Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers

"A Hitch in Time"

Written by Karen Mollett

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A Hitch In Time   (Part 2)

Scene 1: Restricted Area--Science Wing, Hackwrench Institute

Alicia keys in a sequence on a numeric keypad. Then she places a paw on a dark gray square next to it. The camera pans back and we see Alicia standing in front of a door.

Checkpoint Subsystem: (male voice) Identity verified. Enter when ready, Alicia.

The checkpoint door opens with a whir and a hiss. Alicia leads the Rescue Rangers through. Widget and Grace slip in behind them.

Alicia: The Chronal Transport is locked up securely in the Institute...

Monty (aside to Zipper): I’ll say it is, mate.

Alicia: ...because it is so dangerous.

Dale: If it’s so dangerous, why keep it?

Alicia: For one thing, you wouldn’t have a way back to your own time--unless you wait a couple of years for Gadget to build a Chronal Transport. Besides, Gadget left instructions in her journal NOT to dismantle it.

Widget looks at Grace and signs "Journal?". Grace signs back, "THE journal?" The checkpoint doors close and the girls dart into a shadowy doorway as Dale turns around.

Dale (mumbling): Just the doors.

Monty: Yeah. This corridor -is- kinda creepy, mate.

They come to a blast door with another keypad. Alicia keys in a sequence.

Security Subsystem: Please look into the lens for retinal scan.

Alicia puts her eye to the lens.

Security Subsystem: Enter when ready, Alicia Fireshear.

The blast doors open and Alicia leads the Rescue Rangers through. Widget and Grace follow closely; the blast doors almost close on Grace’s tail. Grace cringes as she realizes this and then looks around for a place to hide.


Scene 2: The Chronal Transport Chamber

Alicia is standing in front of some sort of control panel and a platform that looks like a transporter pad from Star Trek TNG.

Dale: Wowie-zowie! A for real time-machine!

Gadget: Golly! This is incredible! Did -I- build this?

Alicia: You sure did. And perhaps you will. Just stand on the platform while I prepare the machine for transport.

They do just that. The Rescue Rangers turn around and face her.

Monty: Are ya sure you know how to use this thing?

Alicia: Certainly! Don’t worry, Monterey.

Gadget: Um, Alicia?

Alicia: Yes, Gadget?

Gadget: There’s something I want to ask you.

Gadget looks a bit edgy.

Alicia: What’s that?

Gadget: Well, are you...the daughter I might have someday?

Alicia gives a faint sigh.

Alicia: No, Gadget; I am not your daughter.

Alicia looks as if she wants to say more, but reconsiders and decides not to.

From their hiding place, Grace and Widget observed the whole scene.

Widget(whispering to Grace): Gadget? Great-grandmother Gadget?!? It’s really them; the original Rescue Rangers!

Grace(whispering to Widget): It certainly -appears- to be them. Mr. Monterey is Monterey Jack! (to herself) Doh! Why didn't I make the connection earlier?

Widget(whispering to Grace):Gosh! I’d -love- to talk to Gadget! I have so many questions...

Grace(whispering to Widget): Why don’t we tag along?

Widget(whispering to Grace): I dunno, Grace. We could cause a -lot- of trouble by doing that. Remember what happened when Gadget went back in time and tried to prevent her father’s death.

Grace(whispering to Widget):Yeah. Good thing it didn’t work, or there may not have -been- any Rescue Rangers--or a Hackwrench Institute.

Widget(whispering to Grace): Heck, we might not even be -us-, Grace! Just forget about "tagging along"!

Alicia finishes adjusting the controls. She powers up the transporter, which whines and lights up, then cycles down and stops. Alicia looks at it, examines a spot, and gives it a swift kick with her mechanical foot. The transporter comes back on-line.
Monty & Chip stare at that spot and suddenly wonder how safe the machine really is.
The girls move to a closer hiding place and Grace looks at the ‘Rangers thoughtfully.

Grace(whispering to Widget): But what if we’re -supposed- to follow them? That would explain…

Widget(whispering to Grace): Gra-a-ace!

Grace(whispering to Widget): Wasn’t there something in the journal about this?

Widget(whispering to Grace): I’ve only seen it a couple of times, but I don’t remember.

Alicia: Take care, Rescue Rangers!

All ‘Rangers: Goodbye!

As the Rescue Rangers begin to fade out, Grace dives onto the platform.

Widget: Grace!

Widget dives after her. Alicia reaches for the power switch, but stops.

Alicia: Too risky. I’ll just get the field unit and retrieve them myself.

Alicia rummages through some cabinets and shelves, until she finds what appears to be a metal backpack. She straps the device to her back and flips some switches. She presses a button and a spot in the room begins to shimmer. Seconds later, a mouse (seen in silhouette) appears behind her.

Woman’s Voice: Gran! Wait!

Alicia: Grace?!?

The camera pans back to reveal an older version of Grace stepping out of the shadows. She is taller and her fur is a bit darker. She is wearing a yellow t-shirt, brown pants, and a backpack-like device.

Older Grace: You can’t go back to the moment we arrive to the past with the ‘Rangers!

Alicia: Why not?

Older Grace: It has to happen! Our adventure with the original Rescue Rangers inspired us to revive the organization. Set the field unit for a couple of hours after that moment.

Alicia (uncertain): Okay, dear. Anything else I need to know?

Older Grace: Don’t dismantle the Chronal Transport. And I’m glad to see you again.

Grace hugs her for a long while and then steps away.

Older Grace: ‘Bye, Gran.

Grace disappears in a shimmering halo of light.

Alicia: ‘Bye, dear. Good luck. And thank you.


Scene 3: Rescue Ranger HQ, present day.

The air shimmers in Gadget's workshop. Then the Rescue Rangers appear, along with a couple of hitchhikers. The shimmering subsides. Grace is lying on the floor, along with Widget (who is still holding onto Grace's ankles). The 'Rangers are standing. At first, they don't notice the girls.

Chip: That felt strange.

Monty: It reminds me of the time I…

Dale: That was fun!

Gadget: Golly! We're back in my workshop!

Zipper flies up, spots the girls, and buzzes to the other 'Rangers.

Monty: Whuh?

Monty looks down and sees Grace and Widget. They grin and wave.

Chip: Omigosh! What are YOU doing here?!

Widget: Yeah, Grace! What ARE we doing here?

Grace: Don't you get it? The main computer didn't fink on us because we were -supposed- to follow them.

Widget: No, I -don't- get it.

Dale: You're not the only one.

Grace (ignoring Dale): Remember all the times the main computer caught us trying to peek into the Restricted Zone?

Widget: Oh, I see! All -those- times, she immediately told Alicia what we were up to and stopped us. So, now what? And how are we going to get back?

Grace: Hmm. I dunno, but I bet it's something important. As for getting back, have you forgotten about the field unit?

Widget: Oh. I forgot about that.

Grace: Gran can use it to retrieve us.

Gadget: Well, at least they have a way back.

Chip: Yeah, but WE haveta keep an eye on them until Alicia can retrieve them.

SFX: Police siren

Dale looks out the window. {Is there more than one in the workshop? I can't remember.}

Dale: Gosh! The police are chasing a big, metal spider!

The other 'Rangers come over and look out the window.

Gadget: Nimnul?

Chip: Could be. They might need out help! C'mon! Rescue Rangers, away!

The 'Rangers race to the RangerWing. Grace and Widget follow.

Chip: Aw no! You two stay here!

Grace: But…

Gadget: There isn't enough room in the RangerWing for six, anyway. You can explore Ranger Headquarters until we get back.

Grace & Widget (as the R-Wing takes off): But what if we're here to help you?

Grace: *Sigh* They didn't hear us. Or they just ignored us.

Widget: Wow! She just gave us the run of RRHQ! That includes her workshop! I bet there's a lot of interesting things…um, Grace?

Grace: (sarcastically) "You two just stay here!" (angry) Geez! He treated us like--like kids!

Widget: Ha! He might as well have said, "Please follow us in the Ranger Plane" for all the good it would do him!

Widget winks.

Grace: Heh. Good idea. As long as -I- do the flying.

Widget: Hey! I wanna fly it!

Grace: No way!

Widget: Way!

Grace: No way!

Widget: Way!

Grace: No way!

Widget: Way!

Grace tackles Widget and they wrestle on the ground for a bit. Widget’s right paw glows and shifts into the shape of a mallet. The glow fades and Widget’s arm, from where the odd bracelet is on out, looks like a rubber mallet.

Widget bonks Grace on the head with her transmogrified appendage.

Grace: Ow! Hey, no fair!

Widget bonks her again.

Grace: Ow! Okay! *sigh* You may fly the plane. (mumbles) Brat.

Widget gets off of Grace and helps her to her feet. Widget’s paw changes back to normal.

Widget: C’mon! They already have a big lead on us!


Scene 4: City Streets

The Ranger Wing swoops above the streets.

Monty: There it is!

We see that the R-Wing is flying above the robot spider and a squad car. The spider (which is roughly the size of Nimnul's robot dogs from "Catteries Not Included", but not nearly as bulky) begins to climb a building. The squad car stops. Kirby and Muldoon step out of it.

Kirby: Freeze, thief!

The spider continues its climb. Kirby and Muldoon open fire on it. Their bullets bounce off, with little damage to the robot.

Kirby: Man! That’s one tough bug to squash!

Muldoon: Should I call in the S.W.A.T. team?

Kirby: Call in the National Guard, too!

The spider in question reaches the roof and crawls down the other side. The camera shows the Ranger Wing flying above the building that the robot had climbed.

Chip: Follow that mechanical menace!

The Ranger Wing follows the metal spider through half of the city. It comes to a familiar geodesic dome on top of a hill.

Monty: Crikey! This is Nimnul’s place!

Dale: When was -he- released from the looney bin?

Gadget: I dunno, Dale, but it looks like he’s up to no good again!

Gadget banks the R-Wing toward the large telescope. {He really shouldn’t leave that thing out :)} She carefully guides the craft through an opening between the telescope and the edge of the telescope’s bay doors. We see the robot spider give a jar of clear liquid to Professor Nimnul.

Nimnul: At last! With this final ingredient, I can turn peanut butter into a highly corrosive acid!  Once it’s armed with the acid, my robot can melt through bank vaults! Ha, ha, ha! Greed is good! Hee, hee! I am sooo brilliant!

Dale: Acid? That’s not good!

Chip: Gadget, do you think that spider could get back up if we knock it on its back?

Gadget: Hmm. Not likely, unless Nimnul designed those "legs" to swivel 360 degrees at the point where they connect to the body. It doesn’t look like he did, but I’d need a closer look to be sure.

Chip: Okay. Gadget, you and Monty take the RangerWing and try to knock over that robot. Dale and Zipper will distract Nimnul so I can grab that formula.

Gadget: But what if he has a copy stored on that computer?

She looks in the direction of Nimnul’s computer.

Chip: Hmm. We’ll have to wait until he mixes up some of that acid. Then I could use it on the computer.

Nimnul opens the jar and pours some of its contents into a beaker of peanut butter and some unknown liquid. The peanut butter bubbles and then liquefies into a yellowish liquid.

Chip: Now, Gadget!

She buzzes Nimnul with the Wing. Chip and Dale jump out while the Wing is over Nimnul and they land on him.

Nimnul: What the...oh,no! It’s those rodents, again!

Zipper buzzes around Nimnul’s head.

Nimnul: Shoo! Stay away from me, vile insect! I haven’t forgotten the Modemizer incident! They put me in a sanitarium because of you!

Nimnul swats at Zipper. Chip lands on the table while Dale dives under Nimnul’s lab coat.

Nimnul (giggling): St-stop! Stop *ha, ha, ho, hee* that! *Ha, ha, ha, ha* Spidera! Get those vermin! *Hee, hee, hee, ho, ho!*

The spider comes to life and walks toward Chip. A plunger strikes the robot’s "head". There is a line attached to the plunger and Gadget is trying to use it to flip the spider backwards. Monterey Jack tries to pull its legs out from under it, but every time he grabs one, the others compensate.


Scene 5: Above the City

The Ranger Plane flies above the city like a drunk albatross. This time the stabilizers are working fine; it’s the pilot that’s questionable. Grace is lying across the back seat with both seatbelts strapped around her.

Grace(chanting): IhateWidget’sflying, IhateWidget’sflying, IhateWidget’sflying...

Widget(annoyed): Aw, Gra-a-ace! I’m not doing -that- poorly! I think I’ve figured out the controls.

The plane jerks down a bit and straightens out into a path which vaguely resembles a straight line.

Grace(ranting): We’reGonnaCrash, we’reGonnaCrash, we’reGonnaCrash...

Widget: No, we’re NOT! Act your age, not your shoe size.

Grace: But I don’t -wear- shoes.

Widget rolls her eyes.

Widget: I think I saw them go into that geodesic dome. Hang on, We’re going in!

 The Ranger Plane dives through the skylight, nose first.

SFX: breaking glass

Nimnul: Now what??

The Ranger Plane knocks over the beaker, thus causing the liquid to spill all over Nimnul’s notes and ruins them.

Nimnul: Oh, no! My formula! Well, at least I have a back-up stored on my computer.

Fortunately, Widget pulls the ‘Plane out of the dive and manages to avoid crashing into the computer. Unfortunately, the ‘Planes landing gear was down and they attach to the computer, thus bringing the ‘Plane to an abrupt halt. Chip rushes toward it.

Nimnul: Hmm. This looks familiar.

Nimnul examines the plane. Widget is helping Grace to remove a stubborn seatbelt.

Nimnul: Aaagh! More rodents! Spidera, get them!

He points to Widget, Grace, and Chip (who is now assisting them).

The robot spider is still trying to fend off Monty and Gadget.

Frustrated, Nimnul makes a grab at them. Widget and Chip dodge, but Nimnul catches Grace. Zipper buzzes around Nimnul in an attempt to confuse him. Dale comes out through Nimnul’s pants leg and opens his mouth in preparation for a bite. Camera angle switches to Nimnul’s head.

SFX: *chomp*!

Nimnul: EEEEEYOW!!!

He drops Grace. Dale catches her. Unfortunately, the robot spider has broken free of Gadget’s line and comes toward them. Grace and Dale recover and try to make a run for it, but Spidera opens a hatch and catches them. The hatch closes, thus trapping them!

Chip: Dale!

Widget: Grace!

Nimnul grabs for them, but Chip and Widget jump off the table and slide down a leg (the table’s, -not- Nimnul’s). Camera angle switches. We see Gadget shoot another line onto the robot spider. Monty tries to pry open the hatch on its underside. It opens and Monty is scooped inside. Camera switches to inside the robot. Monty stands up and sees Dale and Grace.

Monty: Are ya okay?

Dale: I’m okay.

Grace (absently): Yeah; I’m fine.

She taps the side of the spider’s payload area.

Grace: Hmm.

Monty: What, luv?

She pulls out a small bit of magnet. It "sticks" to the side.

Grace: Just as I thought! A ferrous metal.

Dale: Huh? It that good or bad?

Grace: That’s good. Iron is an excellent conductor.

Monty: Conductor? I don’t like the sound of this! Just don’t give us any shocking experiences, okay?

Grace: Of course not, Monterey! I’m going to give the robot one.

She examines the bay area and sees a metal plate.

Grace: Mr. Monterey, could you help me get this off?

Monty: Sure thing, luv.

Camera switches back to Nimnul’s lab. Gadget is still fighting the spider, but it suddenly shuts down.

Gadget: Golly! So much for the robot!

She flies the Ranger Wing down to pick up Chip and Widget.

Widget: Thanks! Could you drop me on the computer?

Gadget: Sure, but why?

Widget’s right paws glows and shifts into a wrench. Chip stares at her, and rubs his eyes in disbelief. Gadget looks surprised for a moment and then concentrates more on her flying.

Chip continues to stare.

Widget: I wanna throw a monkeywrench into Nimnul’s plans! Well, it’s not a monkeywrench--more like a mousewrench...

Chip: I think we get the general idea. Drop her off, Gadget, and then we’ll help distract Nimnul.

Zipper dodges a blow from a flyswatter Nimnul has picked up. Gadget flies over the computer and drops Widget. Then she makes the R-Wing hover close to the Ranger Plane.

Gadget: Chip, get the Ranger Plane ready.

Chip: You got it!

Chip climbs off of the R-Wing and into the ‘Plane.

Then Gadget flies toward Nimnul, knocking a phone off its hook in the process. She buzzes Nimnul with the Ranger Wing.

Nimnul: Hey! Cut that out!

Zipper flies to the phone & punches 9, 1, 1.

Camera switches to Widget climbing up the computer and toward the Ranger Plane.

Widget: That should do it!

Chip has started up the Ranger Plane.

Chip: Hop in!

Grace, Dale, and Monty climb out of the robot spider. The Ranger Plane lands near them.

They board it.

Grace: Hmm. A bit crowded, isn’t it.

Widget: Worry about that after we get outta here!

Camera switches back to Nimnul, who is getting dizzy while trying to keep up with the Ranger Wing’s flight path. He finally trips and falls down.

Chip flies the Plane toward Gadget.

SFX: Police sirens in the distance

Chip (shouting): Let’s get out of here, Gadget!

Gadget: Roger that!

Both Ranger aircraft fly out near the telescope.

Widget: Hey, Chip! Could ya fly above the Ranger Wing? I’d like to talk to Gadget.

Chip: You’re not thinking about jumping out, are you?

Widget: Yes.

Chip: Are you cuh-razy?!?

Grace: Yes, she is!

Widget: Grace, he didn’t ask you!

Chip: At least use the ladder!

Widget: Oh, alright!

They manage to pull off the mid-air transfer without a hitch.

Grace climbs into the now vaccant co-pilot's seat.

Grace (grinning): Oh, Chi-i-ip! Could you show me how to fly this 'plane?

The camera switches back to the Geodesic dome. A pair of police officers (not Kirby and Muldoon) break down the door.

Male Police Officer: Freeze! Police!

They see Nimnul on the floor and the inert robot spider.

Female Police Officer: I guess we won’t need the National Guard, afterall.

The male police officer puts a pair of handcuffs on Nimnul.

Male Police Officer: We should have known it was you, Nimnul. Back to the looney bin you go!

Nimnul mumbles about pesky rodents as they escort him out.

End of Part 2

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