An image of me, drawn by a Japanese friend ( I look nothing like this..  ^_^; ) Paltiel Goldstein is a denizen of Freehold, New Jersey USA

In his little spare time, he has raised the world's most adorable hamster, and has become quite adept at techniques of torment, being an eternal pain in the side to his family, for many a decade.

His accomplishments include a seventeen year Advanced Dungeons and Dragons campaign, a tiny 2MB AI modelled after Gadget from the Rescue Rangers, and a never found out it was his fault explosion in science class at middle school.

He's currently working at a Medical Technology company in Central New Jersey. As well as having gone to school in a town that boasts the most bars per square mile on the entire planet, he has juggled friends, family, and small furry animals.

His likes are: Creating sushi & entertaining, travelling abroad, going to restaurants, being creative, experiencing plans come to life, watching Anime, spending time with cute females who are just as intelligent as they are cute, Gadget from Rescue Rangers, and cute pets.

His dislikes include: Obnoxious and close-minded individuals, American drivers (It's my sidewalk! GET OFF!), poor communicators, fungi, and Country music.

He's finally figured out how to pay off six years of debt to the Federal government for all his scholarships and loans for his Computer Science Engineering Degree at Stevens Tech, Hoboken, and despite having gone through the pain of that degree is currently subjecting himself to Pharmacist coursework at Rutgers.