Incoming directory for the Gadget Archives

FILE                SIZE (K)   Description 
rangerity.txt 24 ASCII version of the Rangerity Test A yes/no questionairre testing how much a CDRR fan one has become Created by: Candy Courtnier
rangerity.html 32 Previous file in HTML format To be converted to an auto-tallying form when HTML 3.0 becomes a standard Converted by: archive maintainer
gadget.tif 80 Gadget giggling, and in a cute pose Taken from a Disney fruit snack wrapper This title needs some improvement.. Digitized by:
Fan Fiction: "A Fair Trade" Part of the Isagi Shorts collection I'm putting it here 'til I get a chance to fully finish it. Created by:
kblvgdgt.jpg 15 Mortal Kombat 3: Kabal vs. Gadget Horrific mutant vs. mouse inventress (I'd put my money on the mouse) Created by: Michael Gibby -
BIO_Isagi.html 27 Concept art: Isagi Paltiel Author's idea of what Isagi looks like N.B. The author couldn't draw even if his existance depended on it Drawn by:
gadgfear.gif 15 Gadget jumps, frightened by something Drawn by:
gadgleav.gif 15 Gadget cheerfully bounces away, waving Drawn by:
gcatflow.gif 13 Gadget catches a bouquet of flowers, thrown to her by a fan Drawn by:
Fan Fiction: "Sisters" Don't let the simple title fool you, this is the beginning of an exquisite story, nearly a novella, with Gadget one of the main characters. Created by: Aivars Liepa -
Fan Fiction: "Sailor Mouse" Satire of the famous ('least in Japan) Anime Sailor Moon, with Gadget as Usagi (Serena in the English Dub) Created by: Candy Courtnier
Fan Poem: "The Lady Hackwrench" A moving poem, focusing on the Gadget Archive's most cherished mouse. ( If you thought Mickey, try again. ^_- ) Created by: Candy Courtnier
gadgetp1.jpg 29 A [watercolour?] painting of Gadget Very cute! Created by: Captain Packrat -
gadget2.jpg 90 What any post-apocalyptic mouse would look like Although a tail mace? ^.^ Drawn by:
gadget_sketch.gif 120 A colour pencil sketch of Gadget Drawn by: Robert Hollingshead -
GadgetMorning.jpg 71 Gadget offers a bit of Java to the morning crew Drawn by: Herwig 'Harry' Bartalszky -
city.jpg 27 Gadget costumed as the movie character 'The Crow' Drawn by: Erik Evensen -
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