Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers

"A Hitch in Time"

Written by Karen Mollett

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A Hitch in Time  (part 1)

Scene 1 : Gadget's workshop

Gadget is busy tightening bolts, connecting wires, and examining various switches. The boys come in as she is finishing some adjustments.

Gadget: Oh, good. You're all here. Let me show you my latest invention.

The boys are gathered around Gadget as she explains her latest invention.

Gadget: With this generator, we won't need to tap into the power lines.

Monterey: That's nice, luv, but is it safe?

Gadget: Certainly! Allow me to demonstrate...

Gadget flips a switch that protrudes from a conglomeration of metal parts. The generator hums to life. Strange, glowing specks emanate from it.

Gadget: Hmm. It isn't supposed to do that...

Chip: SHUT IT OFF!!!

Too late. Camera shot switches to outside RRHQ. A huge explosion rocks the tree. A wild lightshow and weird special effects follow.

 Scene 2: near an airstrip.

The Rangers regain their senses near an old airport.

SFX: aircraft taking off in the distance.

Gadget: Is everyone alright?

Dale takes a quick inventory of his extremities.

Dale: I'm still in one piece. Feel kinda weird, though.

Chip: Ooooogh, I don't feel so good.

Chip, dizzy, tries to rise to his feet and succeeds--just barely.

Monterey: Nothin's broken. Crikey! How'd we get here?!?

Gadget looks around and gets a shocked expression on her face. She recognizes her former home, in spite of the additions to it. Someone had made more levels, by adding more discarded 'plane parts, and an elevator. A sign proclaimed the whole thing as the "Hackwrench Institute".

The boys see this, too. They look at Gadget with puzzled expressions on their faces, but she's too stunned to react. Finally, she finds her voice.

Gadget: Golly! What's going on here?

A mouse walks past them, oblivious to their presence. Monterey Jack follows and taps the mouse on the shoulder.

Monterey: 'scuse me, mate. Could ya tell me 'ow long all this has been 'ere?

The mouse turns around, smiling. She looks like Gadget, except she has brown eyes and slightly darker fur.

Girl: The Hackwrench Institute? It was founded about 45 years ago by Gadget Hackwrench. Gran says I'm related to her.

Monterey: Whuh?!? Crikey!

The other Rangers just came up and overheard this.

All 'Rangers (except Monty): What?!?

Girl: Yeah. I'm Grace Gigabyte.

She shakes paws with Monty.

Grace: It's been nice talking to you, Mister--er,um...

Monterey: Monterey...

He stops himself, realizing that his name might be recognized.

Grace: ...Mr. Monterey. Saaaay, you aren't the new Marketing instructor, are ya?

Monterey: Um, no.

Grace: Well, if you have any more questions, go inside and ask the computer. It's voice activated. I have to go to class; bye!

Grace walks to the elevator, turns around, and notices Gadget.

Grace: Widget! Hurry up! Dr. Sam's Chemistry class starts in 5 minutes, cuz! You've missed two classes already and you need that course for your engineering degree!

The elevator goes up with Grace on it.

Dale: Widget?

Chip: Voice activated computer??

Monty: Related?!?

Gadget: What the gosh, darn *heck* is going on? If this "institute" has been here for 45 years, that can only mean--*gasp* We've traveled forward through time! But how did I get the generator to generate Chroniton particles?

They get on the elevator.

Monterey: Beats me, luv. Maybe we should ask the computer, like Gracie suggested.

The elevator stops, the doors open, and they file out.

Computer (in a mechanical voice that sounds like an older version of Gadget): Welcome to the Hackwrench Institute.

Information flashes briefly on a display screen. Chip caught a glimpse and read "Identity verified. Loading special subroutine..."

Gadget: Golly! This computer sounds a lot like me!

Computer: Good. I'm supposed to, Gadget. They programmed me with your voice and personality.

Dale: They? Who's "they"?

Computer: The Advanced Computer Science Projects division.

Gadget (mumbling): I wonder how I got my generator to generate Chronition particles...

Computer: Recall the modifications you made when you opted for the vertaron capacitor.

The vertaron flow was still off by 2 dynes after you calibrated it.

Gadget: So I swapped resistors and added another capacitor...

Computer: but when you swapped resistors, you put them in parallel by mistake...

Gadget: ...instead of in series! So, the flow was thrown off even more!

Monterey: Um, that's nice, luv. But how do we get back to where we belong?

Dale: Don'tcha mean "when" we belong?

Chip: And who's Widget?

Computer: There is only one student named Widget enrolled here. Widget Bernouli. Major: Mechanical Engineering. Minor: Mathematics. Classification: Freshman. She looks a lot like you, Gadget. It must be those Hackwrench genes.

A winking, 3-D smiley-face appears on one of the displays.

{Okay, so ACSP hasn't fixed all the bugs in the personality profile program :D}

Computer: The Provost will tell you all you need to know about the Chronal Transporter.

Dale: The what?!?

Zipper buzzes and shrugs.

Gadget: Golly! A time-machine!

A panel in the wall opens and a metallic orb floats out. The orb extends an antenna and floats in the air, a few inches from Gadget.

Computer: This beacon will guide you to her office when you're ready. Anything else?

Chip: Uh, no. Thanks

The Rescue Rangers walk away. The orb flies in front of them.

Computer: You're welcome, Chip.


Scene 3: Dr. Sam's Chemistry Class

 Grace enters the classroom. While she is sitting down, she notices something and looks toward the camera, surprised.

Grace: Widget? But how did you get here before me?

Camera backs away and shows a young mouse girl who looks like Gadget. She is dressed in a white t-shirt and purple overalls. She has a pair of greenish, transparent goggles {the kind we wore in MY chemistry class ;) }perched on her head. She is also wearing odd-looking bracelets.

Widget: C'mon, Grace; there's no need to make such a big deal about me beating you to class for a change.

Grace: But I saw you just coming on campus when I was on the main elevator!

Widget: No way! I was at my locker a few minutes ago, getting my goggles.

She points to the greenish goggles upon her head.

Grace: What? I could have sworn it was -you- standing next to Mr. Monterey when I got on the elevator.

Widget: Did you forget to turn on the hood yesterday when you were mixing those compounds?
And who the -heck- is Mr. Monterey?

Grace: You know; big, brown mouse--a new guy. He's older, kinda chubby, had a mustache.

Widget: Are you sure it wasn't my mom?

Grace: No way! Your mom doesn't look -that- young. It -had- to be you. Who -else- looks anything like you--besides me?

Widget: Well, there's my mom, my grandma, my great grandma Gadget...

Grace (irritated): That's -not- what I meant.

Widget: But that's what you -said-.

SFX: footsteps in the hallway

Widget: Hush now. Doc Sam's coming.


Scene 4: The Provost's Office

The orb leads them through several corridors and stops in front of a door marked "Alicia H. Fireshear, Provost".

Monty looks at the door.

Monterey: What now? Do we knock?

The door slides open.

Woman's Voice: Come in. I've been expecting you.

As they enter the office, they see an elderly mouse seated behind a large desk. Their attention goes immediately to the pictures on the wall behind her. The largest one is a group shot of the Rescue Rangers. A slightly smaller picture beneath it depicts another group. The two squirrels appear to be older versions of Tammy and Bink. The brown bat to their left sorta looks like Foxglove. The mouse girl looks like Grace, right down to the brown eyes; the male chipmunk to her right looks a lot like Chip--except he has blue eyes.

Woman's Voice: I'm Alicia Fireshear.

She notices the Rescue Rangers' interest in the photos.

Alicia: Those were interesting times. And speaking of time, you've been displaced from yours--courtesy of one of Gadget's inventions. Of course, you may have already figured this out.

Dale: Yeah, but how did -you- know?

Chip bonks him on the head.

Chip: This is the -future-, dummy.

Alicia: Actually, from your standpoint this is a possible future. From -my- standpoint, it is the present. As you can see, it's all relative--not to mention confusing. The journal warned me about all this, but I never expected it to be so, um, disconcerting..

Monty: Crikey! It was bad enough with Gadget explaining stuff!

Alicia: *laughs* Tammy always claimed that I was worse.

All Rangers: Huh?

Chip: You -know- Tammy?

Alicia: Of course. We were both in the Rescue Ranger Reserves. (She turns in her chair and points to the mouse girl who is next to Bink in the picture) That was me--50 years ago. Well, 50 years ago from -my- standpoint.

Gadget: You said something about a journal...

Alicia: I did?

The Rescue Rangers look at each other and nod.

Gadget: We're pretty certain that you did.

Alicia: That was how I knew you all were coming, or had come here. You wrote, or will write, the details concerning this, um, incident in your journal, Gadget. Including things you need to know and topics that should be avoided. I shall escort you all to the chronal transporter now. We can talk some more on the way.

Alicia rises from her chair and steps around her desk. Her right leg is mechanical. Gadget looks at her, sympathetic and fascinated at the same time. The others appear surprised.

Dale: Gosh! What happened to your leg?

Alicia (moving toward the door): It's the main reason I quit the 'Rangers and starting working here. I…I'd rather not discuss it. Come; follow me.


 Scene 5 Dr. Sam's Chemistry Class

Widget is putting away mouse-sized test tubes and other pieces of equipment. Grace is writing something.

Widget: Are you finished with the lab report?

Grace writes some more and then stops.

Grace: I have just completed it.

Widget: Great! Now we can turn it in and get out of class early!

Grace (teasing): Is my company -that- boring? And here I thought you might want to -add- to this assignment.

Widget (rolls her eyes): Don't be absurd, Grace.

Grace (grinning): But I'm soooo good at it.

Widget (smiling): Darn straight!

Grace puts the report in a tray on Dr. Sam's desk. Widget goes out the door, carrying a bookbag. Grace follows her. Widget stops suddenly and Grace nearly runs into her.

Grace: What's the big idea?

Widget: Hmm. This is strange.

Grace looks in the direction Widget is looking. They see Alicia walking down the hall. The Rescue Rangers are following her.

Grace: Hmm. Gran doesn't come over to the Science wing very often. And those people following her -- well, the big guy is Mr. Monterey…

Widget: And that girl--no wonder you mistook her for me! The resemblance is uncanny!

Grace: Follow them?

Widget: Heck, yeah!

The girls follow the group discreetly.


End of Part One

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