The little Anterran

First Story

Page one
It started as a peaceful dream. At first nothing but colorful wisps danced before me. Then an image slowly formed from the swirling pastel shadows.

From the colorful whirlpool, appeared a pair of massive closed doors. On top, the gate was circular and round metal studs stuck out of its ancient framework. The metal studs were tarnished from years of age. I sensed the doors were deep underground.

Peaceful silence surrounded me, but I knew something was going to happen. The doors slowly opened by themselves, as if an unseen force had pushed them.

Before the portal, appeared two large human-shaped mice. They pulled an unconscious captive by her arms. The mice were dressed like sumo wrestlers, they carried no weapons and wore thick purple loincloths. The captive they held was also a mouse. She wore a light purple jumpsuit and had light pink fur the shade of fair skin.

The captive's feet dragged against the floor, as the guards carried her into a lavish throneroom, draped with purple tapestries and littered with small velvet cushions. In the center of the throneroom was a large dark orange cat. She sat on a deep purple cushion that complemented the dark stripes on her back.

The feline raised the jagged stripes on her back as she looked down at her new captive. She wanted to hear a muffled response, but there was none.

Even though she didn't face me, I recognized the prisoner. Her name was Gadget. She was a mouse-girl from a cartoon, whose name was Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers. Master Stalker (The person who runs my dimension) always spoke about that cartoon. It was about a group of animal detectives who helped people and animals. Gadget was the inventor among the Rescue Rangers. She made gadgets, out of everyday things like rubber bands and pencils, that helped the Rescue Rangers solve their cases.

Gadget looked unconscious, but she heard the cat-thing speaking to its guards.

"Where did you find her?" It asked in a shrill voice.

"We found her wandering around, near the outer wall," they both responded.

The cat peered down and spoke to Gadget.

"You're an outsider. Do you know I hate outsiders in my realm? No answer, eh? I'm going to make sure you don't make this mistake again."

With her threat finished, she announced to the guards, "Send her to the Beast."

Isagi and other characters © 1995 little Anterran productions
Gadget © Walt Disney corporation