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I originally started this one out as a little treatise on scenes in RR that have been changed. It ended up a testament to my being a monomaniacal, Ranger-obsessed sicko. Well, have fun!

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The Presskit

Okay, we'll be blunt. There is a Rescue Rangers presskit and you're gonna have a hell of a time finding it. But it is supposedly _possible_ to come by, so I'll describe it.

The presskit only recently came to my attention. From all rumour, it is an absolute Holy Grail. It's not really a consumer product, or even closely related to one; it's the media package that followed the show to the stations that first bought it.

Among the things that made this body of information extraordinary were model sheets, colour guides with OFFICIAL Pantone (tm) numbers for the characters, biographies, an official episode guide, many colour pictures, even _slides_ for the stations to use as commercial bumpers. Simply amazing.

The presskit also explains a lot. It gave the correct spellings of several difficult characters, especially Lahwhinie. It contained line art of the Rangers for use in promotions, surely explaining the "classic group pose" and other art often used with RR products. It gave suggestions to stations on when and how to use RR commercials and specials; the RR theme video, for example, played right after "Behind the Scenes with Chip n' Dale," just before the premiere of "To the Rescue." There was even an order form for untold masses of RR stuff, with prices and everything.

Before you start gently beating a hole in your desk with your forehead, here's everything I know about the presskit's whereabouts.

There were supposedly never more than 300 of these publications. Distribution outside North America unknown. I myself have searched Usenet and the Web for it and never found it. If findable, I couldn't possibly speculate on the price. Presskits run from 5 to 200 dollars and probably beyond. As examples, the Little Mermaid presskit was recently available on Usenet for about $40. The Tale Spin presskit, which seems less crammed than the RR, runs about $12. If Disney wanted to reprint these, I know I'd buy 'em... (wistful smile)

The presskit was issued with the release of RR and updated once, at least in the episode listings. (The second season of production began after "Gadget Goes Hawaiian.")

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Genetically Altered Rangers

There are 65 episodes of Rescue Rangers. None of them have ever been yanked from the face of the earth by censors, and no episodes (that Disney will own up to) were produced but never released. No official movie.
The show's "big" scandal (take that with a grain of salt) is that two episodes have had dialogue altered: "Dirty Rotten Diapers" and "Puffed Rangers."
One episode had a scene both reanimated and rewritten, and more than once: "Fake Me to Your Leader."
Two episodes have had title changes (at least.) One episode has had a scene disappear and then reappear, and one portion of "To the Rescue" (not counting differences between the movie and serialized versions,) had a scene which was not seen until after the first season.

Please note that changes in RR were rarely the result of catastrophic writing, angry viewer response, or Dale burping on camera. Often a show would premiere before it was entirely, officially done, one last edit would occur, and we would wind up seeing two versions.

"If we could get all you little fellas to hop into this industrial dishwasher..."

Item: "Dirty Rotten Diapers" originally dealt with an adoptive couple who was robbed (by the midget they adopted and his thugs, the agency operators.) The couple decided to give up the "baby" back to the adoption agency, which let it slip that homes he was placed in were robbed "seventeen times" before. The baby was adopted by another couple, who the Rangers followed. After the burglars turned on the Rangers with clubs, Gadget went ballistic and the following (from my rusty memory) was said:

Gadget: Well, I say we kindly go up to that house, gently go inside, and drag that baby out by his dirty rotten diapers!

Chip and Dale: (gasp!) Gadget!

Gadget: I've had it! No more wimping out! Let's shake that baby `til he rattles!

The only other altered line I can remember after that originally was Gadget again: "Trash the brat!"

In the second version (really no better) the adoption agency phones the couple immediately after the robbery and suggests they leave the baby with the sister and brother-in-law, originally the new parents. All references to father-son become uncle-nephew, and the massive adoption-shuffling is dubbed away. The new exchange between the Rangers after the clubbing, with tone of voice and inflections changed to downplay (or at least muddle) emotion, goes:

Gadget: Well, I say we kindly go up to that house, gently go inside, and drag that imposter out by his dirty rotten diapers!

Chip and Dale: (gasp!) Gadget!

Gadget: I've had it! No more wimping out! Let's shake that crook `til he rattles!

"Trash the brat" became "trash the bum."

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The Incredible Shrinking Episode

Item: While DRD had nothing to lose, "Puffed Rangers" was slaughtered. The original characters were from Hong Kong, and spoke broken English. In addition to Americanizing the characters (one villain even explains that he's the American nephew,) and 'correcting' the broken-English lines, the second version deletes entirely any puns, humor, and cultural references, offensive or not. Example:

Monty (original): I thought we'd never get out of there. We must have been on a slow boat from China.

Monty (revised): I thought we'd never get out of there. We must have been traveling fifteenth class.

Puffed Rangers was originally one of the funniest RR episodes. The only thing that killed it was overcorrection.

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The Three-Revision Itch

Item: In Fake Me to Your Leader, the Rangers are trapped in a glove compartment. Originally (?) Gadget stuck her tail in the keyhole and unlocked it- and as said on the ranger-list, "oh, man, the look on her face!" I'm sure her tail itched, yes, that's it. ;) What the second version probably was was Gadget simply unlocking the lock. But most recently, the scene was of Monty, using his tail, but quite innocently, and distracting us with witty dialogue. In this newest version, Gadget is seen sitting in a corner in the shot just before the unlocking, and even has a line, as if to distance her as far as possible from that accursed keyhole.

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Less Drastic Changes

A Rose by Any Other Name Would "stink, stink, stink!"

Item:"A Case of Stage Blight."

Once went by the name of its villain- "Sewernose de Bergerac."

Item:"Cornflakes?" "My sponsor."

"The S.S. Drainpipe" was originally titled "The Red Badger of Courage."


This has got to be the most confusing title in the series. The title is, and might always have been, "Double O' Chipmunk." But Dale's persona for the episode is "Double O' Dale." This has lead to no end of confusion even for experts. The German translation is probably wise, calling it "A Case for Double O' Dale."

Other episodes have confusing punctuation. "Flash, the Wonder Dog" (which is reputed to not always have had the comma,) is one. "Oneupsmanchip," I don't even know if I'm spelling right. The title had to be broken up to fit onscreen, but might be hyphenated anyway. "It's A Bird, It's Insane, It's Dale!" does end in an exclamation point.

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"Car? What car? Chip?"

Item: There are a whole mess of scenes, of course, native only to the serialized To the Rescue and not the movie. In fact, you can tell that the movie came after the episodes, because Chip mentions the car (limo) in the movie- which had been edited out. But there are brief scenes in the movie not seen in the episodes. About the only intact proof of this is in the review before Part 4. The last scenes of it, with the Rangers falling (NOT encrusted in snow) really only belong in the movie's continuity.

Juice Lee, shot from the fish machine, falls into a glass with false teeth in it in later broadcasts of Part 2. The score is so perfectly melded, the scene was doubtlessly in there to begin with, was removed ("no, fish with dentures are offensive!") and replaced.

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Warning: Crossing References May Cause a Short

Item:Gummi Bears.

There is a reference to Gummi Bears in "Catteries Not Included." When Dale is trying to stop the "magic" carpets with Monty's totems, he says, "Hocus pocus, alacazam, lumuck umi!" Lumuck umi translates from Gummi into "lucky" or "luck me."

Item:Rocky and Bullwinkle.

There are two separate references to the show, one in Part 5 of "To the Rescue," one in "Normie's Science Project."

In "To the Rescue," as the train rushes past a station, two passerby named Chauncey and Edgar comment listlessly about how the "train's late again." This was a running gag in Bullwinkle, and the two men do bear passing resemblance to their counterparts. Their voices are also great matches.

The reference in "Project" is so complete it's almost shameful. Monty says it all while deploying a box kite: "Just a little trick I picked up from a flying squirrel.... Me and the squirrels used to glide over Frostbite Falls looking for mooseberries." (Are you groaning yet? :) )

Item:Hidden Mickey.

Item: There is at least one hidden Mickey in RR. In "Battle of the Bulge," on Monty's workout suit, over his heart (company loyalty here?) there is a subtle mouse ears.

Item:Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Why did they draw obvious parallels to this slobberingly inferior show? Sigh.

In "Oneupsmanchip," Chip mystifies Dale with the title, "Rama Lama Ding Dong." If you don't understand, just as well.

In "The S.S. Drainpipe," Sugar Ray taunts Chip by calling him Alvin. Chip is understandably miffed. Sugay Ray replies, "Whatever. You chipmunks all sound alike." Tress MacNeille did appear in the other show...

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And, Believe it or Not, RR Is Mentioned in Other Places

Item:Raw Toonage (Marsupilami.)

Raw Toonage alluded to the RR show, visiting a "shoot." None of the Rangers were seen, however. And, as fans love to gripe, "Gadget never hosted!"

Item:Darkwing Duck.

An episode of Darkwing Duck is the crossover that never was. "Twitching Channels" contains a little original dialogue between Chip and Monty, through a transdimensional audio helmet.

It reportedly came to be when the show was submitted as a full crossover with Darkwing in the Rangers' continuity. Studio execs, however, rejected it and all that remains is the five seconds of speech.


The Pi-Rats are seen briefly in Bonkers. They appear as the villains in one of Bonkers' old cartoons.

Bonkers also happens to rant, "Call the Rescue Rangers!" during a crisis in the episode where Mickey Mouse disappears.

Item:Tale Spin.

Baloo's favorite record, his dad's old single, "The I Got Them Flat Broke Sticky Shoes Banana Fana Boogie Woogie Blues," is part of the RR score. :) It's the same tune played in the Molecular Audio Empathizer in "Normie's Science Project."

In another episode, Zipper flies briefly across the screen and is promptly eaten by a fish (that's MEAN!!! ):> ) Many thanks to Josh Cason for this one. (:

Item:Aladdin series.

There's a rumour about the episode where Jasmine is transformed into a rat (can anybody help me with the title?). When Genie is trying to revert her, she transforms into all sorts of things, including Gadget. Genie says, "whoa, where'd that one come from?" The scene was reportedly cut for time.

Item:Warner Bros.

(flame mode: on) Tiny Toon Adventures has probably insulted RR a thousand times. But the only one I caught, which caused me to delete my entire Tiny Toons collection, is a little scene on a television screen, showing Chip and Dale as squirrels. Only we know how insulting this is. The scene even made it to the segue for the Plucky Duck show.

The intelligent response to all this goes something like, "Barbara Anne, Barbara Anne, nyah, nyah!!"

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Item: The Disney Magazine (Disney News) - Fall 1989.

To my small knowledge, this is the issue with the most CDRR stuff in it. Which isn't much; RR isn't even mentioned on the cover. It includes a decent Suitable for Framing picture (not really that good, I think, although the Editor disagrees;) a bookmark; a short 'n shabby article across from the picture, supposedly on RR, but more on the artists who did the work; and an old advertisement on the inside back cover.

Lest one think I was let down, I sort of was. But at least the magazine was only five bucks, all said (and that got it into Canada,) and the ad on the back- wow! It's done in that 'classic,' airbrush-like style of most early RR ads, has Chip, Dale, and Zipper, and is as suitable for framing as the art of the same name. In short, it's worth getting to say you have it.

Any issue of Disney News/Disney Magazine, Winter `84 or later, costs the current cover price. (As of the time of this writing, that was $3.25 U.S.)

Quoting the Back Issues Price List:

"1. List each issue by issue date (season and year.)
2. Specify quantity of each issue.
3. Print or type your complete name, address and telephone number.
4. Please add $1.45 per issue for shipping and handling.
5. Enclose payment by check or money order payable to "The Disney Magazine" (U.S. funds only.)
6. Mail to:
The Disney Magazine
Back Issues Order
P.O. Box 4489
Anaheim, CA 92803-4489

Orders will be sent via U.S. Mail. Large orders will be shipped via UPS. Prices above are for U.S., Canada and Mexico. (if outside U.S., send international money order only- please, no checks.) For other foreign order prices, please write to the address above. (Please note: issues prior to Spring 1994 are Disney News.)"

Naturally, the last statement applies.

[ Verbatim text: article ]

Item: Working Mother - January 1991.

An issue of Working Mother (not Working Woman) magazine mentions Gadget. She made its list of nonstereotypical women in cartoons. Lead being followed.

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Commercial Bumpers, Show Segues and Teasers

Stay with me here. Most if not all of this stuff really is rare.

Commercial Bumpers

The three seconds of limbo between show and advertising. But our limbo has a rousing string section behind it!

Item: The "normal" pictures.

These are the pictures seen before the DA and on Saturdays.

Item: The "rare" pictures.

These three bumpers, though, are the real rarities. They first appeared in the movie version of To the Rescue, and were very, very uncommon on weekdays before DA. After DA and on Saturdays, however, they were only mostly impossible to find. :)

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Announcements in Commercial Bumpers

Episodes with unusual announcements have a better-than-average chance of having one of the three "rare" bumper pictures. (There could be a science here, much like the lost art of predicting RR episode by DuckTales episode, but even I can't catalogue that.) :)

Item: The most common phrases.

Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers will return after these messages.
And now, back to Chip 'n Dale's Rescue Rangers.

Item: The next most common.

phrases. Rescue Rangers will return- after this message.
And now, back to- Chip 'n Dale.

This audio is often found with the three pictures from "To the Rescue."

Item: The next next most common.

Chip 'n Dale's Rescue Rangers will return after this message.
And now, back to- Rescue Rangers.

Note differences in this set's first bumper from the most common set's first bumper. Small, but there.

Item: Are you screaming yet?

Chip 'n Dale will return- after this message.
And now, back to- Chip 'n Dale.

The second part is that same "back to Chip 'n Dale" mentioned earlier.

Item: Home video.

There are also two announcements exclusive to the home videos, with two different announcers:

And now, another exciting adventure with Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers.
And now, another exciting adventure with Chip 'n Dale's Rescue Rangers.

Incidentally, the background score in all these bumpers is the same, and is similar to a part of the RR score, but arranged differently. In the old days, the final bumper (which had no dialogue) used to warble at the end of the music, as if someone had shut the tape off a moment too soon. It was never corrected until after the DA premiered.

Item: Disney Afternoon, just before RR.

Only Dale and Gadget announced these, most often Dale. They happened after the final RR teaser, as paint flew across your screen. This is far from a complete list.

Stick around! We're gonna have fun! (laughter)
Don't go away! This rescue stuff is great!
Boy, oh, boy! Are we gonna have fun! (?)

Gadget (none of these are accurate:)
Golly, this is exciting! We'll be back after this!
The Ranger Plane is taking off, right after this!

Item: Disney Afternoon, during show.

In the old DA format, show-specific bumpers happened only when returning to the show. All these bumpers had different bits of the RR score in the background.

Chip 'n Dale's Rescue Rangers now continues. (most common)
Now back to Chip 'n Dale('s?) Rescue Rangers.
We now return to Chip 'n Dale('s?) Rescue Rangers.

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Item: The show itself.

All said, the show has/had these segues:

The "normal" segue.

The "normal" segue with small variations. Some episodes (?) have fewer sound effects behind the music. This is easy to spot early on- the sword doesn't clang in the scene from "Piratsy." Also, there's a slightly different version of the end animation- the letters in "Rescue Rangers" cascade onto the logo instead of moving in a solid text block. These two variations often go together.

The shorter Disney Afternoon segue.

The serialized "To the Rescue" segue. Before the DA, when To the Rescue was played, any installment of "To the Rescue" after the first had its segue sped up, presumably to accomodate the recap. It's really rather funny, as it was sped up all of four and a quarter percent; the time gained seems insignificant. But it was done faithfully until the DA started.

The "home video" segue. Some volumes of the home videos have an altered (or perhaps original?!) mix of clips, from only the earliest episodes. That's as far as the home videos get. The music is also different, the same rendition as on "Rootin' Tootin' Rangers." This set of video clips, plus the standard music, just to further confuse things, is on the website of the Disney Channel USA. (Is this the arrangement used with RR on the Disney Channel?)

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Item: Disney Afternoon intros.

This refers to the long, beginning version of the DA sequence:

Chip, Dale, and Gadget are in the segue. They first appear when the characters pop to life off the drawing board. Chip and Dale are next to each other and spring up energetically. Dale lands on Chip and bounces off. Chip, unharmed, skitters after him. Gadget leisurely appears in front of Baloo and runs off the board at the end of the scene.

Chip and Dale are in the scene where painting begins. The brushes don't noticably screw their colors up. :)

The next scene, right after Donald gets whacked offscreen, was of Gadget, but only in the first season. Afterward, Darkwing Duck filled the space. Gadget starts out all painted except for her hair. A brush comes down and sticks to her hair, pulls for a moment, then gives a hefty yank (ow!) and is free, leaving her colored.

The third-to-last scene (also the third-to-last scene in the short, "halftime" segue) had Chip and Gadget in the background, sort of doing the wave, while Dale ran up to your face and waggled his tongue at you. Ain't he cute?

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Rare Characters

Sewer Al

Item: The rarest- well, most enigmatic- character in RR is Sewer Al. He appears in three separate books, Disney Adventures, even Disney.com's
character biographies. But he has never been seen on television.

In every appearance, Sewer Al is physically different. In "RR: The Big Cheese Caper," he is a small, roly-poly, almost child-looking alligator who isn't much taller than Chip and Dale. In the Disney Adventures story, "Things That Go Bump in the Night," he's a fairly tall, lean, iguana-like animal in a jacket and cap. In a coloring book, he's a bent-over old hermit with a bad rug. :) The books can't even agree on his role in the world- most often he's under the employ of Fat Cat, and is later paid off by the Rangers to defect or give information after the deed. But once he was a complete innocent, who was able to decipher a plot of Nimnul's when the Rangers couldn't. Only once did he remain loyal to Fat Cat, in Adventures.

Here's the big irony. The character who never made it out of books is a book lover. It is always with a book or series thereof that the RR's successfully bribe him. He seems to especially like rare and hardcover editions.

Perhaps it seemed inappropriate to take this bookworm out of his element.

Footnote: Naturally, not too long after I said this, he found his way into a movie script. (:

[ Pictures ]

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Geegaw Hackwrench

Item: A "gewgaw" was apparantly a real, defined piece of an airplane at one time. I have no idea which piece. The word evolved into "geegaw" and became a synonym for "gadget" with emphasis on aeronautics. Good name choice!!

Geegaw was Gadget's father, above all a pilot. The only clear picture of him is in part three of "To the Rescue." He flew with Monty countless times and went on "a bushel of adventures." In CDRR Comic, he was never shown in any detail, but was an inventor and occasional host to travelers- who generally stole his inventions. :)

Geegaw is in more fan fiction than official Disney stuff, especially in Aivars Liepa's, Michael Gibby's and Meghan Brunner's stories. ("Er... sort of." ;) )

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Gidget (Hackwrench?)

Item: Calm down, calm down. I know that this is an unhealed wound for many slobbering Gadget fans, albeit not as hurtful as the i- word. So let me just say that Gidget, Gadget's alleged cousin, is not an official character, but seems to be well rumored enough to deserve explaining.

Gidget, or a photo thereof, was in Golden's RR Coloring/Activity Book. She is a near-twin of Gadget; the point of the activity was to spot the differences. Gidget only appears there. Not in CDRR Comic as rumored, certainly not in the show.

"Gadget: 'But, golly, I already have trouble with ONE look-alike!'" -Jeff Pierce.

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Other Oddities

Dressing Down

Item:Drag on.

Chip has appeared in a dress twice. Dale has appeared in a dress twice. Zipper has appeared in a dress once. So between them, the men have appeared in 250% as much distinctly feminine daywear as Gadget has. ;)

A newsgroup article on cross-dressing in cartoons, which lists everything down to the body-switching in Tale Spin, says that "Chip switches clothing (and body) with the girl member of the Rescue Rangers."
That was Dale! Dale!! Oh, forget it.

Item:To be decided by the Modesty Panel.

What is that white thing that's occasionally below Gadget's neck? Current fan theory says it's a T-shirt. It is supposed to be there, anyway. Lots of show scenes (especially close-ups, although I'm sure that's just a coincidence!) don't include it. Which is no big deal; Gadget's v-neck is pretty high. What's interesting is that when she's rendered on a consumer product, it is almost never there. No Gadget figurines/vehicles have it, some of the plush doesn't, most of the books don't, etc. Apparantly a small white/painted space drives manufacturers crazy. :)

Item:Star crazy.

No, no, no. As old pictures of Dale prove, those things really are flowers. (I had it wrong. Oof.) And ideally, they have five petals and the center one, just below Dale's V-neck, is pointed upward. Ideally, anyway.

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Pure trivia

This probably won't be news to heavily netsurfed RR fans, but...

Item: Chip says, "Let's get out of here!" three times in "Puffed Rangers." Either version. (:

Item: RR was originally proposed as a spinoff of Rescuers, but Rescuers Down Under was taking off at the time and producers chose Chip and Dale in place of Bernard and Bianca.

Item: Chip and Dale, we are assured by official sources, despite anything said to the contrary, are not related.

Item: A few new episodes were considered to start the second seasons of RR and Tale Spin, but Fox stations had rights to the shows as long as they were continuously produced. Disney was trying to pull away from Fox stations, and ended the series after their first seasons.

Item: Chip is left-handed.

Item: It is officially spelled, "Lahwhinie."

Item: The Rescue Rangers as a unit don't exist in Japan, nor does Gadget; the roller coaster in Mickey's Toontown at Tokyo Disneyland is slated to be Mickey's-


By some great miracle, the latest news is that Gadget's Go Coaster will be Gadget's Go Coaster once again. Rejoice. (:

Item: The girl in "Catteries Not Included" is named Mandy. She is not named in the show, but is in the Panini sticker album and the hardcover book based on the episode.

Item: According to Jim Cummings' chat with Disney News, Carol Channing, who played Canina LaFur, once had a problem during a recording session- her blouse kept crackling in the mic. She nonchalantly removed the problem and everything went well. Amazing that this is the closest thing to nudity in the whole series. :) Obviously management wasn't too distressed- they invited her back.

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