Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers

"Gadget and Goliath"

Written by Don Weatherwax

Characters herein are © Walt Disney corporation. Distribute freely, but do not modify.



The Ranger Plane is here with its balloon deflated, and Gadget is tinkering
with it. She has pulled out the instrument panel out and is squeezed halfway
into its housing. Chip and Dale are leaning against opposite sides of the
Plane, "helping" her. Dale is bemusedly staring at Gadget's tail.

     Hey, Gadget! Have you heard about this new plane the
     government's building?

                              GADGET (MUFFLED)

     It's invisible to radar! Isn't that great?

PAN from the smiling Dale over to Monty, who is lying against one wall. He is
holding up a piece of mirror and trimming his mustache with a tiny pair of
clippers. Zipper is perched on the mirror.

     ...Hey, Gadget, maybe we could fix up the Ranger Plane
     like that! It's not invisible to radar, is it?

                              GADGET (MUFFLED)
     Not really, no.

     Well, wouldn't that be a good idea?

Gadget backs out of the dashboard, holding pliers and a tiny penlight. She
stares at the dangling wires.

     ...Well, not really. I mean, we look just like a seagull
     on radar. So no one pays attention to us anyway.

She flips over and wriggles into the recess again. Dale gives a sardonic
thumbs-up to Chip. Chip reddens and adjusts his hat.

                              GADGET (MUFFLED)
     Hey, Dale, remember when I asked you to file all my parts
     and wires and stuff for me?

Dale grins wider and winks at Chip, who does an angry take.

     Sure I remember, Gadget.

                              GADGET (MUFFLED)
     Well, could you go get me my wire cutters?

Dale suddenly starts to sweat. Chip grins at him nastily.

     Uh, well, I, uh, just got started.

Monty has been watching this snappy exchange. He shakes his head and goes back
to trimming his mustache.

Gadget works her way out of the dashboard again. She hands her pliers and light
to Chip and Dale and glares at the panel.

     If only Zipper knew how to do this! I can't see a thing
     back there... Has anybody got a mirror? And where did I
     put those wire cutters?

     I bet Dale filed them away somewhere!

     Uh ...

Monty examines his mirror and clips, then hands them to Zipper.

     Go to it, Zipper me lad.

Zipper lugs the mirror and clips over and gives them to Gadget.

     Why, thank you, Zipper! You're very helpful.

She burrows into the panel again. Zipper tilts a smug smile to Chip and Dale,
then buzzes away. The chipmunks glare after him. Gadget resurfaces with some
kind of bizarre-looking widget.

     Got it! Looks like it's blown; we'll need another one.

                         (with smug smile)
     Go on, Dale, go get one ... use your filing system!

                         (scrutinizing widget)
     Don't bother, Dale. I haven't got any more of these.
     We'll have to go parts hunting, I guess. I need some
     other stuff anyway. Anyone want to come along?

     I will!

     Wait...! Wait~! I wanna go!

     I was first! Come on, Gadget.

Chip helps Gadget climb down from the wing to the ground. Dale angrily pulls a
lever and elevates a wing flap in Chip's path, knocking him down.

     Forget it, Chip! You always get to go on parts hunts.

     That's not true! Is it, Gadget.

                         (studying widget with magnifying glass)
     Oh, why don't both of you come along. I might need you
     to carry something heavy, or something.

Dale slides off the wing with a whoop. Chip grits his teeth.

Monty and Zipper watch the others leave. Zipper shakes his head sadly. Monty
puts his hands behind his head.

     Th' boys sure do fight over her, don't they? Tell me,
     Zipper: do you think all their squabblin' might spell
     the end of th' Rangers some day?

Zipper thinks, then shrugs: Could be.

     Well, little fella, appearances are deceivin' ye know.
     You was the last one to join the Rangers. Did I ever
     tell you the story of 'ow Gadget became a Rescue Ranger?

Zipper shakes his head and makes a querulous sound.

     Well, it's a story worth hearin', Zipper me lad.
     Happened right after I joined up. Seems like yesterday...!

The screen wavers. Then a scene from the past swims into focus in a WIPE, with
Monty's voice providing the only sound.


We see Chip hammering the Rangers' symbol into place above the treehouse door.
This symbol is an earlier version, without the lightning bolt. Dale holds the
ladder and Monty watches. Dale wanders away. Chip wavers, then falls, and the
ladder smashes to bits. Dale, oblivious, peers hawkishly into the distance.
Chip, battered and scratched, stomps over and kicks Dale off the tree limb.
Monty claps his hand over his eyes.

                              MONTEREY (V.O.)
     Things weren't goin' on too well by any means ... Dale
     and Chipper fought all th' time, even when we weren't on
     duty. And when we were on duty ... oh, it was awful! We
     could never get our act t'gether.


Fat Cat and his sniggering minions scurry along the corridor carrying
ill-gotten goods. They pass beneath Dale, who is hidden on a box overhead. He
casts a net and manages to snare Chip and Monty, who were following close
behind the villains. They glare at Dale; Dale grins sheepishly. Chip and Dale
begin to squabble as Monty taps his fingers patiently.

                              MONTEREY (V.O.)
     And forget about timing! We couldn't even get ourselves
     fixed up right. Nothing we built ever worked. We were
     about as 'elpful as th' Keystone Kops.


We see Chip cranking a ramshackle winch to hoist up something offscreen to the
right. He brakes the winch and walks offscreen to the right. Dale enters from
the left and looks at the winch, which suddenly springs apart; the rope goes
slack, and the ground shakes briefly. Then Chip's hat, with Chip's feet
sticking out, wobbles onscreen and runs in circles while Dale points and laughs

                              MONTEREY (V.O.)
     I can't even remember how many times they just up an'
     quit ... but somehow, I always talked 'em out of it.

We see the chipmunks fighting; Chip pounds Dale and stalks away. Monty heads
him off and talks to him. At length Chip relents and goes over to apologize to
Dale. Monty slumps into a chair and shakes his head wearily.

                              MONTEREY (V.O.)
     Th' worst part of it was, I wanted t' quit too. This
     couldn't go on much longer. Somethin' had t' change.



A sign on a root reads:

                          VISITORS WELCOME
                              KEEP OUT!
                         ~ THIS MEANS YOU ~

Gadget, carrying a sort of duffel bag, is reading this. She looks upward
uncertainly. She is also holding a piece of paper.


With a sharp CRACK ~ the first sound heard in the flashback besides Monty's
voice-over ~ the tip of a bullwhip knocks the top bottlecap from the stack.

Chip, in the treehouse's living room, coils the bullwhip for another try. (This
is before he gave up on the whip.) He casts again and gets himself in the rear
end -- CRACK!

Monty is watching from a chair nearby.

     Chipper, ye've got t' learn t' relax. If ye insist on
     usin' that fool thing, ye have t' loosen up a little.

Chip glares at the whip. He casts again and misses -- CRACK.

     With this thing I could've had Fat Cat last time.

     Pally, I doubt he'd've even noticed, even if ye hit him
     in the eye. HEY!

The whip's tip has just missed Monty's head. He glares at Chip.

     Sorry. That was an accident.

     Just calm down, bucko. Someday ye might get it.

Chip coils up the whip again and takes careful aim.

                              GADGET (OFF)
     Excuse me?

They look at the door. It is open and Gadget stands there timidly.

                         (very unfriendly)
     Yeah? What do you want?

     Uh, well, is this the headquarters of the -- um --
     Rescue Rangers?

Chip's whip scores a bulls-eye on the paper in Gadget's hand, snapping it into
fluttering fragments. Gadget jumps.

                         (coiling whip; shortly)
     You bet it is! But we're taking some time off from doing
     missions right now. Why don't you come back tomorrow.

     But ... but I saw this ad on a tree and ...

She gestures hesitantly at the paper fragments, but Chip moves over to her and
begins to hustle her out the door.

     Sorry, ma'am, but we're busy training. We'll help you
     with whatever you need tomorrow; right now we're busy.

Gadget is at the door and about to leave before Monty reaches them. He blocks
the door with his body and speaks to Gadget.

     Hold it, hold on a minute here ... you saw an ad?

     Yes, a help-wanted ad. It was on a tree and ...

     I put that ad out! Crikey, Chip, she wants t' join up!
     She wants t' join th' Rangers!

                         (not too swift)
     ...Oh. Really? You do? No kidding?

Gadget nods. Chip blinks at her, then tosses the whip away and smiles broadly.
He clasps Gadget's hand in both of his.

     In that case, come in! Make yourself at home, ah ...?


                         (looking her over avidly)
     ...Gadget! Of course, we'll need to see what you can do,
     but that's ... just a formality, you know...

Dale walks in and ogles Gadget. He goes over and elbows Monty.

     Hey Monty - who's the babe?

                         (clears throat)
     That there young lady is interested in joinin' up.

     No kiddin'? Wow!

Dale immediately elbows between Chip and Gadget. He grabs Chip's hat, puts in
on his own head, and tips it at Gadget.

     Howdy doody, ma'am! I'm Dale. What's your name?

                         (snatches hat back)
     Her name's "Gadget," Dale. And I'm showing her around!

     Oh no you're not. You're way too busy, like always.

     Dale, if you don't get out of here...!

Gadget waves to attract their attention. She holds up her bag.

     ~Look, uh, don't I have to pass some kind of test?

                              CHIP & DALE (IN UNISON)

     ...To join up.

     ...Oh yeah! Yeah, that's right. A test.
                         (pause) what can you do?

Gadget unzips the duffel bag and takes out a flimsy-looking contraption
resembling a perfume atomizer.

     Well, I build all kinds of stuff. This is something I
     thought you guys would like ... it sprays fingerprinting
     dust. You know, to look for fingerprints.

     Hey, neat! How does it work?

     Well, you just do this.

She pushes a plunger in and white dust EXPLODES in all directions. Everything
in sight is coated white. Gadget coughs.

     Uh ~ but it's not working incredibly well today. Um, let
     me take it home and work on it some more, okay?

     I'll go with you!

     No, I will!

They hustle Gadget offscreen. Monty follows, coughing.



Hackwrench Hardware has seen better days, and busier ones too. PAN down to an
alley next to the hardware store. The Rangers and Gadget are in the alley, at
the base of the wall.

     This is where I live. Isn't it a terrific location?

                         (glances around at the grime)
     It ain't th' greatest neighborhood.

     Watch this! This door is another thing I built.

Gadget takes a tiny remote control from her duffel bag and aims it at the wall.
A cinder block sinks inward, then begins sliding to one side. However, it jams
and stops almost immediately.

     Oh, shoot! We'll have to push it open, guys. Help me.

The chipmunks and Gadget strain at the brick. Then they fall in a heap as it is
pushed effortlessly aside. GOLIATH stands in the doorway.

Goliath is light brown and massive, even larger than Monty, and exudes fit,
competent virility. He is smiling pleasantly, his habitual expression. His
voice is smooth and melodious and always pleasant and unperturbed ~ a cross
between Richard Gere and ArnoldSchwarzenegger. He wears ragged shorts and a
cutoff T~shirt with a lightning bolt design.

     Hello, Gadget. I was wondering where you were. Who's
     your friends?

Gadget gets hastily to her feet, as do the chipmunks. The chipmunks are
appalled by Goliath's presence.

     Oh, just, uh, some guys. -Guys, this is my friend, Goliath.

                         (tips his cap, a little awed)
     Ah ... hello.

     I'm just here to get my rocket pack. I wanted to show it
     to these guys.

     Aw, that's cute. You're always inventing stuff.
                         (pats Gadget on head)
     I was just showing your rocket pack to some of the
     fellows from work. Listen, I've got to go out; could you
     clean the place up a little?

     Sure, Goliath.

Goliath waves as he walks away. Then Gadget looks inside her flat and groans.

     Oh, gosh, what a mess.

She goes inside. The Rangers follow cautiously.


This place is low and crowded with ramshackle furniture. Bulbs dangle from
wires over the detritus of a party ~ dirty cups and plates and shirts and
socks, cards, spilled drinks, etc. A small radio stands in one corner. Gadget
is gathering up clothes.

     Could you hold on a second? I'm just cleaning up this
     place a little.

                              CHIP & DALE (IN UNISON)

The chipmunks glance around, then jump as Monty pokes them.

      Don't just stand there! Offer t' help 'er out! 

Chip straightens his hat and advances before Dale does.

     I'll help you, Gadget!

     We'll help you, Gadget.

The Rangers tidy up around them, marveling at the mess. Chip gathers up the
dirty dishes and dumps them in the crude sink. Monty gets most of the debris
off the floor. Dale collects the dirty clothes and puts them into a bag Gadget
holds open for him.

     There, that's enough for now. I'll do laundry tomorrow.

     What ye got for us t' see this time, Gadget?

     My rocket pack! It really works. Oh, no ...

She picks up a device from a corner. It looks like it came from THE ROCKETEER.
But it has been heavily damaged in the party. Wires and things are hanging out.

     ...Shoot; it looks like the guidance system is all
     broken. Oh well; I'll show you guys my Food-Finder
     instead. I need to find dinner for tonight anyway.

Gadget goes to a cluttered workbench and gets out a device that looks like a
flimsy metal detector. She takes off her goggles and hands them to Dale.

     Here, hold these, would you, Chip?

She puts the Food-Finder's headphones on.

     Uh, he's Chip. I'm Dale.

                         (holds headphones away from ear)
     Beg pardon?


Dale puts the goggles on his head and moves off after the others.


Gadget walking along an alley. The others follow at a short distance. Gadget is
pointing her Food-Finder all about her. We can hear a faint twittering coming
from the Food-Finder's headphones.

     Well, fellas, what d'ye think? Can we use Gadget or not?

                         (off guard)
     Uh, well ... I don't know ... her inventions don't seem
     to work very well. She's got to pull her own weight...

     What's this? How come yer so particular all of a sudden?

     Aw, you're just scared of that Goliath. But I'm not! I
     could take him, easy!

Dale shadowboxes. Chip flares up angrily.

     That's ridiculous! Gadget probably doesn't like him
     anyway! ~I, I mean, ...

He trails off as Gadget wanders past with her Food-Finder.

     Excuse me, guys. Hey, how am I doing so far?

                              CHIP & DALE (IN UNISON)
     Great, Gadget!

Gadget smiles and moves off. Chip and Dale look after her, then move after her
together, their argument forgotten. Monty watches them go. He frowns


Gadget moves her Food-Finder around, with the chipmunks following.

     I hope this thing is working today. Goliath doesn't
     like it when I don't bring anything home for dinner.

     Goliath? How come he can't get his own food?

     Goliath? Uh, well, he's got lots of stuff to do.

     So do you! That's not fair.

                         (holds headphones away from ear)
     What? I'm sorry.

A BEEEP! distracts her. She points the Food-Finder ahead of her.

     There! It found something! I wonder what?

They run off.


A dirty banana peel lies on the dirty ground. DRAW BACK to reveal Gadget and
the Rangers. Gadget's face falls.

     Oh, no! That's not right. Maybe the processor's off.
                         (fiddles with Food-Finder)
     Let's try again, okay?

As they move off, Dale turns to look at Monty. Monty shrugs.



The empty black candy wrapper reads "TREACLE BRITTLE." DRAW BACK to reveal
Gadget and the Rangers.

     Oh, rats! Not again! Maybe there's something wrong with
     the shape tables.

                         (tapping his head, to Monty)
     Maybe there's somethin' wrong up here.

     Shhhh! What kinda comment is that?

     She can't hear me.

                         (as she fiddles some more)
     Shoot...! Let's try again. I'm sure it's just a glitch.

Chip looks at the Food-Finder skeptically. They move off.



Chip and Gadget, Food-Finder slung at her shoulder, roll an apple core along.
Dale and Monty bring up the rear.

     It wasn't working too well today, I guess. But I'll fix
     it soon, no problem! Really, I will, Dale.

     I'm Chip. He's Dale.
                         (pats her on the shoulder)
     Don't worry, Gadget. I'm sure it's just a temporary
     problem. You'll do better tomorrow.

PAN to show Dale and Monty trailing behind. Monty shakes his head.

     This don't look good at all. Poor lassie.

     What's Lassie got to do with this? She's a dog.


Gadget and Chip roll the apple core up to the door. Gadget tries her remote
again; there is only a BUZZ.

     This darn thing! It was working this morning.

The door is opened from inside by Goliath. He waves pleasantly.

     Hello there. Gadget, you're home late; I was worried.

     Oh ~ hi, Goliath. Uh, I was just bringing home dinner.

     That's the best you could do, huh? Hang on, I'll get it
     inside for you.

Goliath picks up the apple core easily and carries it inside.

                         (to the Rangers)
     Listen, guys, tomorrow will be different, I promise.
     Meet me in the morning by the hollow tree in the park.

     Sure, Gadget.

She goes into the flat. The Rangers turn and walk away.


     I don't like that Goliath character. He's shifty.

     Well, maybe he is busy all day. I mean, Gadget must see
     something in him...

     Eh, come on, Chip. You think it's fair? It's criminal
     for her to 'ave t' forage for that big bloke.

     Well ...
                         (casts about, notices DALE's goggles)
     Dale, aren't those Gadget's goggles?

Dale pulls Gadget's goggles off and stares at them.

     Whoops. Guess I better give 'em back.

Dale turns and runs back to Gadget's flat.


As he draws near, Dale hears voices through the open door. He stops and

                              GADGET (OFF)
     But it's not my fault! My Food-Finder just didn't work.


Goliath and Gadget sit in the doorway. Goliath is using a razor blade to carve
the apple core to pieces. He speaks patiently.

     Yes, but you didn't have to use that thing. You could
     have used your instincts, or whatever most mice use.

     But when it works ...

She sighs. Goliath deposits a tiny helping of apple next to her.

     There, that's your share.

     But that's hardly any!

     Well, I worked hard today.

He crunchs a seed in his teeth. She puts her hands on her hips.

     What about me? It took me all day to find that ...

                         (mouth full)
     And I'm a lot bigger than you; I need more food. Stop
     bellyaching, willya? There wasn't much to go around.

Goliath, arms full of his lion's share, sits down against the wall. There is a
sound of BREAKAGE. Gadget jumps up in horror.

     No! You sat on it! You sat on my Food-Finder!

Goliath stands up; he has indeed flattened the Food-Finder. He examines the
debris with a bland expression.

     Well, it didn't work very well, did it? Maybe next time
     you'll have better luck.

Goliath gathers up the smashed Food-Finder and tosses the wreckage out the
door. It KONKS Dale on the head and knocks him into a puddle, but Gadget and
Goliath don't see this. Goliath rubs a dejected Gadget on the top of the head
and walks into the flat.

Dale rights himself, rubbing his head, and studies the Food-Finder. Gadget goes
out into the alley.

     Oh, maybe I can salvage something~

She runs into Dale and knocks him into the puddle again.

                         (very startled)
     Oh! Chip! What~ what are you doing here?

     I'm Dale. You, uh, forgot these.

He hands the goggles to Gadget. She is extremely jittery.

     Uh, thanks. Uh, well, bye, Chip. See you tomorrow.

She retreats inside and the door grates shut. Dale frowns deeply. 



The Rangers are sitting in a big arched cavity in the tree's base.

     I tell ye, lads, this Goliath character's lookin' mighty
     suspicious t' me.

     Well, it's not like he threw her out, or anything. He
     didn't even yell at her, did he, Dale?

     Aw, c'mon, Chip! He just don't care about Gadget at all.
     I was there; I could tell.

     Yes, well, you ain't exactly impartial, Dale.

     I am so impartial! ... Or I would be if I knew what it

                         (ignoring him)
     Still, yer ol' pal Monty's been round th' block a few
     times. I've known characters like this Goliath. Nice
     enough finish on the outside, nothin' but bad wood on
     th' inside.

     Look, there's Gadget!

Gadget droops into view. She looks tired and bedraggled.

     Hi, guys. Look, I'm really sorry I'm late. It's just~

     Forget it, Gadget luv'. Listen, do ye mind if we ask ye
     a couple questions about that friend o' yers?

     Goliath...? Well ... like what?

     ~What's he like?

     Well, he's kind of big and he's awful strong ... and he
     lets me work on my inventions and stuff, most of the
     time. He's real nice once you get to know him ...

     Does 'e do any work? I mean, does 'e have a job?

     Well, he's working today at the Storm Drain; that's a
     club downtown. Listen, guys, can we talk about this
     later? I'd really like to get going.

     Going where?

Gadget moves to the back of the cavity and slides back a concealed bark
partition. Behind it is a prototype Ranger Plane (propellers, no balloon). She
smiles proudly as the Rangers gape.

     Anywhere we want! What do you think?

     Strike me starkers! Does that thing actually fly?

     Sure! I've flown it before, even. Let's get started!

They wheel the Plane out into the sunlight and climb aboard.


Gadget sits behind the wheel and lowers her goggles. Monterey looks about him
dubiously. Gadget turns on the ignition.

     You're sure this contraption's safe?

                         (cranking engines)
     Sure! It works as well as anything I've ever built.

     Uh ...

One engine catches, than the other. The Plane bounces away over the ground and
lifts off into the morning air.

     Wow! This is great! We're flyin' like a bird. YIKES!

Dale nearly falls out as the Plane banks sharply, does a barrel roll, and
wobbles back on course.

     Whoops! Just testing. I meant to do that. No problem!

     Gadget, just 'ow much pilot trainin' 'ave you had?

     Oh, I've never had any. You just have to understand the
     principles involved. I've only crashed this thing once.

There is a loud CHUFF! sound. One engine coughs, emits black smoke, and
feathers slowly to a stop. Everyone stares.

     Gadget -- tell me that ain't what 'appened the one time.

                         (with a trace of panic)
     Okay, guys, don't panic. I can land us on one engine.

The other engine promptly quits. Gadget boggles at it.

     What...? But~ but that's impossible! How could they both
     go at the same time?

     Uh, how much gas have we got?

Everyone looks. INTERCUT a fuel gauge on E. Gadget gulps.



The Plane, nearing the stream, begins its dive toward the ground. They pass
over the Rangers' tree.

     Do you have any parachutes?

     Well ~ I had one, but Goliath used it for a toga party.

     Where's th' seat belts?

     Golly ~ I wish you'd been around when I built this
     thing. Maybe I would've put some in.

     This is awful! We'll be killed!

     Listen, guys, I'm going to try to land us in the stream.

     Oh boy! We're goin' swimming!

     Swell! Instead of crashin', we'll drown.

     No problem! We'll make it... We'll make it...

The Plane is losing altitude too quickly. The ground approaches faster than the
stream. Gadget gulps again.

     Ulp! We won't make it.

     Everybody hold on!


The Plane SPLATS into the soft streambank. Everyone is thrown free to land
safely in the water. They crawl gasping to the shore.

     Wow! That was better than a roller coaster.

     Will you shut up, Dale? We're lucky to be alive!

Monty wrings out his hat. He moves to comfort Gadget, who is sitting on a
sandbar holding her head in her hands.

     Oh, I can't stand it! How could I have been so stupid?

     There, there, Gadget, luv'. You were just tired.

     No kidding! I never should have been flying today!

She kneads her forehead in frustration. Monty glances at the sadly crumpled
Plane, then pats her on the shoulder.

     Don't take it so hard, luv'. We'll walk ye home.

     No, forget it. It's out of your way. And I've got a lot
     farther to go than you guys. Listen, I'll see you later.

Gadget droops dejectedly off. Chip and Dale join Monty.

     Poor lassie. Well, now what, lads?

     I still don't like that Goliath guy. I think we oughta
     go spy on him.

     Dale, that's a terrible thing to do! Isn't it, Monty?

     Chip, me lad, sometimes a Rescue Ranger's got t' break
     the rules a bit to do the right thing. I vote we go pay
     a visit to the place that Goliath bloke works.

     The Storm Drain? Why?

     'Cause I've been there before. There ain't a tougher
     joint in town. Anybody who works at that place ain't
     exactly as innocent as a baby, if ye get my meaning.

     But how would we get into a place like that? Goliath
     might see us!

     We'll just try out some of them fool disguises Chip's
     been workin' on. Maybe this time they'll do th' job.

     Hey ... yeah! My disguises! Let's go get them!

     I dunno about this ...

Monty pulls Dale offscreen after Chip.


BEGIN ACT 2. EXT: FRONT OF "STORM DRAIN" -- DAY This appears to be a tough biker bar located in a storm drain. Tough-looking mice lounge nastily around the entrance, dressed in outlandish clothes. PAN to the Rangers, moving along the gutter toward the club. They are disguised as pirates ~ Dale has an eye patch, for instance ~ but they do not look too out of place here. MONTEREY (whispers, to Chip) Y'know, Chip, I was worried yer costumes'd be a little out o' date. Now I'm wonderin' if we went far enough. This place's got worse since I was 'ere last. PAN across the door crowd; they are an odd bunch, replete with eyepatches, headbands and colorful jackets. One scarred mouse even has a hook and a pegleg. They all stare at the Rangers sullenly. INT: ENTRY TO "STORM DRAIN" -- DIM LIGHT Monty leads them into the entry. The BOUNCER, a lean, glossy black mouse as big as Monty, surges to his feet and bars their way. BOUNCER Hey, not so fast. I don't recognize you brightly colored waifs. MONTEREY Hey there, Whitey! Don't ye recognize me? BOUNCER (squints at Monty) Ahhh ... nope, I don't. Beat it, fats. MONTEREY Lemme jog yer memory, kid. Shake! Whitey blinks at Monty's extended hand. CUT to the chipmunks, who flinch as a body slams against the floor. CUT to Monty, who has flipped Whitey onto his stomach and is sitting on him. MONTEREY Anythin' comin' to ye? BOUNCER Monty! Cor, it's been ages! Where you been? MONTEREY I went overseas for a while. But I'm back! These 'ere chipmunks are some, ah, clients o' mine. BOUNCER (pumping Monty's hand) Well, welcome back, Jack; even if youse are associatin' with the riffraff now. INT: STORM DRAIN -- BADLY LIT Monty leads the chipmunks into the club, which is full of tough, embittered rodents, in garish dress a leg up on the door crowd. Dale looks at two PUNK RATS nearby. One sports a glowing mohawk. DALE Boy, look at all these funny-lookin' guys. The rats look at Dale quizzically. Chip pulls Dale offscreen. PUNK RAT 1 (to PUNK RAT 2) They're sure letting some funny-looking guys in here. INT: STORM DRAIN -- NEAR BAR CHIP Where's that Goliath? MONTEREY First things first, Chipper me lad. Let's get settled. The Rangers make their way to the bar and sit next to a cluster of large mice TOUGHS, laughing about something. Monty pounds the bar. MONTEREY Service! Come on, Larry, where are ye? The bartender is Goliath. He moves out from behind the clustered group, laughing pleasantly. He doesn't recognize the Rangers. GOLIATH Ha ha ... what'll it be, fellows? The Rangers all stare. Monty finally overcomes his surprise. MONTEREY Oh ... er, what 'appened t' Larry, the old bartender? GOLIATH He had an accident. Come on, what'll it be? MONTEREY ... Ah, well ... just root beers all 'round. Goliath pumps out three root beers for them and returns at once to the adjacent discussion. Chip leans toward Monty. CHIP The disguises worked! He didn't recognize us. MONTEREY Shhh! Let's listen t' these fellows. The discussion group is LAUGHING coarsely again. Goliath's smooth CHUCKLE is audibly different from the rest. FIRST TOUGH ...So then I said, I said to her: 'This purse yours, lady?' And she says, 'Yes.' And I go, 'Just askin'!' The party roars with laughter. A SECOND TOUGH waves for attention. SECOND TOUGH Wait, wait, guys; we tell Goliath what we decided? FIRST TOUGH Not yet! SECOND TOUGH Hey, big guy; we been takin' a survey on who's got the best girl. Guess who won? GOLIATH Why, I've no idea. Everyone points to Goliath. Goliath smiles humbly. GOLIATH Me? Really? That's nice. The others guffaw. Chip starts to get down from his barstool. CHIP Well, he likes her. Let's go. MONTEREY (pulls CHIP back) Siddown, Chip! Let's hear this. The first tough hits Goliath on the shoulder. FIRST TOUGH Gadget's terrific, man! My girl's always tryin' to get me t' do nice stuff for her. Gadget just does whatever youse want! And she ain't half-bad lookin' either, and plus she also builds all that cool stuff too. SECOND TOUGH Yeah, and you can even break it, if you want. The tough demonstrates by shattering his glass on the bartop. Everyone laughs. The Rangers exchange glances. SECOND TOUGH Yeah. An' Gadget ain't nosy. I mean, I look twice at another girl ... WHAMMO! But Gadget, she's totally clueless. She don't know what you're doin' all day. You could have twenty girls if you wanted. Goliath, you're the luckiest guy in town! The group guffaws again. Goliath shakes his head, smiling. GOLIATH You fellows are so crazy. How about a round of root beer on the house? TOUGHS YEAH! ALL RIGHT! Goliath, still chuckling, begins pulling root beers and passing them out. He speaks to the Rangers as he does this. GOLIATH You fellows want to join us? He turns to the Rangers' place, but only their root beers remain, untouched. Goliath blinks, shrugs, then grabs the Rangers' drinks and passes them to his discussion group as well. EXT: FRONT OF "STORM DRAIN" -- FAR SHOT -- DAY Around a nearby corner, the Rangers are shedding their disguises. MONTEREY Well, that's all I want t' hear o' that nonsense. We've got to do somethin', I reckon. CHIP Monty -- are you sure we should do anything? She thinks he's a nice guy; you heard her. DALE Are you kiddin'? Chip, we're Rescue Rangers! MONTEREY Too right, Dale. And we've got our rescue cut out fer us this time; we've got t' save Gadget from herself. EXT: HACKWRENCH HARDWARE -- LATE AFTERNOON A sign in the window reads: GOING OUT OF BUSINESS. EXT: DOOR TO GADGET'S FLAT (CLOSED) -- LATE AFTERNOON Gadget, shagged out, is slumped wearily next to her closed door. She tries her remote control a few more times, eliciting only BUZZES, then tosses it to land in the wreckage of her Food-Finder. GADGET (quietly) Dumb thing. GOLIATH (OFF) (genially) Who are you calling dumb? That's not very nice. Gadget stands up hurriedly to face Goliath, who has come up next to her. He is carrying a foil packet of peanuts. He puts an arm around her and slides the flat's door open with his other hand. As Gadget and Goliath talk in the doorway, we glimpse Chip, Dale, and Monty edging as close as possible to the door, pressed against the alley wall. GOLIATH Where have you been all day? I was looking for you. GADGET Oh, uh... well, I was, you know, getting parts, stuff like that. I'm really sorry I didn't get dinner ... GOLIATH Oh, don't worry about me. I went out and got my own. He tilts the rest of his peanuts into his maw. GADGET (timidly) Um ... is there any of that left? Goliath crumples up the wrapper and tosses it from hand to hand. GOLIATH Not really. Sorry about that. Boy, you know, finding my own dinner really perks me up. I feel like ... juggling! He tosses the balled-up wrapper onto the floor and walks into the flat. Gadget jumps up suddenly. GADGET No...! Goliath, please don't! She dashes inside. The Rangers edge closer and cup their ears. GADGET (WITHIN) Please, Goliath! That stuff is really delicate! INT: GADGET'S FLAT -- WORKBENCH -- BRIGHTLY LIT Gadget's workbench is covered with complex knicknacks. Goliath is pleasantly juggling some delicate-looking vacuum tubes. Gadget stands imploringly next to him, but he is apparently oblivious. GOLIATH She loves me, she loves me not. She loves me ... she loves me not. Whoops! He drops a tube and it shatters with a POP! He grins at her. GOLIATH Aw... she loves me! That's sweet. GADGET Please... please, Goliath, please don't do that. I'll find some food tomorrow, I promise! Please put them down ... it's so hard to find vacuum tubes nowadays. Goliath catches the tubes in one hand and holds them high over his head. He smiles guilelessly at her. GOLIATH Guess it must be easier than finding food, huh? GADGET (desolate) I promise. Please? Goliath sets the tubes down carefully on the workbench, but one rolls off and SHATTERS. He grins at her and rubs her head. GOLIATH Gosh, sorry about that. Won't you please forgive me? He ambles off. Gadget sighs. She falls to her knees despondently and begins to sweep the mess onto a piece of cardboard. EXT: DOOR TO GADGET'S FLAT (OPEN) -- LATE AFTERNOON Gadget takes the piece of cardboard to the doorway and shakes the fragments onto the ground. The Rangers appear next to her. MONTEREY (whispering) Ssst! Gadget! Gadget is startled out of her wits. She drops the cardboard. GADGET Yii! CHIP (whispering) Gadget, we've got to talk to you for a minute! Gadget looks fearfully behind her, then steps down into the alley. GADGET Listen, guys, you can't stay here~ Goliath doesn't like it when I bring friends over ... MONTEREY Goliath, eh? Gadget, after a bit o' observin' and calculatin', we Rescue Rangers 'ave found out a little somethin' about that friend o' yers. Care to hear it? GADGET Oh, guys, will you stop this? Goliath's nice ... MONTEREY Gadget luv', he ain't! E's a worthless good-for-nothin' sponge. Surely ye can see that! DALE You said it! Gadget, you gotta dump that bozo. GADGET (pulls her hair) Oh, why are you doing this to me? I finally get somebody to like me and now you come and try to ruin everything! CHIP Gadget, he's just using you! He treats you like dirt. GADGET No he's not! He's really nice. I mean, well, sometimes he gets a little mad, but even then he's still nice! He really isn't like that! Why don't you believe me? ... Monterey puts his hand on her shoulder. MONTEREY Now, wait a bit, Gadget; listen up. Yer ol' pal Monty, he's been around a long time. He's seen th' good and th' bad in the world. And believe me, luv' ~ that big bloke in there is bad. But you don't believe it yet; so here's what you do. Just go in there ... and ask him to do something for you. GADGET ... Do something? What? MONTEREY Anythin'! Just one thing, anything at all. And you see what he says. All right? GADGET Yeah, okay, I guess. Maybe. ... Listen, you guys ... MONTEREY Right ~ we're goin' now. Come on, lads. Monty moves off, and the chipmunks leave reluctantly. Gadget stares after them. She scratches her head. EXT: SIDEWALK -- LATE AFTERNOON The Rangers are walking home. The chipmunks are fighting mad, but Monty is almost serene. CHIP I can't stand it! We didn't even tell her what we heard! MONTEREY It wouldn't help, Chip. She needs t' hear it 'erself. DALE Let's go back there and clobber ol' Goliath! MONTEREY Patience, lads. Let's just go home and wait 'til tomorrow. Trust me. INT: GADGET'S FLAT -- WALL MIRROR -- GOLIATH ADMIRING HIMSELF Goliath is combing his hair and humming to himself. Gadget advances timidly toward him from behind. GADGET Goliath? GOLIATH (not looking her way) Yes, dear? GADGET Listen, Goliath ... I was wondering if we could ... if you'd do something for me? Just one thing. GOLIATH Like what? GADGET Uh ... take a walk with me? In the park? Goliath examines himself in the mirror. He cocks a rakish eyebrow. GOLIATH Errrrrrmmmmm... nahh. Not tonight; I'm tired. GADGET Oh, Goliath! We used to do it almost every night. GOLIATH (turns to her, smiling again) Yeah, but it was my idea those times. Remember? He pats her on the head. She raises her eyebrow. GOLIATH Listen, I'm going to sleep. You sleep on the couch tonight, okay, Gadg? G'night. He ambles off to the bedroom. Gadget remains where she is, staring after him, frowning slightly. Finally she goes over to her workbench and picks up a soldering iron. She looks once more after Goliath, then puts down her goggles and goes to work. END ACT 2.
BEGIN ACT 3. SLOW TIME TRANSITION: SAME SCENE Gadget is now curled up on the couch. On the workbench sits a small, flimsy radio assembly, with antenna and speaker. A yawn offscreen heralds Goliath's entry. GOLIATH Rise and shine, Gadg'! It's another great day! He shakes Gadget gently awake. She blinks blearily at him. GOLIATH You sleep okay? GADGET Uhhh ... I was up late. GOLIATH (reasonably) Well, that's your own fault, right? Listen, Gadg', are you going to see your little friends today? GADGET (rubs eyes) Uh, yeah, I've got another invention to show them. If I can find them ... GOLIATH Well, good luck. I'll be here all day; I've got some serious lounging around to do. He pads over to the radio and turns it on; CLASSICAL MUSIC flows out. Then he flops down on the sofa and starts reading a magazine. Gadget lifts the radio from the workbench. Under it is an outrageously gaudy necklace with a large gold pendant. A little grille in the pendant is open. She closes the door, then picks up the pendant and slips it into a pocket, glancing at Goliath. EXT: RANGERS' TREE -- FAR SHOT -- MORNING DALE (O.S.) I just don't think we shoulda left her there! INT: TREE'S MAIN ROOM -- DAY Monty is lounging on the sofa, reading a magazine. Chip is sitting in a chair, very uptight. Dale is pacing. DALE I mean, we go to all that trouble to find out that Goliath guy's a jerk, and then we don't do nothin'? MONTEREY Be patient, lads. She'll be by eventually. CHIP ...If we're right. I mean, what if we're wrong? We really don't have any proof. I'll bet they're sitting at home laughing at us! There is a KNOCK on the door. Chip and Dale jump. Monty coolly checks his watch, smiling slightly. MONTEREY There she is ... right on schedule. Dale runs to open the door. Gadget enters with her duffel bag. She looks worn out, but acts motivated. GADGET Hello, guys. Listen, I need your help with something. CHIP (cutting off DALE) Sure, we'll help, Gadget. What's up? GADGET It's just a little experiment. Uh ... which one of you guys is the strongest? The chipmunks look at each other, then over at Monty. He waves. EXT: DOOR TO GADGET'S FLAT (OPEN) -- DAY Monty's hand KNOCKS on the door peremptorily. DRAW BACK to show Monty. He is wearing the necklace with the large, outrageously gaudy gold pendant that Gadget was working with earlier. Monty examines the pendant, then KNOCKS again. MONTEREY Hey, you in there! Open up! The door slides open to reveal Goliath. He blinks sleepily. GOLIATH Oh, it's you. I remember you... What's up? MONTEREY Just somethin' I was wonderin' about. Gadget's told me you're th' strongest mouse in this neighborhood. GOLIATH (shrugs) I could be. MONTEREY Well, bucko, ain't nobody calls 'imself that 'round 'ere without beatin' ol' Monterey Jack at arm-wrestle first. Now, come on! Let's settle this right now. Monterey hunkers down and puts his elbow on the doorstep. Goliath scratches his head, puzzled. GOLIATH Well ... I don't know. This is a little strange ... MONTEREY Come on now! What are ye, a man or a mouse? Goliath blinks. Then he obligingly stretches himself full length and clasps Monty's hand. INT: TREE'S MAIN ROOM -- DAY Monty's voice is coming tinnily from the little radio assembly Gadget brought with her. The radio is on the table. Gadget is adjusting a knob and tautly listening, as are the chipmunks. MONTEREY (OFF) (STATIC) All right now; one ... two ... three ... go! Tinny GRUNTS come through the speaker. Dale waves his fists. DALE Go for it, Monty! You can do it! A THUD is heard. Monty's voice pants. MONTEREY (OFF) (STATIC) Blimey...! Uncle! Uncle! I give up, mate. You win. DALE Aw, shucks. GADGET AND CHIP (IN UNISON) Shhhh! EXT: DOOR TO GADGET'S FLAT (OPEN) -- DAY Goliath helps Monty to his feet. GOLIATH Hey, I've got to hand it to you! Nobody ever lasted that long against me before. You're pretty good. MONTEREY (rubbing arm) Ah, pally, ye should've seen me in me younger years. GOLIATH Come on inside, Monty, why don't you. Have a root beer. MONTEREY Now yer talkin', me lad. Goliath puts a friendly arm round Monty's shoulders as they go in. INT: GADGET'S FLAT Monty sits at the table and glances around as Goliath hands him a cracked mug of root beer. MONTEREY Ye know, this is a pretty nice place ye've got 'ere. GOLIATH Yeah, it's pretty good. And it's maintenance-free, too. MONTEREY Beg pardon? GOLIATH (chuckles) Gadget keeps it clean for me. I've got a really good deal going there, you know. MONTEREY (in a friendly way) Oh yeah? She does work for ye, then? GOLIATH (very pleasant tone) Does she work? She does all the work. It's great. I mean, that's what girls are good for, right? Working for their guys. So many girls nowadays don't know that. INT: TREE'S MAIN ROOM -- DAY Gadget is listening in astonishment. She rears back from the radio and stares at it as though it were a rattlesnake. GOLIATH (OFF) (STATIC) Listen, Monty, let me ask you something. INT: GADGET'S FLAT GOLIATH Those chipmunks you were hanging around with before. Are they friends of yours or something? MONTEREY Chipmunks...? Oh, they're just some fellas I know. I dinna know 'em that well, I guess. Why? GOLIATH (nods) That's good. Chipmunks are kind of inferior, you know. They really don't have what it takes. They're lazy, and you can't rely on them, if you know what I mean. MONTEREY (weird smile, but normal voice) Yeah, ain't that th' truth? And they're always fightin'. INT: TREE'S MAIN ROOM -- DAY Gadget is hugging herself, deeply troubled. The chipmunks are staring at the radio with some anger. MONTEREY (OFF) (STATIC) Ye can never trust 'em to cooperate either. Can't trust 'em with anything, seems like. DALE Hey, watch it! CHIP Be quiet, Dale! He's just playing the part. GADGET Guys, this is really awful! I'm really sorry about this! MONTEREY (OFF) (STATIC) Gadget seems to build lots o' stuff. How do ye feel about her doin' that? GOLIATH (OFF) (STATIC) Her inventions? They're great! Gadget clasps her hands together and starts to smile happily. GOLIATH (OFF) (STATIC) It's so funny! She builds all this silly stuff all the time and it never works. It's a gas! Gadget loses her smile. INT: GADGET'S FLAT GOLIATH (laughing silently) She builds the dumbest things. Like that Food-Finder. I mean, you saw that, right? Even the name sounds like a joke, you know? I did let her play with that for a while before I broke it. MONTEREY (neutral voice) I ... thought ye just sat on that accidentally? GOLIATH Yeah, right. Just like I didn't mean to do this, right? Goliath reaches over to the radio against the wall. He pulls a knob off with a pop and tosses it away. He waggles his eyebrows. GOLIATH Gadget thinks she's so smart, but she's so dumb. She's like a little puppy dog. Check this out. Goliath easily picks up the radio. He tosses it from hand to hand. GOLIATH I can break this radio right now if I want to. I'll just tell her it fell over somehow. She'll fix it, and when it bugs me I'll break it again. It's fun. It's like making her do tricks! Goliath guffaws as he tosses the radio down. Monty winces as itcrashes down, damaging itself. The CLASSICAL MUSIC fades and the radio expires. Goliath, still laughing, reaches out and kicks it. INT: TREE'S MAIN ROOM -- DAY Gadget picks up the giggling receiver and smashes it to the floor. Parts roll away from it as she stands shaking, fists at her sides. CHIP Gosh, Gadget ... DALE ... we told you. Yowch! Chip stomps on Dale's foot. Gadget ignores them. She runs for the door. The chipmunks scramble to follow. Chip grabs his bullwhip. INT: GADGET'S FLAT Monty is fingering the cracked radio as Goliath muses. GOLIATH Yeah, I like you Monty. You can really appreciate how incredibly simple it all is. We're two of a kind. Monty smiles at Goliath. As Goliath turns away to take a sip of root beer, Monty turns away and gags in utter disgust. Suddenly, Gadget, Chip and Dale appear in the doorway. Gadget has a stony expression; it looks distinctly odd on her. The chipmunks just look angry. GADGET GOLIATH!! Goliath stands up in order to bow graciously. GOLIATH Oh, hi there, Gadget; Monty and I were just talking about you, weren't we, Monty? I see you brought your little friends along ... He trails off as Dale advances until he is face to face with him. DALE Mister, you stink. You're a dirtbag. Dale stomps on Goliath's foot. Goliath howls in pain, grabs his foot, and hops upward, slamming his head on the low ceiling. He rounds on Dale angrily. GOLIATH Why, you little ground squirrel, you should be ... Here Monty SMASHES the broken radio down over Goliath's head and shoulders, pinning his arms and hiding his face. GOLIATH (MUFFLED) Monty? What the...? Monty pushes Goliath forward; he trips over Dale, who is on his hands and knees behind him. Goliath lands with a crash and is knocked loopy. The whole process has taken only a few seconds; everyone is acting in silent, deadly earnest. Chip grabs Goliath's hands and ties them with his whip, using a ridiculously complex knot. Gadget goes over and picks up the damaged rocket pack. MONTEREY (panting) Th' bigger they are ... CHIP (panting) ... the harder they fall! Gadget comes back with the rocket pack. She and Dale strap it onto Goliath's back. Goliath is beginning to wake up slowly. GOLIATH Hey, wow ...what's going on?...I feel sick. Listen, I really don't feel so good. Maybe I should go lie down. Gadget bends down to talk into Goliath's face, inside the radio. GADGET (without a trace of sincerity) Golly, Goliath, I'm sorry you have to fly like this. GOLIATH (woozily) Hey,'re not coming in real clear... MONTEREY Is 'at so? Le' me adjust yer fine tuning a bit! He plugs Goliath's mouth with the radio's missing knob. GADGET Goodbye, Goliath. She flips a switch on the rocket pack. It shudders, then takes off with its cargo. A couple of seconds after it zooms out the door, a huge EXPLOSION wafts hot air in from outside. DALE Good riddance! CHIP Hey, way to go, Gadget. Gadget ignores them. They look at her uncertainly. DALE Gadget? She rounds on them suddenly, less angry now, but more confused. GADGET You! You get away from me! You've ruined everything! Just go away! How could you do this to me? DALE Uh oh. I'm outta here. Dale turns and hurries out the door. Monty stares at Gadget. MONTEREY Hey now, what's this? What did we do? GADGET You destroyed my life! I was happy till you came around and messed everything up! How could you? CHIP But, Gadget! Your whole life was just this big lie! Gadget wilts suddenly. GADGET Yeah, maybe. But it was fun while it lasted. When I didn't know. Don't you get it? I didn't know! CHIP Gadget, wait a minute. GADGET NO! Go away! Get away from me! She runs out the door. Chip hesitates, then starts after her. MONTEREY Chip! Don't bother, me lad. We've messed up. Chip stops, looks back, then keeps running after her. Monty shakes his head sadly. EXT: DOOR TO GADGET'S FLAT (OPEN) -- DAY The walls all around are covered with soot from the explosion earlier, but of Goliath there is no sign. Dale is lying in thepuddle. He pulls his head out and shakes it dry. Chip glances at him as he runs past, toward the street. Monty walks up, the pendant swinging from his hand. He and Dale watch Chip run. DALE Gee whiz! I'll never understand girls. Monty looks at the pendant, then tosses it into the puddle. It shorts out with a tiny ZAP! and a puff of smoke. EXT: HACKWRENCH HARDWARE -- STOREFRONT -- DAY Chip skids to a stop at the mouth of the alley. He looks around, but Gadget is gone. He starts off in the direction of the park. PAN up to the storefront. It is dark and silent. A sign on the door reads CONDEMNED in red letters. TRANSITION TO: EXT: STREAM IN PARK -- CRASHED RANGER PLANE -- AFTERNOON The brook sparkles in the sun. PAN over to the crashed Ranger Plane. Gadget is sitting in the Plane, staring at the water flowing past. Chip appears on the other side of the plane. He hesitantly climbs into the seat beside her. She doesn't look at him. He looks at her, then at the water. GADGET Chip ... are Monty and Dale your friends? She still doesn't look at him. Chip pauses, then nods. CHIP Sure. GADGET How do you know? CHIP Well ... they're nice guys, I guess. GADGET Goliath was nice. CHIP Well ... I just know they are. You can tell. GADGET No, I can't. I can't tell when someone's my friend. I never could. (sighs) I can build anything, almost. It's so easy. I could build a rocket and fly to the moon if I could just keep my mind on my work. But I can't make a real friend. Not even one. (looks off into distance) Why is everyone so mean? I just want people to like me. Why can't I find a real friend? Someone who likes me because I'm me? (finally looks at Chip) Where is everybody, Chip? Chip looks down and twiddles his thumbs. He looks back at her. CHIP Are you just gonna go back home after this? Gadget looks back at the water. She shakes her head. GADGET No. No way. Not where he lived. CHIP (very, very carefully) Well ... you know, Gadget ~ if you don't have anyplace to go ... you could maybe stay with the Rangers. Gadget looks at him sharply. GADGET You mean, become a Ranger? CHIP ...Well... I mean, you could join up, maybe, but ... but if none of your inventions work ... GADGET ... Then I'd just be there to clean house! Right? CHIP No! No! ... I just meant ... Gadget stands up suddenly. GADGET Listen, could you go away? I've got something to do. CHIP But listen, Gadget...! If you wanted to -- GADGET Please go! I'm tired of talking. Shoo! She opens the glove compartment, removes an oily bag from it and takes a wrench out. Chip is staring at her plaintively. GADGET You still here? Chip heaves a great sad sigh, gets up and goes away. Gadget selects a few more tools, then swings down over the Plane's nose, suddenly full of energy. TRANSITION TO: EXT: RANGERS' TREE -- TIME GOES ON Slowly, as the following argument proceeds: the sun goes down, it gets dark, and the sun comes up. CHIP (O.S.) I didn't chase her away! Dale, I tried to convince her to come with us! DALE (O.S.) And you messed up! You chased her away! Like I said. CHIP (O.S.) Oh, yeah? And what did you do? DALE (O.S.) Me? I didn't do nothin'! CHIP (O.S.) Like I said. INT: TREE'S MAIN ROOM -- MORNING Chip and Dale are close to blows. Monty sits glumly at the table, losing at solitaire. DALE You gotta lotta nerve! CHIP Well, you don't. Especially not in your head. DALE Hey, stop that! I'm sick and tired of bein' insulted. CHIP Well, don't blame me. Blame yourself for being stupid. Dale growls and hurls himself at Chip, and they SCUFFLE. Monty jumps up, scattering his cards, and pries them apart. MONTEREY Fellows, can't ye please try t' settle this in a civilized fashion? CHIP & DALE (IN UNISON) I quit! Dale stomps toward the hall. Chip swipes at him with his hat. CHIP You said it first, Dale! Chip storms off for the door leading outside. MONTEREY Oh no. Oh, c'mon, pallys ... He runs after Chip. EXT: LIMB OF TREE -- MORNING MONTEREY Listen, Chipper, ye canna quit now! Things were just startin' t' work out. CHIP Oh yeah? How do you figure? We finally rescue someone, and she hates us for doing it! MONTEREY Aw, Chipper, give Gadget a chance, will ye? Maybe she'll come back when she thinks it over. CHIP Hah! Fat chance. If we see her again, I'll eat my hat! MONTEREY Blimey! Look out! They duck as something zooms by, almost skimming the limb's surface. They stare at the Ranger Plane, now fixed and flying. INTERCUT a FAR SHOT of Gadget waving to them from the cockpit. Monty glances at Chip. MONTEREY Bon appetit. Chip wordlessly removes his hat and stuffs it into his mouth. Dale appears at the door behind them with a packed carpetbag. DALE Phooey! I'm leavin' for good this time. Hey...! He stops next to the others. They watch as the Ranger Plane performs intricate stunts against the clear sky. It waggles, spirals, then approaches the tree and loops twice around the limb they are standing on. Gadget steers in a tight, rising spiral, losing velocity, then levels out and drifts down to a perfect three-point landing on the limb. She rolls to a stop next to them, removes her goggles and gives a timid grin. GADGET Anybody want to hire a pilot? The Rangers look at each other. Chip swallows his hat. Dale throws his carpetbag away. CHIP & DALE (IN UNISON) Welcome to the Rangers! They run forward and help her down from the Plane, each pulling on one of her arms. CHIP I'll show you around! DALE Th' heck you will! Gadget suddenly sags; the chipmunks grab her. She smiles weakly. GADGET Actually, guys, I haven't eaten hardly anything in two days. Could I see your kitchen first? DALE Oh boy! I'll make you a feast! CHIP You'll poison her, Dale! You let me handle this! They move off, still arguing. Monty looks after them. Then he ambles over to the Ranger Plane and pats it affectionately. MONTEREY (softly) A mighty good job, ye did. One of the Plane's wheels falls off. Monty jumps, bites his fingers, looks around frantically, then bends to stick it back on. The scene swims into nothingness. Then another one replaces it. INT: GADGET'S WORKSHOP -- AFTERNOON -- PRESENT DAY Zipper is sitting on a chair, fascinated. Monty claps his hands. MONTEREY And that's th' amazing story of 'ow Gadget happened t' join th' Rangers. What did ye think, Zipper me lad? Zipper sighs happily. Then Monty pricks up his ears; the chipmunks can be heard faintly SQUABBLING outside. Zipper and Monty go over to the window and look down. EXT: BASE OF TREE -- FROM ABOVE (MONTY'S POV) -- AFTERNOON Gadget and the chipmunks are returning from their parts hunt. Chip and Dale are fighting over who gets to carry the sack of parts. INT: GADGET'S WORKSHOP -- AFTERNOON Monty pats Zipper on the head. MONTEREY And there's th' moral of me tale, Zipper; sometimes th' best thing that can come between two friends, is the right girl, at the right time. INTERCUT the chipmunks squabbling as he says this; Gadget is trying to fit two widgets together nearby, oblivious. Monty jerks his thumb over his shoulder. MONTEREY Well, Gadget seems t' 'ave th' boys under control. C'mon, let's go help 'er out. They go off to help their friends. FADE OUT END ACT 3.