The little Anterran


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The room was almost unlit, and had a sad feeling about it. At a tiny desk in the corner of Chip and Dale's room, sat the little Anterran, his hands resting on his face. He had something on his mind, and whatever it was - it bothered him terribly.

'The plan was perfect. What went wrong?' thoughts carried through the air.

He always had a sense of what was going to happen. Why didn't he know that his friends would get pulled along with him this time.

He knew that if he left, they would never be put in danger again.

'I have to leave them. If I don't, who knows what might happen'

Isagi never felt anything before. He didn't even know what feelings were. When he left the Otherworld dimension he learned about feelings.

He saw how they made others special, but they were still a mystery to him. Now, for the first time in his life, he began to feel his own.

He stood up to walk out of the room, and a strange throbbing sensation fell on his chest. 'What is this?' he asked himself, as he touched near his heart. He made himself ignore the strange discomfort as he slowly walked into the main room of the oak tree, and addressed his friends.

"I have to go," Isagi didn't sound as cheerful as he usually did.

"Go where?" Chip asked.

"I'm going back to Otherworld," he responded, "to do something important."

Isagi knew that he would miss them. He didn't want to tell his friends why he was leaving, but his telepathy gave him away. Images of something best left undescribed flew through their minds.

"My presence here is putting you in danger," he broke down, "Wherever I stay, I attract danger. Creatures from my dimension are trying to hunt me down. They'll try anything to capture me - They might kidnap you, just to catch me. If I stay here, you might be hurt." He shook his head, "I don't want that to happen.."

Gadget was the only Rescue Ranger who wasn't stunned by Isagi's little speech - Chip, Dale, Monterey Jack, and Zipper were left reeling by the wave of telepathic images that joined the little Anterran's words.

"But why now?," pleaded Gadget, "We've never been hurt because of you!"

"I don't want to take the chance that you might get hurt," Isagi said to her. He held her hand and tried to say 'good-bye', but couldn't find enough strength within himself to voice it. He was slowly changing inside, and he didn't even realize it.

Isagi was growing emotions.

Isagi waved one of his little four-fingered hands through the air. A blue portal opened ahead of him, floating impossibly in the air above the floor. The little Otherworlder stepped into the opening, and then through. It closed. He couldn't find the strength to turn around and say, `good-bye'.

The Rescue Rangers were left behind with a look of surprise and sorrow. Soon, all of them would miss the little Anterran, no one had ever filled their lives with more joy and excitement than he did (including that time when he was ready to leave Chip into orbit around Saturn).

Gadget would miss him the most. She had grown fond of his perplexed attitude towards life, and how he acted so naively. That, and it's hard to find a plasma torch her size.

How could he do this to them? He knew they would be hurt badly by his leaving. He thought to himself, 'Entities, chipmunks, and mice just don't mix'. I asked myself what could have caused this. Certainly something must have happened, but what was it? This is how it all started. . .

The little Anterran


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Out of nowhere, in the grey mists surrounding the palace, a dark alien appeared. It stood there and viewed the shining fortress in an ominous manner. It wore a black exosuit and an obsidian visor covered its eyes. A multitude of unearthly weapons hung from the combat webbing surrounding its torso.

It was an Anterran bounty hunter, a being trained by a secretive sect of Otherworld aliens to deal with Anterrans, and not be harmed when capturing, or killing them. As if nothing in the multiverse could touch it, it walked over to the entrance of the Overlord's palace and stated, "I request an audience with the Dark Overlord." Its metallic voice resonated within the buildings around it.

Standing before the gate that led to the Overlord's chambers was a bulky Anterran guard. The bounty hunter had caught him unaware while he was sleeping. The massive guard, peeved from being awaken from slumber, responded, "What makes you think that you can see, let alone talk to, the Overlord?" The bounty hunter answered that question with a carefully worded sentence. Its hand grasped the guard by the neck, and it effortlessly lifted him off the ground. It then responded, "Let me see the Overlord!"

"Ok. . . Ok. . . You can see him," the guard blurted out between chokes. The being let him down and walked through the pair of two-story high, red, and gold doors that loomed before it.

The bounty hunter walked into the Overlord's chambers, and crossed over a gilded blood red carpet. That carpet happened to be a natural tint of blood red. It was a reminder to anyone who wanted to see the Overlord unannounced, that he didn't take unwelcome visitors with open arms, unless the visitors' arms were already sliced open.

The Overlord sat on a throne atop an elevated platform. He looked down on everything in the room as if it would shudder at his every command. (It would) "Bounty Hunter, tell me why is it that you are in my chambers?" He calmly asked the dark suit of armor.

"Overlord, I have a proposition for you, it concerns the demise of one Isagi Paltiel."

"Remove your mask first, Bounty Hunter," the Overlord commanded.

It lifted the visor covering its face, and lo and behold, beneath the mask was a female's countenance. The Dark Overlord recognized her as T'r Syll'n, one of his former henchmen, ur, henchpeople.

If the Overlord had a soul, her sharp blue eyes would have pierced it. One thing about her appearance caught his attention. All of the hair on her head was growing in a long multicolored frill at the back of her head, and nowhere else did he see any hair.

If the Overlord could laugh, he would have chuckled at her new look. She had certainly changed much since the last time he saw her.

"Ah, it is you, T'r Syll'n, speak."

"Dark Overlord, I can eliminate the problems you are having with Isagi Paltiel."

"How will you do that Bounty Hunter? No one has ever been able to accomplish that feat."

"My methods must be kept secret Overlord, how else would my rare talents be profitable. Let alone, how would I survive if everyone knew my secrets?"

The Overlord paused for a moment to think and then said,

"You aren't doing me this service for your health, what is it that you want?" He never liked talking idly with people that he thought below himself.

"Payment will be discussed after the task has been finished. For now, I require four of your best henchmen, and all the information you have on Isagi and the past four generations of his family."

"You know what will happen, if you are unable to carry out your end of the contract?"

"I'm aware of your customs, If I cannot complete the task, I will end my existence on this plane." She knew that Anterrans had a custom resembling Sol-III's hara-kiri. If they failed in finishing an important task, they would destroy themselves.

"Then it is a deal, now be off with yourself!"

As T'r Syll'n walked out of the room, the Overlord grabbed one of his servants by the collar, lifted him up to eye level, and said, "I am going to miss her, she is the only person I could actually begin to love, it is truly unfortunate that Isagi is going to destroy her." He turned to face the door, dropped the guard to the polished stone floor, and uttered in a whisper, "T'r Syll'n, I wish you luck."

The little Anterran


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The picture of the Overlord staring bright-eyed at the door loomed around for another couple of seconds, before fading away. In its place, a scene of a small park appeared. That was the park where the Rescue Rangers lived.

"Where on Earth are they?" I asked myself. Then I saw them.

Isagi and his friends were sitting under the shade of a tree and having a picnic. Isagi was resting with his back on the tree as the others faced him. They formed a tight circle around a wicker picnic basket. Inside the basket was all variety of fruits and sandwiches. Isagi didn't care about that, he was getting bored of sitting around, talking, and eating.

"Isagi, could you pass me the strawberry jelly," remarked Chip.

"Sure, here it comes," Isagi's little voice didn't seem to have all of its youthful joyfulness. The bottle jumped out of the basket and did a triple flip in front of Chip's face. Remarkably, the jam stayed in the bottle. Chip caught it after it slowed down.

That stunt didn't relieve Isagi's boredom, so he tried something else. He held and twisted his hands as if he was manipulating a crystal ball. There was a faint fizzling sound and then a pop. A small sphere of glowing pink energy formed between his squared off hands and caught the Rescue Rangers' attention.

"How would you like to fly, Anterran style?" Isagi's voice echoed.

"Sure!" Dale screamed.

"Couldn't we just go in the Ranger Wing, mate?" asked Monterey Jack.

"Yes, but it wouldn't be like this." Isagi's body glowed with a faint light and then floated off the ground. It looked like he was weightless.

"I'm in favor of it," Chip said.

"Me too!" Gadget exclaimed.

"Well alright, I'll give it a try," Monterey Jack finally gave in.

"Good, get ready," Isagi's voice perked up.

The small globe of energy between his hands began to glow brighter and brighter. Just before its glare became blinding, lightning shot out of it, and surrounded the Rescue Rangers. The light show stopped a few seconds later and left each of Isagi's friends inside a clear bubble of energy.

The Rescue Rangers jumped off the ground and started to fly around the tree. They did flips, loops, and barrel rolls. Dale even bounced off the tree a couple of times. They stopped shortly after, only to find out that they were completely weightless.

After they stopped, they flipped around inside the bubbles almost uncontrollably. Isagi saw what was happening and flew up to help them.

He was only a metre off the ground when a laser beam hit him and sent him flying unconscious into a tree. His energy bubbles disappeared immediately, dropping the Rescue Rangers to the ground. T'r Syll'n and her four henchmen appeared out of nowhere. She stood there, in front of the Rescue Rangers, as her henchmen floated behind her.

"What did you do to him!" Gadget yelled.

"You're about to find out, my precious mouse," T'r Syll'n said. The bounty hunter waved her hand over them. Sparkling powder flew from a pouch in her glove, and the Rescue Rangers fell asleep.

To Be Continued . . .

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