here is played for every bit of cheap melodrama possible, always focusing on Chip. EXT: BROWN TOWER THROUGH CHIP'S BINOCULARS - CHIP'S DREAM The Brown Tower is a ridiculously enormous windowless structure like a chess rook. Fierce carnivorous plants swarm all around it. EXT: TOP OF BARE ROCKY RIDGE - LATE AFTERNOON - CHIP'S DREAM CHIP Well, there it is ... the Brown Tower. At last! Nearby, Monty is also prone on the ridge's summit. He has binoculars as well, and a khaki-and-green camouflage uniform, with pack and bizarre weapons, including a flamethrower. MONTEREY Blimey...! What a sight! ... So that's where the Talisman is, eh? Are we sure `bout that? CHIP That's what Professor Nimnull's notes said. MONTEREY Aye ... I just wish we coulda talked t' `im some more. CHIP Yeah ... I'm sorry about that; I just got carried away. MONTEREY Ah, dinna sweat it, Chipper me lad. It could'na `appened to a nicer fella. (lowers binoculars) Well, at least we know where we're goin', now. What d'ye reckon's th' chances we'll ever get there? CHIP (pounds fist into palm) We'll get there alright. We're the Earth's last chance. I'm not going to be plant food like everyone else! MONTEREY `Twon't be your choice, me lad. CHIP (fiercely) You bet it's my choice! Come on, let's tell the others. They begin to descend the rise. EXT: WIDE DIRT PATH LINED WITH TOOTHY PLANTS - CHIP'S DREAM Parked alongside the path is a brown Jeep with an empty gunmount in the rear. In a hollow next to the Jeep are Gadget and Dale, dressed like Monty. Dale is trembling cravenly, biting his nails and glancing fearfully around. Gadget lounges against one wall of the hollow, cradling an enormous flamethrower. Zipper is perched on it. DALE I-I don't like this, Gadget. They've been gone too long! Wh- what if somethin' happened to `em? GADGET (absently, scanning her surroundings) Chill out, Dale. They'll be back soon. DALE M-maybe we should get outta here. I-I don't think they're comin' back. L-let's get outta here. GADGET Would you be quiet? You're starting to get on my nerves. CHIP (O.S.) Yeah, Dale, would you shut up already? Chip and Monty appear and jump down into the hollow. GADGET Find anything, guys? CHIP You bet we did! We saw the Brown Tower! And we're going the right direction. We'll be there in no time and we'll stop these mutant plants from taking over the Earth! DALE A-are y' sure? M-maybe it was a-a mirage, or somethin'. Maybe we should think about this for a minute. Dale whines and fingers his machete as the other Rangers gather up their gear. Chip takes Dale's elbow. CHIP Would you quit whining and come with us? Dale jerks himself free of Chip's grasp, trips, and lands next to a hungry-looking DANDELION. The dandelion seizes Dale's machete. DALE Help! Chip, save me! CHIP You bozo! You'll get yourself killed yet! Chip yanks Dale to safety and squeezes off a burst from his flamethrower. The killer dandelion drops the machete and collapses in a heap of ashes. Chip drags Dale to the Jeep and throws him into the passenger seat, then climbs in and starts the engine. CHIP Everybody in? Okay, we're off to save the world! The Jeep roars off. Behind it, the path is sealed shut by interleaved tendrils. Thousands of carnivorous TUMBLEWEEDS pour down the rise and fill the hollow, growling and snapping and devouring one another. Then they roll off after the Jeep. EXT: ON THE ROAD - LATER AFTERNOON - CHIP'S DREAM The Jeep bounces along the rutted track. Forests of mean- looking plants tower to either side. Chip points. CHIP Look, guys! It's the Tower! We're almost there! EXT: BROWN TOWER LOOMING IN DISTANCE - CHIP'S DREAM EXT: ROADBLOCK - CHIP'S DREAM Abruptly their path is blocked by a rearing mass of woven VINES. Chip brings the Jeep to a skidding stop. MONTEREY Blimey! It's a roadblock! CHIP No problem! Gadget, if you please? Gadget attaches her flamethrower to the gunmount. She lowers her goggles and delivers a blast of flame. Meanwhile, unseen by the Rangers, the toothy tumbleweeds catch up to them and start to gnaw on their tires. Gadget lets up, having created a large hole in the leafy wall. DALE Yeah! All right! Nothing can stop us now! The Jeep lurches as four pops are followed by hisses. The Rangers look down and see that the tumbleweeds have eaten their tires. Chip glances behind them, does a double-take, gasps and points at the horde of tumbleweeds charging them from behind. CHIP Gadget! Gadget swings her barrel around and fries the weeds. They crisp and retreat. Chip steps on the gas and the Jeep lurches forward through the rapidly closing opening. Zipper is snared by a grasping vine, but Monty grabs him and pulls him free. Behind them, the opening closes tightly. EXT: ON THE ROAD AT HIGH SPEED - CHIP'S DREAM Dale is in a fetal position in his seat, whimpering. MONTEREY Chipper, d'ye think we can make it there on the rims? CHIP I don't know! Guess we'll know soon. DALE Oh gosh, we're dead we're dead we're all dead for sure! ALL EXCEPT DALE (IN UNISON) Be QUIET, Dale! EXT: WIDE PLACE IN ROAD - CHIP'S DREAM A forest of waving fronds pokes up ahead and begins hurling huge pine cones at the Jeep. The windshield shatters; the Rangers duck. GADGET Golly! Look out, Chip! A huge BEANSTALK bursts out of the ground under the Jeep, flipping it onto its side and dumping the Rangers out. They take cover behind the Jeep as the pine cones rain down. MONTEREY Chip, do somethin'! Our flamethrowers dinna reach! CHIP I am doing something! Chip pulls the pin on a grenade with his teeth and flings it. The ground bucks in a tremendous EXPLOSION. Fragments of shredded leaves drift down all around in the sudden silence. CHIP So much for that. Come on! We've got to keep moving! EXT: WITHERED, CRAGGY PLAIN - LATER AFTERNOON - CHIP'S DREAM The Rangers run toward the Tower, which is quite close now. They unlimber their flamethrowers and hose them about. Dale shakes, holding his flamethrower as if it were a dead fish. DALE Oh gosh, I can't take this, you guys, I really can't... MONTEREY Pipe down and `elp us, Dale! Dinna just stand there! DALE I just can't take this! Dale drops his flamethrower and runs away from a curious tendril. He collides with Gadget, knocking her into a patch of carnivorous flowers. Two DAISIES grab her. GADGET Ugh ~ help! Help! Get these things off me! Chip darts in and grabs her around the waist. He slashes with his machete. Gadget pops free in a cloud of petals; she embraces him. GADGET Oh, thank you, Chip! You saved my life! CHIP (bemused, as it rains daisy petals) She loves me ... she loves me not ... she loves me. Meanwhile, a large VENUS FLYTRAP bends down and slurps up Dale. His cries are muffled, but Monty rushes to his aid. MONTEREY Blimey, Dale, can't ye be a little more careful? Monty and Zipper heave at Dale's waving legs as Chip and Gadget arrive. Chip uses his machete, severing the flytrap's stalk. An enveloped Dale thumps to the ground. Gadget cuts him free. DALE Ahhh! Millions of `em! They snuck up on me! CHIP Dale, I saw the whole thing. You weren't even looking! Be more careful next time. Now come on! They hurry off down an empty lane lined with writhing fronds. EXT: GRASSY AREA - GETTING ON TOWARD DUSK - CHIP'S DREAM CHIP There it is! Just a little more now ~ whoops! Chip is standing on a patch of GRASS; as he says this, the grass grabs his feet. He wavers, then topples, losing his weapons. CHIP Oh no! It's Grab Grass! Dale, although unmolested, whimpers and drops to his knees, hiding his face. Gadget and Monty, moving to help Chip, are both seized, Gadget by a GRAPEVINE around her ankle, Monty by a voracious ROSEBUSH. Both drop their weapons, though Monty retains his machete. He slashes at thorny branches. As Gadget is dragged away, she gropes for her weapons, which are increasingly out of reach. She tries to grab the ground. Zipper takes hold of her hair and pulls valiantly. GADGET Dale ~ would you please ~ help me out here? Dale blubbers. Chip, meanwhile, is straining to move his right arm. He can almost reach his machete. Gadget, dragged farther, sees the bunch of toothy GRAPES that awaits her and gulps. Just then, luckily, she is seized by another patch of "Grab Grass." Monty arms a grenade, but he fumbles it; the rosebush holding him snatches it from him and hurls it far away to explode harmlessly. MONTEREY Chipper, laddie! Do somethin'! Chip is muttering to himself, straining with all his might. At last, with a ripping sound, he reaches his machete. He slashes himself free of the grab grass, grabs his flamethrower, and looks from one crisis to another. He points at Dale. CHIP Dale, help Gadget! Dale whimpers and does nothing. Gadget is temporarily safe, caught in a tug of war between the vine and the grab grass. Chip runs over to Monty and points his flamethrower at the rosebush, which quickly holds Monty in front of it as a shield. CHIP Monty, get out of the way! MONTEREY I can't `elp it, Chip! Do somethin'! Chip grabs a grenade, arms it, and lobs it over to land behind the rosebush (which grabs for it and misses). It goes off, blasting the rosebush to flinders. A sooty Monterey ends up on top of Chip. He groans woozily. MONTEREY Nice shot, Chipper. CHIP Gadget! Chip extricates himself and runs to Gadget, who is just then ripped free of the grab grass, losing most of her equipment and uniform. Chip grabs her hand and digs his feet into the ground. CHIP I've got you, Gadget! Monty, Dale, help me! Monty, still stunned, slips and sprawls. Dale just whimpers. Gadget pulls Chip`s machete from his belt and slashes through the tendril with it. They spring free, landing on Monty and nearly flattening him. Monty gasps. The grapes growl loudly and send more tendrils snaking toward them. Chip slashes a few. Monty rights himself. CHIP Monty, get rid of these, would you? Monty arms a grenade, then winds up and delivers it. The explosion rains debris on them, including bouncing grapes. Dale is still hiding his eyes. In the sudden silence, he peeks out and sees the Rangers in an angry circle around him. DALE Did anybody get eaten? ALL EXCEPT DALE (IN UNISON) SHUT UP! CHIP Gee whiz, Dale! You're useless! He shoves Dale into Monty, who drags Dale after them as they move toward the mammoth Brown Tower just a few feet away. EXT: BROWN TOWER'S ENTRANCE - EVEN LATER - CHIP'S DREAM A sort of narrowing corridor into the side of the Tower terminates in a stone door, about as tall as Monty. Chip approaches it. CHIP This is it, guys! This is the Tower! We made it! The others, fearful, hang back. Chip grabs an iron ring on the door. It slowly CREAKS open. He advances inside. The others move gingerly into the corridor leading to the door. Behind them, a writhing mass of vines, tendrils, and thorns boils into view from both sides. INT: THE BROWN TOWER - CHIP'S DREAM Chip is in a huge stone chamber, stretching up to infinity. Running around the outer wall of the Tower is a spiral staircase leading upward. Before him is a pedestal; on it is a golden object, the TALISMAN. It looks like the blade of a circular saw. It shines, filling the chamber with unearthly golden light. CHIP Look, guys! The Talisman! We've made it! The others cry out behind him. He turns to see the boiling sea of plant life swamp the other Rangers, filling the entryway. They struggle uselessly as the burgeoning mass carries them forward. Before they reach the doorway, tendrils slam it shut in front of them. Then the door buckles under the pressure from outside. Cracks appear everywhere as the vines force their way through. CHIP Whoops. EXT: THE BROWN TOWER IN A SEA OF VINES - SUNSET - CHIP'S DREAM The waving vines are climbing the Tower and burrowing into it, crumbling the walls. INT: THE BROWN TOWER - CHIP'S DREAM CHIP There's only one chance! I've got to expose the Talisman to the sunlight! He grabs the Talisman and runs up the stairs. INT: THE SPIRAL STAIRCASE - CHIP'S DREAM Now Chip races up the stairway, viewed from above. The vines are right behind him, penetrating the walls and disassembling the staircase beneath him. Flagstones and rubble fall into the darkness below; the only light is cast by the Talisman. The staircase goes up and up forever, into the distance. EXT: ROOF OF TOWER - SUNSET - CHIP'S DREAM Chip bursts out of an ornate little arched doorway onto the roof of the quaking Tower. He races to the edge of the battlement and beholds the Sun setting redly in the west. A wall of horrid plant life rears up toward the heavens on every horizon. CHIP There! The sun! Behind him, the doorway vomits forth vines. More vines cover the sky, blotting out the sun. Tendrils pour over the battlements. Just as Chip is grabbed, he tosses the Talisman into the air. It rises above him, glowing brightly, then receives one last BEAM from the setting Sun, through a hole in the leafy canopy. EXT: THE LANDS AROUND - SUNDOWN - CHIP'S DREAM The beam bounces off in a shockwave that rolls over everything in sight. All the plants crisp and wither. EXT: ROOF OF TOWER - TWILIGHT - CHIP'S DREAM Chip, free now, whoops with joy. CHIP I did it! I did it!! I SAVED THE WORLD! HOORAY! He dances a victory dance. Beneath him the Tower, more vines than stone now, wobbles as the vines shrivel. The flooring shudders. CHIP I won! I won I won I won I won! YIPPEE...! With a roar, the Tower collapses beneath him. Chip falls into a maelstrom of debris and dead vines, whirling like a leaf in an updraft. Then he lands in bed, wearing his nightshirt. INT: CHIP'S ROOM - DAWN - CHIP AWAKE Chip awakes with a joyous yell. Then he pants briefly. CHIP Wow! Wow! What a great dream! Hey, Dale, you awake? He looks into the upper bunk, but it is empty. INT: TREE'S DINING ROOM - DAWN Dale, Monty and Gadget are sitting at the table. MONTEREY An' then Fat Cat just pops out o' nowhere, he does! And then `e ate yer ol' pal Monty like `e was a little bug! ...Heh ~ uh, sorry, Zipper. Chip runs out of the passage. CHIP Hey, guys, I just had the most amazing dream! MONTEREY Howdy, Chipper. I was just tellin' the others `bout my dream. A real nightmare, it was! Now it's Gadget's turn. GADGET Nuh-uh. No way. MONTEREY Aw, c'mon, luv'! GADGET (holds head) Not a chance. Oh, golly, it was so embarrassing. MONTEREY Ah, well. Suit yerself. How `bout you, Dale? DALE Uh ... well, I didn't understand it too good. There was this weird garden ... and you guys were there ... and all kinds of weird stuff happened. MONTEREY Fah! You blokes just aren't experienced dreamers like yer Uncle Monty `ere. `Ow about you, Chip? CHIP It was great! The whole world was covered with mutant plants from Professor Nimnull's lab, and we had to find this Talisman and destroy them all. And we did! And I was the hero. I saved the whole world! The others groan. Gadget gets up. GADGET I think I'll go to my workshop and work on something incredibly complicated for a week. Anybody want to help? CHIP Sure! MONTEREY Well, now, that didn't turn out so badly. How's about I make us some more Welsh Rarebit for tonight's dinner...? GADGET NO! DALE Ulp! No thanks. Think I'll eat out. Zipper gags and flies away. Chip glances at Gadget, hesitates. CHIP Uh ... well, Monty, maybe some other time. Everyone leaves but Monty. He smiles. MONTEREY Well, Monty, old man, your cooking's made a real impression on `em this time, it has. (grins at camera and winks) A real dream dinner, it was ~ Heh! Heh! END OF ACT THREE END