Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers

"A Hitch in Time"

Written by Karen Mollett

Characters herein are © Walt Disney corporation. Distribute freely, but do not modify.

A Hitch In Time -- Epilogue (2 scenes)

Scene 1: RRHQ, present day

As the Rescue Rangers enter their headquarters, Widget and Gadget wrap up their conversation.

Gadget: Golly! You're a Freshman in college and you're only 15?

Widget: Yeah. I was able to skip a few grades due to my mind-bashingly high I.Q.

Dale(aside to Chip): Sound familiar?

Chip(aside to Dale): Yeah. -Too- familiar.

Grace: Thanks for teaching me how to fly the 'plane, Chip.

Chip: Uh, no problem, Grace.

Gadget raises an eyebrow at Chip, indicating that she wants to hear about that later.

A spot in the room shimmers. Alicia emerges, wearing the field unit.

Alicia: Are you having fun yet, girls?

Grace: Are we in trouble?

Alicia: We'll discuss that back at the Institute.

Widget (moaning): We're in trouble.

Alicia: Come on, you two.

Grace: Well, it was fun while it lasted!

Widget: Yeah. *Sigh*

They reluctantly walk toward Alicia.

Alicia: I hope the girls weren't much trouble for you, 'Rangers.

All 'Rangers exchange smirks.

Monty: No trouble at all, luv.

Alicia (smiling): Good.

Widget and Grace each put a paw on Alicia's shoulders. They use their free paws to wave.

Alicia, Grace, Widget: Goodbye, 'Rangers!

The Rescue Rangers all wave back.

All Rangers: Goodbye!

The trio vanishes in a shimmering halo of light.

Dale: I'm gonna miss those gals.

Chip: Me too.

Monty: What did Widget talk t' ya about, Gadget-luv?

Gadget: Lots of things.

Chip: Like what?

Gadget: Electromagnetism, what materials conduct electricity really well, geothermal energy, how I learned to fly, what inspired some of my inventions, what I thought about the Institute…

Monty: Are ya sorry ya asked yet, mate?

Gadget:…and what it's like being a Rescue Ranger--in that order.


Scene 2: Chronal Transport Chamber, Hackwrench Institute

Alicia, Grace, and Widget appear on the Chronal Transport pad.

Alicia: I hope you two learned something from this experience.

Grace (with mock innocence): How badly Widget needs flying lessons?

Widget: Gra-a-ace!

Alicia: I suppose I should expel you…

Grace: WHAT?!?

Widget: Mom's gonna -kill- me!

Grace: I am so sorry…

Widget: Yes, she is!

Grace: Hey!

Alicia (irritated): Will you -please- let me finish?!

Grace & Widget: Sorry, ma'am.

Alicia: As I was saying, I suppose I should expel you for sneaking into the Restricted Zone, but I won't.

Grace & Widget: HUH?!?

Alicia: I have it on good authority that this was supposed to happen. I asked the main computer why she didn't tell me when you two slipped into the Restricted Zone. I was satisfied with her explanation.

Widget: We're -not- in trouble?

Grace: You aren't punishing us?

Alicia: I didn't say that. I merely said that I won't expel you. I haven't decided how to punish you yet.

Grace: Gran, what were you going to say to Gadget?

Alicia: There were a lot of things I wanted to say, but I couldn't.

Widget: Like what?

Alicia: Like how she was like a mom to me, several close calls she might have, people she should watch out for, stuff about my mother…

Grace: And how the original Rescue Rangers disbanded shortly after Gadget got married?

Widget: And about how the reserve team took over for them?

Alicia: Yes. That, too. But Gadget has to make her own choices, as do we all. Speaking of choices, I have chosen your punishment.

Grace & Widget: Uh-oh!

Alicia: Follow me.

They follow the Provost to her office as condemned prisoners would follow the warden to the gas chamber. Alicia picks up a thick, mouse-sized book.

Alicia: Your punishment is as follows: you will read this entire book and write a report on it that should be at least 10 pages in length. I do not want merely a summary. I want you to include your opinions and interpretations of the ideas presented within this work. Grace, there is a copy available on-line, as a Web document, if you prefer to read the electronic edition instead.

As she presents the book to Widget, the camera zooms in on the book. We can see the title: "Discourses on Temporal Travel" and the author: "Gadget Hackwrench".




Disclaimer: Chip 'N' Dale: Rescue Rangers, Gadget Hackwrench, Monterey Jack, etc. and all associated characters are the property of Disney. Alicia H. Fireshear, Grace Gigabyte, Widget Bernouli, and the Hackwrench Institute came from my active imagination and are all my fault. Please read, copy, print, or burn freely. Just don't alter it and claim it as your own work, okay?

 Author's note: Part 1 was written with TAOGH guidelines in mind. (Hence the script format.) I deliberately left a few things vague (the identity of the blue-eyed chipmunk, for instance) so that readers are free to speculate. Have fun, guys 'n' gals! ;).

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