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Whatever can we say about RR fan work? Uh, it's work, and it's done by... RR fans. Oh, and we can also say that this list is especially unscientific and if the story you slaved on is not here, it's really, really nothing personal. There.

Fan Art

Please, do not bother searching for the text string "gadget" within here. Most of this fan art is of her. She has always been the most popular Ranger; she even has her own website. Well, several. But as Gadget is to the Rangers, so is Liz Kalter to their fan artists.

Liz Kalter

The heavyweight champion of Disney Afternoon fan art on the Net. Perhaps her best are her devilishly simple, but expertly crafted pencil drawings. The quantity of her work is surpassed only by the quality, and some of her very best is RR- the most spectacular, Gadget. Kalter does everything- I can only comment on her RR work.

Item: gadg(t)rec.gif "Gadget Reclining"

Even if you've seen this picture... see it again!!! This sketch of Gadget would be worth the wait even if you were downloading it via a modem with a baud of three. IMHO, it should be seen full-sized as soon as possible by everyone on Earth. The most famous Gadget fan picture in existance, and the most beautiful. Just bask in it.

Item: "Voyagfur."

A great 24-bit collection of the cast of Star Trek: Voyager, as Disney Afternoon characters. Every match is a natural, but some are amazing. (The best are probably Megavolt as the Doctor and Timon as Neelix, complete with plateful of bugs.) The RR's fit surprisingly well; I'll spoil no more. Suffice to say missing it would be shameful.

Item: halloween.jpg

Chip, Dale, Gadget, and Zipper dressed up for Halloween- you'd never guess as what. Zipper's costume is the best- perfect. Another wonderful full-color achievement by Liz.

Item: what.gif

Obviously based on a picture of Chip from CDRR Comic #12 (page 8,) but better. I laughed aloud. Simply good work.

Item: gadget.jpg (gadtiff, gadtiff.jpg, gadget.tif)

It's good, but four names? :) Anyway, another great Gadget pose, this time in full color. It is almost full-body and really shows off both the character and the artist's excellent control of her.

Item: gad2.gif

This is an excellent picture, stylistically similar to "Gadget Reclining," but... have you ever seen Gadget grin? No offense, it's very well done. I'm just still reeling.

Item: xmas.gif

Chip and Gadget. The picture is gorgeous. The stylism is very different, though, and Kalter presents us with two more personality-based shockers: Gadget in a dress, and- well, you'll see.

Item: gdminds.gif (gdm.gif) "Great Disney Minds"

It may not be Kalter's best rendition of Gadget, but it is her best story. Teaching college, an opportunity not afforded you when you're locked up in an old plane behind a forest of sales-rep-killing traps, finally presents itself to her, and the result is a natural.

[Editor's note: This is part of Liz's HoloDisney series]

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Dave Strzemienski

See these. You must! I command it!
This is the guy whose work nips at Kalter's heels. A series of three Gadget pictures, just plain great.

Item: arms_ds.jpg

Gadget standing with her arms crossed, somehow reminiscent of the early models and with great proportion. Splendiferous.

Item: frightds.jpg

A picture full of motion and technically masterful. Good stuff.

Item: needleds.jpg

Probably the best of the bunch. Derived from the wing-stitching scene (say that five times fast) in "Flash," with a later model. This picture gets dangerously close to perfection.

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Victor Ramierez

Item: gadgpstr.gif "Gadget's Wardrobe"

The fact that this picture is composed of screen captures makes it no less fan art. It looks like an official Disney poster, and focuses on- what else? For somebody who doesn't care how she looks, Gadg has a lot of clothing- and Victor Ramierez captures it all. A must-have.

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Item: gadgtee.gif

Gadget wearing an NCSU half-shirt. Good rendition. I wonder how many people have hacked that shirt to read the name of the local fraternity, sports team, or semiconductor manufacturing plant.

Item: gadgwork.gif

"Okay! Who wants to find out if this thing WORKS?" Or close enough. Aside from screen captures, it seems to be the only rendition of this famous scene.

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Totoro Sensei

All right, so I've been bloody well negligent.

Item: "Gadget Grew"

"I'll say she did!" "Hush, Dale."
Seriously. (: The original Amine Gadget. Second in popularity only to "Gadget Reclining." The sort of thing you'd put on, oh, a sweatshirt. (; A real treat for fans of Japanese animation, and of Gadget. Oh, and if you don't understand what the deal is with Anime, um... you'll probably jump out of your seat. (:

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Candy Courtnier

Item: lightasamse.gif ltasamse.gif "Light as a Mouse"

Nice little artsy Gadget picture. More importantly, it loads quickly!!!

Item: peltier.jpg "Peltier"

Why this work is called "Peltier," when a Peltier device is not a fan, is both puzzling and irrelevant. So we'll just say this is a Gadget picture.

Item: highwire.jpg "Highwire"

Well, I think it's a good picture, so I'm listing it. Hah.

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Amara Telgemeier

Item: gadg1.jpg

Pretty cool picture of Gadget. Do we trust her with a screwdriver that size?

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Herwig "Harry" Bartalszky

New, stylistic, and stylish Gadget pictures. Magnifique.

Item: gadget_hb.jpg

Cute, lavishly coloured, and looking suspiciously like it came from those calligraphy pens that the talented sort of artist uses. (: Description of the pose escapes me- you'll have to go see for yourself.

Item: gadsleep_hb.jpg

The concept of Gadget in comfortable sleepwear (you heard me right, no circulation-endangering lace!) is enough to make one smile. It's a good picture, and has an interesting fractal-ish background. My, she does look tired. (:

Item: gadhuge_hb.jpg

Gadget looking at something above her... (laugh) Cute, cute...

Item: gadrun_hb.jpg

Remember the Boston Marathon? (grin)

Item: laststraw_hb.jpg

Gadget dangles precariously from a branch, high in the mountains, her only support snapping... (pant) I'm beginning to take these pictures too seriously... /:

Item: GadgetMorning_hb.jpg

Morning coffee, my saviour! (: Great colours.

Item: GadgetSnowman_hb.jpg

Only Gadget would go through this to make a snowman. (; Superb expression.

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Item: Gadget_Gown.gif

Yes, this really is a GIF! (: You wouldn't know it, though, because of the beautiful colours in this elegant picture. Wow.

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J.L. Solis


Item: gemmaGadget.jpg

A faithfully manga-style pose with Gadget and a sister of sorts. (: You've rather got to look at it to understand, so do! Nice rendering, and a welcome addition to this fairly small genre of RR fan art. (My, the author does get self-serious. [blush] )

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Fan Stories, Movies, and Books

Fanfic, ah, that noblest of unpaid arts. Well, of course, volunteer firefighting might edge it out for noblest, maybe. But fan fiction is still good. Yeah. Ahem.

Don Weatherwax

Item: "Gadget and Goliath"

Item: "Dreams of the Rarebit Rangers"

Possibly the first RR fan fiction on the Internet. Don Weatherwax's ambitious, funny, well-wrought pair of stories are must-sees. They are long, fun yarns. I won't spoil them- suffice to say Mr. Weatherwax has a refreshingly good grip on the Rangers' characters and does nice stuff.

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Aivars Liepa

Item: "Sisters"

See this. Part eleven just out!!

"Sisters" is a long, lavish RR saga. No better description. Aivars Liepa shows us every secret we've wondered about, but that's the least of this story's accomplishments. The story delves into the lives of the Rangers, their friends and enemies, and the generations before them, and is beginning to come together at the end of this installment. The continuity and real knowledge of all the characters must be seen to be believed. Rabidly followed, deeply moving, very highly recommended.

Twenty (?!) chapters are broken into eleven parts; "Sisters" is still in progress, causing acute pain to everyone waiting for the latest installment.) The 80K file originally on the Gadget Archive is replaced by these files. There have been story revisions as well as additions.

[ Family tree | Preface | Foreword by the Editor ]

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Paltiel Goldstein

Item: The little Anterran

The Rangers with a hefty dose of Anime. Paltiel Goldstein crafts this series about the unknown Rescue Ranger- a shrunk-down supernatural alien named Isagi. Lots of the destruction RR fans have come to crave. :) The stories are all on the Internet Gadget Archive and many have been released.

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Michael Gibby

Item: "Honey, I Shrunk the Cops."

A funny short work crammed full of show references and inside jokes. Character attitudes are well-portrayed (check out the argument Muldoon and Monty have.) If you decide in advance not to worry about the show's interspecies communication problems, you'll enjoy this.
P.S. It's really refreshing to see a cat who's a fan of the Rangers. (:

Item: "Love is a Many Splendored Thing"

Good reading for Nimnul fans and Chip fans.

Item: "I Dream of Fat Cat"

Ever thought you'd see Dale abusing No-Doz? Well, he has to, by the end of the Rangers' latest nightmare. Gadget builds really cool neuroscopic stuff in this one!

Item: "Invasion of the Body Switchers"

Gadget actually has a birthday (and here we thought she was immortal!) But it's not much of one, since Fat Cat switches bodies with her.

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Candy Courtnier

Item: "Interview with the Mouse"

This was my first-ever RR fanfic. Please don't hurt me...

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Shane Jackson

Item: "A Tale of Two Worlds"

A great unfinished story. A mouse-sized elf finds his way to RRHQ and Gadget, whom he is sworn to protect. I'll spoil no more. Check it out.

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Robert Hollingshead

Item: The Adventures of Gadget Hackwrench.

The author describes it as basically normal RR, but with focus on... now who was it? As of this writing, five episodes and two very short stories are complete. This series is getting exciting- character portrayal has begun to push superb. I especially recommend the latest instalment, "Friendship." For the record, the series' acronym is TAOGH.

Item: "All I Need to Know in Life I Learned from Being a Gadgephile"

It's pretty new for being one of the pinnacles of RR fan writing. (: The evils of makeup, the joy of a Go Coaster ride, all is here. For the Gadget obsessive. (:

[ At the Internet Gadget Archive | At the TAOGH Homepage ]

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Jill D. Weber

Item: "Food Fight."

If only you could put this kind of wit on television. (sigh)

This is a fantastic RR story, original yet perfectly in keeping with anything you'd find in the series- not counting the deliciously tongue-in-cheek character portrayal. (Gadget fans, be forewarned, it does get a little strong with that portrayal, but I think it's worth it.) More than worth your download time.

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Matt Plotecher

Item: Somemouse to Watch Over Me- Chip 'n Dale's Rescue Rangers, The Movie.

Read this.
What can I say? It's Chip n' Dale's Rescue Rangers, The Movie. (huge grin) While it's an AWESOME story, masterfully crafted, driving, knowledgeable, intelligent yet faithful to the TV series, utilising characters to the hilt, better than the Ducktales movie (nyaaaaaah!!) and altogether a kick-tail script, I can't mention any of that stuff. The fact remains that this is the script to a RESCUE RANGERS MOVIE, a thing which is so unbelivably wic all by itself that it really is all you can mention. Therefore. We've got a movie! We've got a movie! Hahahahahahaaaaaaa!!!!

The casual observer will note that RR never really had an official motion picture... [:

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Meghan Brunner

Two more stories for the read these! category. (: Originally in WTFB, they've finally found their way to the ether, and are very much worth the wait.

Item: "Culinary Disaster."

Ah... the title pretty much sums it up. There's no better, unspoiling description for this Dale 'n Gadget story. Check out the explanation of Chip and Dale's names. >;)

Item: "Catch a Rainbow."

A one-point-seven-five hanky story, reflecting on Gadget's childhood. It has some very powerful insights. Monty's relationship with Gadget is given, at last, the credit it deserves. Character renditions are superb, positively on model. Highly recommended.

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Anonymous works

Item: "The Princess Thing."

She tried to keep it anonymous, (anonymouse?) really. But just between us, Gadget is responsible for this, ah, romance novel of sorts.

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Internet World Wide Web Pages, FTP Sites, Amateur Press Publications, Fan Work Repositories, Image Sites, blah, blah

Item: Where the Fun Begins.

A closed-circulation APA focusing mainly on the Disney Afternoon, with commentary and fanfic. It has drawn a multitude of talented authors since its first issue was published December 1992.

Most importantly (well, to us,) it has a sizeable body of RR work. Its past issues showcased fan fiction from brief to huge, as well as at least one article on a key unexplained element in the show.

The circulation is thirty members, with new issues every 8 to 10 weeks. All slots are currently filled with a waitlist in effect. Email the editor, Jeff Pierce, for more info.

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The Walt Disney Company

Item: The Disney Channel USA at www.disney.com.

Note: disney.com changed their RR pages AGAIN!! That includes their pictures. If you missed the first set, that's not good. What is good is that six new pictures are in. Anyway, our links are always kept fresh and zesty.

This URL doesn't really belong in the Fan Work HTML, because it's what we never thought we'd see- an official Disney RR page. This place is simply good. It's really a small page in terms of information- it has unique main character biographies including one on the enigmatic Sewer Al; an episode guide (as this is the Disney Channel site, it shows only those episodes the Channel carries, possibly a unique reference in itself;) 3-to-4-MB QuickTime movies; long (+- 1MB) sound clips in major formats; and the crown jewels- unique, old RR pictures. All these pictures- recently changed- show early versions of the Rangers. I want to know if these pictures are from the presskit. The evolution from Rescuers is plain when you look at these old pictures; check out Zipper. There's almost a darker humour you can sense in these, and what you find in them may surprise you.

Students of post-RR Chip-Dale-Gadget stuff, try the Toontown PR guide, official news blurb of the Go Coaster and Acorn Crawl. Gadget fans, check out who their PR rep thinks the star of CDRR was. (: (:

Not that there's usually anything else, but I can finally suggest you use disney.com's internal search engine. Disney puts a surprising amount of itself into one domain; the search engine covers television, movies, theme parks, new products, most everything. The engine works just fine (when up) and an extraordinary percentage of the hits are relevant. (: (You can, however, discard the few hits you'll get on the Mighty Ducks series, and the program listings for the Disney Channel USA unless you want 'em.)

Caveat: Disney may not be graphic, but it's sure graphical. Fearful fourteen-fours.

Paltiel Goldstein

Item: Paltiel Goldstein's Rescue Ranger Internet Resource Page

Good links all 'round. The little Anterran series resides here, as does a 'small but efficient' video and sound archive. It is essentially the frontend to the Internet Gadget Archive.

Item: The Internet Gadget Archive

The officially unofficial place to find the mouse.

Even if it's physically a subdirectory of the RR Internet Resource Page, the Internet Gadget Archive is one of the very best. As it claims, it is the single largest source of Gadget on the Web. Mostly pictures- including lots and lots of exclusives, the best Liz Kalter Gadgets, the most screen captures, fan art, movies and sound bytes [sic, (: ] and more. Fan fiction is also here.

Any decent RR page contains a link to here. Missing it would be silly.

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Item: The Disney Afternoon ftp

A big source of Disney Afternoon pictures, movies, and sounds. The only source for RR AVI format movies (four are here, including one in Russian.) Sounds are in another directory. If you've been aimlessly searching for RR stuff, reward yourself with this site, but take note- nothing is new.

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Item: Disney Comics, maintained by Per Starback

I've ignored this site too long because it is very wide-focus- all of Disney Comics- and RR is sort of mentioned in passing. But the mention is appreciated, mostly because of a huge list of Disney characters' names translated into different languages. The Rangers, and RR itself, are included:

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Robert Hollingshead [RoboNerd]

Item: The Adventures of Gadget Hackwrench (the website.)

The home of the series. All the currently released episodes of TAOGH are available here, as well as the timeless "Gadgephile" essay. (: There's also an indepth biography of Gadget, links, and necessities like the 'series updates' page. A fun site, worth seeing for its decor, its links, but mostly, its series. (:

Item: Rescue Ranger Headquarters

RRHQ, RoboNerd's non-Gadget RR page, is very new and already very promising. Its great achievement so far is a complete list of Disney Adventures RR comics, with descriptions for every one. (Which ERR may never be able to give you, given my shoddy knowledge of DA...)

There are links, fanfic [one fanfic, precisely, (: ] an alternate source for the CDRR bio cards (see Products,) a review of the Rangers' arsenal, down to the infamous glass cutter, links, and much more to come. A page to watch for.

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