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Introduction, Symbols, and Conventions
Distributabilbutabili... whatever.
Credits! I love credits!
I'm a Disclaimer, but I'm Fun, so You Should Read Me Anyway
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Just About Every Rescue Ranger Product
Rescue Ranger Fan Work
Rescue Ranger Rarities
Rescue Ranger Advertising
The Music of Rescue Rangers
Rescue Rangers Elsewhere on Earth

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Introduction, Symbols, and Conventions

The First of Those Three

(clearing of throat)

One fairly boring summer day in 1988, I had the pleasure of taking out the garbage, which I clearly remember having the box to a Ducktales Happy Meal in it, and as I happily plodded past the television with my bag of goodies, I saw something. It was on the Disney Channel- I know because it was scrambled. It was a promo for new shows soon to hit the channel, and as I walked by, something called "Rescue Rangers" was shown. It just had a bunch of rodents (or possibly frogs, it was scrambled) swinging on a rope, and that was the end of the segment. Sounds dumb, I thought to myself, and walked out.

The fuzzy little suckers got me back for that. This set of files is really many years of Ranger-mania boiling over. Not just my own- that of countless fans who have watched and missed Rescue Rangers, who have discussed it, who have written or drawn it and put it up for everyone to see. This is the very small result of transfinite fandom.

So welcome to what I, the Author, am sure You, the Rescue Ranger Fan, will no doubt come to refer to as at least the fourteenth or fifteenth best collection of information on Disney's Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, often called RR for everyone's sanity.

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Conventions and Embedded Graphical Elements

Thank you, Gadget... that'll do...
The following things mean the following things in these guides:

Mmmmph!Yes, we're floundering in the proverbial marshmallow on this one.
Hopefully soon more information will be found on it.

RR, CDRR, CnDRR, DCDRR, etc. Disney's Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, also known as Chip 'n Dale's Rescue Rangers, also known as Rescue Rangers, also known by anyone having to type it more than once as RR. :)
"CDRR" can also refer specifically to the Rescue Rangers comic book; CDRR is its official abbreviation. To avoid (my own) confusion, though, I'll usually call it CDRR Comic.

DA, TDA. The Disney Afternoon.

Fanfic. Fan fiction. A pretty usual term.

FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions list. A common Internetism.

The RR Logo. As seen at the end of the show's opening, Chip and Dale ensconced in the show's name.

The RR Symbol. Aha, here's the difference. :) I mean the team symbol, the ovoid red-and-blue field with lightning bolt and white "RR."

RRHQ. Rescue Ranger Headquarters- the oak tree.

Lawa... Lawi... Luhw... L'whuh... no, wait, I've got it, officially! Lahwhinie. Gadget's evil twin.

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How To Duplicate and Distribute Everything Rescue Ranger

Under the File menu, click on Save As....

Seriously. Anything Rescue Ranger-related that I make and put on the Web is for all to see. The Internet is about exchanging information, and I'm going to exchange it, so there. Distribute away. If you really, really wanna mirror ERR, go ahead. I'll find a link to it someday and be amazed.

Credit's always nice. But if you nip part of my work and find my contribution insufficient to credit... I'll be amused. (:

I can't speak for anyone else whose work I link to. People are not quick to forgive indiscreet distribution. Please be careful.

If you MiSTify ERR, please don't send me the result.

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The Fun Disclaimer

(all right, so it was a ruse.)

A disclaimer here. While there is a lot of just plain information in this handful of files, and I have strived for accuracy, not all of it can possibly be correct. :) Anyway, if I'm wrong, don't litigate. That means "to set aflame," right?

The occasional review, critique, commentary, or flame shows up here. None are tasteless. But this doesn't read like an offical Disney press release. You have been warned.

I know the version numbers are a joke. But I like 'em, so there.

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Item: Speaking of crediting... um... I'm having trouble getting to some old archived email, so there is more to come. Apologies to those who sent in stuff that is not implemented, or credited to them yet. ): It will be fixed pronto. If you wish to prod me and say, "I gave you that, you ungrateful porcine individual!" that'd be very nice of you.

Item: Despite that odd rumour that Everything Rescue Ranger is a PR plot by the Gin Rummy Affiliates of Vermont, ERR is really the fault of me, Candy Courtnier. I admittedly have no life, aside from Rescue Rangers, my cybercafe, and the intoxicating thrill of living. Boring me. I am currently aspiring for the Canada-wide title of #1 Non-Male Gadget Hackwrench Fan. If you know the proper Ministry for me to register with, or you wish to contribute to the more worthy cause of ERR, please email me through the Internet Gadget Archive. Slight delay in reply to flames.

Item: Before we go any further, I have to thank the following people...

ME! Yes, me! Ha ha ha! I did it all! Er...
All right, so maybe Paltiel Goldstein did edit the series, put up a directory for it, fix the glaring stylistic boo-boos and other insignificant things, but hey! I picked the background colors!!

Along the same lines, ERR is inexorably intertwined, you could even say it's stuck to, the Internet Gadget Archive. 95% of the fanwork we list is on the Archive. And without the space, bandwidth, and fan input the Archive provides, the Products section would be a mere list. ERR would certainly not exist today if not for Paltiel's site. A thousand thanks. (:

Thanks to my family, who I love, and who took this all very gracefully.

Big thanks to Jeff Pierce, who contributed many, many things to Products.

Thanks to RoboNerd for his wealth of knowledge both on his pages and currently nestled into mine.

Bless everyone who made RR possible.

Thanks to Ken Behram, who will probably never know it, but whose offhanded comment sparked this whole series. He is due my gratitude and my carpal tunnel treatment bills. >;D

Thanks to .Starting Point, for keeping me too busy to work on this. >;) Note that this is my only endorsement.

Thanks to every Rescue Ranger fan- living, dead, or purely coincidental.

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Table of Contents

Just About Every Rescue Ranger Product

Rescue Ranger Fan Work

Rescue Ranger Rarities

Rescue Ranger Advertising

The Music of Rescue Rangers

Rescue Rangers Elsewhere on Earth

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