The little Anterran

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On a planet called Anterras, in another dimension, a rare miracle was happening. A young child was born, the second of his kind. His name was Isagi-Paltiel.

According to legend, the first of Isagi's kind came into existence over a thousand years ago. The current ruler of Anterras, the tyrant known only as the Dark Overlord, was born. He weighed over a ton at birth and possessed an ego large as a dumptruck to match.

As a person, the Dark Overlord was never like the friendly and euphoric Anterrans he ruled over. He was cold and calculating and always showed his superiority by injuring others, including those that were close to him. Even they weren't spared from the same cruelty that he used on graffiti spraying offworlders. One thing made him develop this dire personality.

Around his fifteenth birthday, the time when most Anterrans master their native powers, the Overlord learned that his powers were much stronger than any other Anterran's. His powers were ten times as strong in fact. On a whim, he could release enough energy from his onyx black form to scorch and level a planet. The elders of his community saw what he could do, and were convinced that he was the next step in Anterran evolution.

He volunteered to be studied by the elders, and during that time developed his most feared ability - mind control. He could dominate any Anterran within his solar system. Within a week of gaining that power, he began to rule over Anterras with an iron thumb.

On the first day that he came into power, he enacted a law. That mandate put an end to normal childbirth. Any Anterran who wanted children would have to use a bio-incubator, a device for cloning.

The Overlord knew that his race's climb up the evolutionary ladder would end if there wasn't natural childbirth. In one fell swoop, he prevented anyone who could challenge his power from being. At last the Dark Overlord secured his position over Anterras.

Or did he . . .?

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