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Wedding bouquet

My beloved Isajii proposed to me recently in the most romantic way.

What can I say? I accept!

Unfortunately this news did not sit well with Isajii's unrequited admirer, who shall not be named but who has purple fleas. I of course tried to bury the hatchet with her, but instead of accepting the wishes of my poor darling, she got herself hopped up on beer-flavored dog biscuits and tragically threw herself off Lover's Leap.

Tsk, tsk.

But we must not allow sadness to run our lives. My little pumkin is so excited about our wedding, he can't sit still! I'm happy he's so eager, but he'll just have to wait a little while, while I prepare everything for our lavish spectacle and finalize my plan.

So eager!

 After our perfect wedding in Prontera, we're going to go on a beautiful honeymoon! I've already made reservations at the Delaware Whipping Post and Pillory.

~~~~~ <3

I told Isajii to write about how deeply he loves me. He wrote something silly because he has such a wonderful sense of humor, but I erased it so that he could write it for real: I really adore Ohoho and I can't wait until our beautiful children arrive. I can't believe she caught me. Please call the Royal Prontera Constabulary.

There was some weird stuff on this page before that I don't understand, so I put it away here. It doesn't even have Isajii's name on it. Maybe it was a mistake.