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Item: Disney News article: On the Job with the Rescue Rangers.

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If you haven't met them yet, you soon will. This fall, Chip and Dale, former
conspirators against Donald Duck, team up to lead a feisty band dedicated to
solving problems deemed beneath the level of formal inquiry.

Assuming the persona of bold adventurer, Chip- responsible, practical, and
logical- encourages the other team members as they take on one dangerous
assignment after another.

Just the opposite of his closest friend, free-spirited Dale lives moment to
moment, literally throwing himself into this new career. Naturally, he often
manages to become a rescuee as well as the rescuer.

Both Chip and Dale are smitten by the shy, feminine [rofl] Gadget. Gifted
with extraordinary scientific talent, Gadget is fascinated with
everyday household items- in particular, their potential for becoming useful
tools for the Rescue Rangers.

Monterey Jack is a swaggering, but good-hearted muscle-mouse who is far more
comfortable with Dale's zaniness than Chip's pragmatism.

The final member of the team is Zipper, Monterey Jack's longtime friend and
a very uncommon housefly. A one-bug swat team, Zipper communicates by
buzzing and pantomime. His mission: spy, sentinel and messenger for the

The team faces a number of villains in their constant search for justice.
The mastermind of the animal kingdom seems to be Fat Cat, a felonious feline
with a mind and temper as sharp as his claws.

But for DISNEY NEWS, artist Toby Shelton decided to pit the Rangers
against a different enemy- Sewernose, an alligator who lives under the Opera

"I wanted to do a scene that was a recognizable location and would show the
scale of the characters," he says. "And I wanted to show what kind of
enemies the Rangers were up against.

"Sewernose is one of those old characters who never really had a chance,"
Shelton explains. "He was flushed down the toilet as a baby and grew up in
the sewers beneath the city. He's always loved the opera and fancies himself
quite a virtuoso. He's a ham, but he's also menacing."

Shelton, who penciled the original drawing, joined Disney in 1980 and has
worked on "The Fox and the Hound," "Mickey's Christmas Carol," "The Black
Cauldron," "The Great Mouse Detective," and early experimental animation for
"Who Framed Roger Rabbit."

John Hamagami painted the illustration. He was born in Nara, Japan, but has
lived in Los Angeles since the age of three. His Disney assignments include
title treatments for "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" and "Good Morning, Vietnam,"
as well as for the newest Disneyland attraction, _Splash Mountain._

To meet the Rangers and learn more about their exciting adventures, tune in
to "Chip n' Dale Rescue Rangers" each weekday afternoon, following
"DuckTales" on most stations.

Item: Catteries Not Included.

Published by Gallery Books
Adapted by Naomi McMillan
Illustrated by Vaccaro Associates, Inc.
Cover illustration by Jim Mitchell

[ More information ]

Monterey Jack, Chip, Dale, and Zipper sat around police headquarters, waiting for a case to pop up. Monterey glanced out the window and saw a splinter of lightning streak across the sky.

"Wow!" Dale said. "Where did that come from?"

Detective Spinelli sat behind his desk, munching a sandwich and shaking his head. "If that isn't the craziest thing!" he said to himself. "We got a letter saying that lightning would strike at noon- and it did!"

Dale turned to Monterey. "That was weird! Have you ever seen lightning on a clear day?"

"Sure," said Monterey Jack, as he ran his hand over Chip's hair a fewtimes, then touched Dale's shoulder.

"Ouch!" cried Dale, as he got a little shock. "How did you do that? Show me!"

"First," said Monty, "you rub something furry to build up a charge. Then pick your target and- zap! It's static electricity!"

Soon they heard someone crying, and turned their attention to a little girl who sat in front of Spinelli's desk.

"Spunky would never run away!" she told Detective Spinelli, holding a photo of her kitty. "Somebody must have taken him!"

Spinelli told Mandy he'd keep an eye out for Spunky- though he did have more important things to do.

"I think we should help her," said Chip. Dale agreed, but Monterey wasn't too crazy about the idea of rescuing a cat.

Chip, Gadget, and Zipper went to Mandy's house to look for clues.

"Hey, Chip!" said Gadget as she peered through a scope. "Look at these claw marks on the windowsill. No animal around here would be strong enough to make marks that deep!"

Meanwhile, Dale and Monterey investigated Cat Alley.

"If this is Cat Alley, where are all the cats?" asked Monterey.

"I don't know. It looks like Mouse Alley to me," Dale said, pointing to the hundreds of happy mice dancing in the street.

Monterey was thoughtful. "The trick to solving this case it to think like a cat," he said.

"No!" said Dale. "It's to be a cat! Come on!"

That evening, Dale and Monterey wobbled down Cat Alley on stilts, wearing a silly-looking, homemade cat disguise.

"I've had nightmares about being inside a cat," noted Monterey, "but they were nothing like this!"

Suddenly, there was a loud clanking sound. A giant bulldog was charging straight for them. And the bulldog was- a robot!

"Eee-ya!" screamed Monterey. "Let's get out of here!"

Dale and Monterey scrambled up a telephone pole- but not fast enough. The dog caught the tail of their costume and pulled. The tail snapped, flinging Dale and Monterey into the air. At the same time, the metal dog was hurled backwards into a fence. Unfortunately, Dale landed right in its waiting jaws.

>From out of nowhere, Gadget and Chip appeared overhead in Ranger plane. They swooped down and caught Monterey as he tumbled through the air.

Gadget landed and let Dale out of the robot through a trap door in its back.

Monterey stuck his head inside the contraption and looked around. "I guess the cats weren't eaten, after all," he said.

"No," said Chip. "But someone is using this robot to capture them. "I wonder where it takes the cats."

Gadget had an idea."The robot will bring us there!" she said.

When Gadget had repaired the robot, the Rescue Rangers piled in and rode off. Soon they reached their destination. "What is this place?" asked Gadget, gasping.

"A nightmare!" answered Monterey.

The Rangers found themselves in a circular room with cages stacked from floor to ceiling. Nearly every cage held a cat. A coil generator rose from a pit in the floor, mechanical arms dangling from every side.

Then Chip heard footsteps. "Time to abandon dog!" he shouted.

The Rangers dropped back into the belly of the robot and exited through its trap door.

In marched the evil scientist, Professor Norton Nimnul, followed by two more robot dogs. "Open wide!" he said, as he reached inside the dogs' mouths. He pulled cats out of both, then reached the empty robot where the Rescue Rangers had hidden.

"Where are the rest of my cats?" Nimnul demanded. He smacked the metal robot with his hand, then howled in pain.

The robots laughed. "Go ahead and laugh," hissed Nimnul. Just like those fools at the power company did when I offered them a revolutionary source of cheap power!

"They'll be sorry!" he ranted. "I'm going to create enough electricity to blow this city to bits. That lightning I made is just the beginning!" Nimnul left the room, and the robot dogs meekly followed.

"Let's find Spunky and beat it!" suggested Monterey.

"We'll never find one little cat in here!" said Dale, looking at the rows upon rows of cages. But Zipper already had.

Spunky's cage was hundreds of feet up, so Gadget rigged a pulley. Using all his strength, Monterey forced the bars open just enough for the kitten to squeeze through.

"We're not leaving 'til all the cats are free!" Gadget declared.

"But how can we open all these cages?" asked Chip.

Just then, Dale turned to Nimnul's remote control and excitedly started pressing buttons. The generator switched on, and the metal arms and hands grabbed Spunky, Chip, and Dale and lifted them off the ground. Huge hands began fluffing their fur with huge brushes.

"Oh, no!" cried Gadget. "It's building up static electricity!"

Spunky, Chip, and Dale broke free, but now the robot dogs were coming back!

"I've got an idea!" said Gadget, grabbing a coil of wire.

She told Zipper to tie one end to the generator, and had Monterey use the other like a lasso. On Gadget's signal, Monterey looped the wire around the tails of the two robots. Electricity shot through the wire and stopped them in their tracks. Nimnul came to investigate, but the Rangers got away just in time.

Meanwhile, Nimnul dialed the police station. Spinelli answered.

"I just want you to know that at exactly five o'clock today, lightning is going to strike and blow up the city," Nimnul said.

"Look, mister, I don't have time to deal with every nut that calls here. I'm busy!" Spinelli slammed the phone down, and Nimnul shook with rage.

"I'll show them!" screamed Nimnul. He used the remote control to open all the cages, and soon mechanical hands lifted the cats out and brought them to the generator. There, other hands ran stiff brushes through their fur over and over again.

"I'll begin by vaporizing the police station!" said Nimnul, laughing evilly. He looked through a periscope and took aim.

The Rangers couldn't decide what to do.

"Stall him until we can come up with a plan!" Chip ordered Zipper. Zipper saluted and flew into the periscope lens.

"Ugly pest!" hissed Nimnul. A stream of water sprayed the periscope, and windshield wipers knocked Zipper off the lens.

"How do we stop him now?" asked Chip.

Spunky took matters into his own paws. He jumped on Nimnul from behind and dug in his claws.

"Yowch!" screamed Nimnul. The remote control went flying, and Chip, Dale, and Monterey chased after it. Nimnul ran to his robots.

"Get me that remote control!" he ordered. Two of the dogs raced towards Chip, Dale, and Monterey. But the third took one look at Spunky clinging to Nimnul and charged after him.

Nimnul ran around in circles with the dog snapping at him from behind.

"Stop!" yelled Nimnul. "Heel! Sit! Help!"

Chip and Dale rushed to the remote control and began to press buttons. As soon as they did, two mechanical hands reached out and boxes one dog's ears. Next they crushed another one of the robots into a ball and dribbled it.

Meanwhile, Monterey lowered a ladder to the cats in the generator pit, and they swarmed out.

"Let's find Spunky and scram!" yelled Chip.

"Not so fast!" said Nimnul, snatching the remote control. He used the mechanical arms to grab Chip and Dale. Spunky, who had slipped off Nimnul's back, attacked again.

Nimnul shrieked in pain, then horror, as one of his own robots charged after him with metal jaws open wide. Spunky leaped away, and the robot swallowed Nimnul whole.

"You'll pay for this!" echoed Nimnul's voice from inside the robot.

That evening, the Rangers left Spunky on Mandy's doorstep and rang the bell. Thedoor swung open, and the Rangers quickly ducked behind a flower pot.

"Spunky!" cried Mandy. She swept the kitten up into her arms and hugged him tight. "You're home!"

"Aww!" said Dale.

Next to Dale, Gadget smiled. Monterey Jack beamed and Zipper zipped.

"Another case closed with a happy ending!" sighed Chip.

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Item: The Rescue Rangers Save Little Red.

Published by Golden Inc.
A Golden Very Easy Reader
By Betty Birney
Illustrated by Don Williams

[ More information ]

Chip and Dale went to the circus. They went to see Big Red. Big Red was a clown. They waited and waited. The circus did not begin. "There will be no show today," said the ringmaster.
"Little Red is missing," said a mouse. Little Red was Big Red's dog. Little Red did tricks. "Big Red is very sad," said the mouse.
"We must find Little Red," said Chip. "Then the circus can go on!" cried Dale.
Big Red sat inside a tent. He was crying. "Where is Little Red?" he said.
"I saw a cat," said the ringmaster. "The cat was fat." "Oh, no," said Chip and Dale. "FAT CAT!"
The Rangers went to Fat Cat's place. They listened outside the door. "I sold Little Red to another circus," Fat Cat said.
He laughed. "The circus is across the sea. Little Red is at sea now," he said. "He is on his way to the new circus."
"Fat Cat makes me mad!" whispered Monterey Jack. He pushed on the door. The door opened. Monterey Jack fell into Fat Cat's room!
The rats put Monterey Jack in a cage. "This little bird will not fly away," said Fat Cat. Fat Cat laughed.
The Rangers went to the window. "Oh, no!" said Gadget. "We must save Monterey Jack," said Chip.
"I have an idea," said Gadget. "I saw this trick in the circus."
Gadget opened the lock. Monterey Jack was safe again. "We must go to sea," said Chip. "We must find Little Red," said Dale.
"We can try out my new boat," said Gadget. "Is it safe?" asked Dale. "We will see," said Gadget. The Rangers set sail.
The Rangers saw a balloon in the sky. It was big and red. "There is Little Red," cried Chip. "He is hanging from the balloon!"
"Little Red is so high up," said Dale. "We can use our sail for a kite!" answered Gadget.
"Do not be afraid," Chip called to Little Red. "We will save you," called Gadget. Gadget handed Zipper a big pin.
"POP!" went the balloon. Little Red fell down, down, down. Little Red was happy. Fat Cat was not happy.
Fat Cat turned his boat straight toward the little boat.
CRASH! The big boat hit the little boat. "Help!" cried Monterey Jack.
"Hold on!" said Chip. They floated up, up, up on the kite. Then they fell down, down, down. "Look!" said Chip. "A ship!"
The ship saved them. They sailed back to land. "This is more fun than the circus!" said Little Red.
Big Red was happy to see Little Red. Now the circus could begin. "More! More!" the people shouted. The Rangers were proud.
"That was a lot of work," said Chip. "That was a lot of fun!" said Dale. Everyone cheered.
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Item: Rootin Tootin Rangers.

Published by Walt Disney Records

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Rootin' Tootin' Rangers is a read-along story accompanied by an audio tape. When my brother was very young, he insisted that it be played in the car, over and over. This lead to my family's dubbing it the Pink Tape of Death.

The fad wore off, however, and I've heard Rootin' Tootin' Rangers once in the last two years. But I still remember it precisely. In fact, I'm so lame I timed my HTML-isation of the thing. One hour and four minutes, twice the length of the program. (:

Horizontal rules are where the chimes would be, like this. (chime.) Let's begin now.

One sunny fall day, Chip, Dale, and Monterey Jack headed for the police station to scout for new cases. Dale darted to a large oak and began filling his arms with acorns that had fallen during the night. Chip frowned. "Would you stop that? You're slowing us down! Someone could need our help!" Dale shrugged. "Okay Chipper, I'll just hide these in the bushes. You guys can help me carry them on the way back." But as he neared the bushes, Dale heard someone softly crying.
Dale waved to his partners. "Rangers, ho! It sounds like someone needs our help right here!" Dale dashed into the bushes with Chip and Monterey right behind him. Alone in a small clearing, sat a beautiful lady mouse, weeping into a delicate lace hanky. Chip removed his hat. "Excuse me, miss. My name's Chip, and these are my partners, Dale and Monterey Jack. You seem awfully sad." Monterey nodded. "Perhaps we could be of assistance?" The lady mouse looked up through her tears. "You are very kind, gentlemen. But I am afraid no one can help me." Monterey dropped to one knee before the beautiful mouse. "We're the Rescue Rangers, and we always come to the rescue! Please, miss, won't you let us try?" The lady gave him a charming smile. "Well, I suppose if such handsome and gallant gentlemen want to help, it would be rude of me not to give them a chance. My name is Hati Marie."
"This morning I was at the museum, looking at the rare desert treasures of King Rootin Tootin. I was wearing my great-grandmother's diamond ring. And now look! The stone is gone! When I went back to the museum to look for it, the guards wouldn't let me in, because the Rootin Tootin treasures are being packed up for a show in another city. I just know with all the commotion, Great-Grammy's diamond will be lost forever!" Monterey held out his arm. "Come with me, Miss Marie. We'll return to Ranger Headquarters and organize a search party." Back at Headquarters, Hati Marie settled into a comfortable chair. Monterey brought her a plate of his best cheese. "Why, thank you, Mr. Jack. You are so kind to help a poor stranger." "[Aww,] Think nothing of it, my dear. And please, call me Monty." All the Rangers except Monterey gathered at a small table. Dale whispered. "Monty gave her his best cheese! That's not like him at all!" The other Rangers- Chip, Zipper, and Gadget- all quietly nodded in agreement.
Gadget pulled out a brochure of the museum's layout. "Remember when we foiled Fat Cat's scheme to steal the treasures of Prince Mumbo Jumbo? We found a secret entrance right here." She pointed to the north wall, just outside the Rootin Tootin exhibit room. Chip picked up the map. "You're right, Gadget! Zipper, you scout on ahead and see if the crack is still there. We'll get our gear and meet you by sunset. Rescue Rangers, to the rescue!" That evening, Zipper was waiting excitedly by the crack in the museum wall as the Rangers and Hati Marie arrived. Chip checked with his super scout. "The museum just closed, and everyone's gone home. We'll have the place to ourselves! Good work, Zipper." Hati Marie looked up at the crack. "But... it is so high! How will we ever get in?" "No problem." Chip uncoiled the cord he'd been carrying and Zipper flew it up to the crack. He wedged it inside and Chip tugged hard. The cord held fast. "I hope no one's afraid of heights." Chip scaled the wall and the others followed. The Rescue Rangers and Hati Marie dropped down into the Rootin Tootin exhibit room. On the floor, something glittery winked at them in the moonlight. "There it is!" Monterey raced toward the shining object, but it turned out to be only a piece of glass. The Rangers peered around every crate and checked every inch of the room, but there was no trace of Hati Marie's diamond anywhere. Monterey was crestfallen. "I was so sure we'd find it." "That means Great-Grammy's diamond is gone forever!" Sadly, Hati Marie turned away and stuck her hands in her coat pockets. "Wait! What's this?" >From her pocket she drew out a beautiful jewel. "Grammy's diamond! Why, I must have had it all the time! I am so sorry to have bothered you." "Think nothing of it. All's well that ends well, eh?" Monty winked at the other Rangers. "I think I ought to escort Miss Marie home- to make sure nothing else happens to her. Thanks anyway, Zipper, but if anything comes up I'll handle it on my [me (: ] own!"
Early the next day at Ranger headquarters, Zipper urgently motioned for the Rangers to follow him outside. He pointed to the front page of a morning newspaper lying on the ground. Dale yawned. "It's too early to chase a litterbug, Zipper." But Chip clapped his hand to his forehead. "Oh, no! Look at the headlines! Someone stole the treasures of King Rootin Tootin last night!" The Rangers scrambled down for a closer look at the paper. Chip shook his head in dismay as he read the news. "There were no signs of forced entry, and no alarms were tripped. All the locks were opened from the inside out, and now the most precious artifacts are gone!" Dale snapped his fingers. "It must have been an inside job! We gotta do something!"
"There is another possibility, fellas." Gadget pointed to a dangling cord in the photo of the looted room. "Someone else knew about our secret entrance. It had to be Hati Marie!" Dale frowned. "I knew there was something phony about her." Monterey objected fiercely. "Now hold on, mate, you're jumping to conclusions. Miss Marie wouldn't hurt a fly. Uh, no offense meant, pal." Chip interrupted. "Hey! I've got another idea! Remeber what happened last year, when Fat Cat almost got away with the treasures of Mumbo Jumbo?" Dale laughed. "Oh yeah! We sure foiled him. Was he ever mad!" Chip pounded his fist into his hand. "I'll bet you anything old Fat Cat is behind this robbery. Come on, Rangers! Let's go!"
The Rescue Rangers sneaked quietly into the rooftop gambling casino that was Fat Cat's headquarters. Fat Cat's minions were laughing gleefully. Mepps slapped Mole on the back. "This is the life! One night's work and we're on easy street!" Wart whined. "Why can't we split up the loot now?" Mepps rapped the whining lizard on the head. "Anyone at home? Every cop in town is looking for those treasure. We gotta wait for the heat to die down." Wart frowned in confusion. "What heat? It's freezing in here!" "How wonderfully stupid you are. I am amazed you got away with anything." The big boss himself leaned down from his desk and explained. "What Mepps is trying to say, in his own rather simple-minded fashion, is that as soon as the public's interest in our little heist decreases, you will get your share." Fat Cat held up his hand, admiring the ring of Rootin Tootin that now adorned his finger. "This is just the beginning! Now that Hati Marie, the international spy, is working for me, we will get into everything! And she'll get those foolish Rangers to show us how!"
Outside Fat Cat's office, the Rangers gathered to discuss their next move. Zipper tried to console his pal, but Monterey was crestfallen. "Miss Marie is a spy! She used us!" "Since she used us, we'll use her. You can start by paying her a little visit," Chip grinned at the former Romeo. Monterey held up his hands. "Oh, no, mate, I can't." "Sure you can. All you gotta do is..." Back at ranger headquarters, [sic] Gadget rummaged through her makeup kit. She held up a jar filled with a white cream. "Golly, this will make a perfect base. Now guys, you get that tall pane of glass we used in the Cricket caper. I'll get some reflecting spray." Chip and Dale carefully wrapped up the glass. As they started to carry it out, Dale reached for a handful of acorns. The glass wobbled! "Watch what you're doing! We don't wanna break it before we get it out the door!" "I'm still hungry." Dale grinned and munched his acorns as the three fearless Rangers made their way to Hati Marie's.
Meanwhile, Monterey Jack knocked at Hati Marie's door. "Quick lad! In the bushes! She must not see you!" Zipper flew quickly into a flowerpot. The door opened. Hati's eyes narrowed in suspicion, but then she broke into a smile when she saw her lovesick admirer. "Why, it's Mr. Monty! Have you come to rescue me again?" Monterey twisted his cap in his hands and tried to look shy. "If only I could, Miss Marie. But I'm afraid I won't be seeing you for a while. After the Rootin Tootin robbery, the museum is taking extra precautions- and we're going to help by guarding the treasures of Bali Aba, which are even more rare and valuable!" "More rare and valuable!" Hati Marie thought quickly. She slipped her arm through Monterey's. "Monty, let's go for a walk." She looked up to him and batted her eyelashes. "Promise me you'll be careful. It sounds so dangerous!" "Naturally, but we Rescue Rangers are used to danger." Monterey struck his best heroic pose and patted her hand. "Why, I remember the time-" "Oh, but, tell me how you are going to take care of the treasures of Bali Aba. I want to hear every single detail." She smiled coyly as Monterey began talking.
As soon as Monterey and Hati Marie turned the corner, Zipper signaled for the Rangers to hurry. "I knew she'd have exactly what we need." Gadget pointed to a beautiful standing mirror. "Quickly now! Change the glass!" Chip and Dale carefully lifted the old glass out of its frame and replaced it with the glass they'd brought. Dale stood in front of it and waved at Chip, who was standing behind. Chip waved back, copying Dale's gesture. "It works, Chipper!" Dale danced around merrily. Chip quickly hushed him. "I hear them coming back! Places, everyone!" The door opened, and Hati Marie and Monterey Jack came in. As she walked by, Hati patted her hair and glanced in the mirror. She stopped suddenly and her eyes widened in horror. She stared at her reflection. "Oh no! Look at me!" There in the mirror she saw an old woman. Hati's hands flew to her cheeks. The reflection did the same. It was Gadget, dressed just like Hati Marie but made up to look very, very old. Hati Marie was desperate. "Monty, what is happening to me?"
Monterey grabbed Hati Marie by the shoulders and shook her sternly. "This proved you were involved in the robbery from the museum! Haven't you heard of the curse of Rootin Tootin? Hati shook her head in dismay and Monterey explained, "The wizard of Rootin Tootin cast a spell over the treasures, to keep them from being stolen. Anyone who takes them from their proper owner will suddenly grow old. Fortunately, there is an antidote- but it's inside one of the bottles. If you want to be cured, you'll need to take us to the treasures." Hati Marie led Monterey and the Rangers to an abandoned train station at the edge of town. "They are inside. Now Fat Cat will lose his treasures- but I will be young and beautiful again!" Monterey winked as Gadget appeared to reveal her disguise. Monty frowned at the lovely spy. "You are as young and beautiful as ever. But in my eyes, you are as ugly as your deeds." Hati Marie lunged at Monterey, pounding her fists into his chest, but she knew it was useless. Dale grinned. "Come on, Rangers! We've got some police to tip off!"
The recovery of the treasures of King Rootin Tootin was splashed across the morning newspaper's headlines. Chip congratulated his partners. "Another good day's work, Rangers! The treasures are safe, and we foiled Fat Cat once again!" Gadget agreed. "And we put that Hati Marie out of business!" Monterey chuckled. "Her career in crime is over. Fat Cat knows she betrayed him- and she'll never be able to work for him- or anyone- again! Right?" Everyone shouted in agreement except Dale. He couldn't say anything because his mouth was too full- of acorns! [That was the end of the story. If you would like to hear it again, just turn the tape over.]
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