Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers

"Sisters" preface.

Written by Aivars Liepa

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	In free time i slowly write and translate to english a long story
about "Rescue Rangers". But i get a BIG problem. I have learned english 
himself. It is sufficient for easy talk/chat/mudding/etc, but i feel, it 
is not enough for a story writing...

[Editor's notes]

Aivars is from Latvia, and his native language is (I think) Latvian. His English appears to be completely self taught, from the various Internet sources he uses.

He sent this script to me asking my opinion on whether he should continue it or not. At first, it was a bit hard to understand. But then I stopped reading just the words and began reading the story.

After doing that, I'm sure you'll see why something like this must be continued.

If your feelings are as mine, then please tell him by selecting his Email address above and giving a short message.

-- Paltiel Goldstein, Gadget Archive Maintainer

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Part    I 
Part   II 
Part  III 
Part   IV 
Part    V 
Part   VI 
Part  VII 
Part VIII 
Part   IX 
Part    X 
Part   XI 
Part  XII [NEW] [updated 1998-February 14th]
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