With skills like Stalk, Sword Mastery, and Back Stab, who wouldn't want to become a Rogue?

Here's a short guide to get you through the difficult stuff.

In order to become a Rogue, you must first be a minimum of job level 40.

Get yourself to Morroc.  If you're a Thief, then you know where Morroc is.
If you're a Thief, and you don't know where Morroc is, please consider a job change to Swordsman.
Swordies get skills like Bash, which they use with their thick skulls to stun opponents into open-mouthed silence.

The entrance to the Rogue Guild is located at 194,116 on the Pharos Lighthouse map (cmd_fild07).
To get there from Morroc, just go:
South, South, West, West

There are a few Ragglers on this map.  Mind you, this is what happens to those thieves that fail the Rogue test.  We change them into oven stuffers and teach them to sue for fake slip and fall accidents.

The entrance to the Rogue Guild is hidden behind a decent sized pyramid.  Rotate your screen 45 degrees counter clockwise (anti-clockwise for our British & Canadian readers) to see it.

Once inside, head down to the second basement.

Once you've made it to the 2nd basement speak with Markie.
  Markie is cute.
Markie will test your knowledge of Rogues with ten questions.  If you fail, you will forever spend your days as a Raggler, so answer wisely.

Assuming that you're not better off playing some mindless swordie, Markie will then send you to speak with Mr. Smith.
Mr. Smith is located on the 1st floor.

Mr. Smith will give you a mission: Stealing Valuables.
In order to prove your worth, you will be assigned a number of items to obtain.   It is your decision, if you wish, to obtain these legally or otherwise.
If you speak with Mr. Smith more than once, additional items will be added to your list - only speak once .. unless you enjoy additional complexity.
Use printscreens, note pads, stones & chisels, or freshly painted walls and your victims' blood to capture this information.

You will be assigned all of the items from one of the following three groups, plus a random number of additional items from the fourth list:
Group I
6 Blue Herb
10 Skel Bone
10 Decayed Nail
10 Horrendous Mouth
Group II
10 Green Herb
10 Garlet
10 Snake Scale
10 Crab Shell
Group III
10 Yellow Herb
10 Bear's Foot
10 Shell
10 Grasshopper's Leg
Randomly Assigned Items
5 Red Herb
5 Animal Skin
5 Yellow Gemstone
5 Iron Ore
5 Stone Heart
5 Tooth of Bat
5 Scorpion's Tail
5 Yoyo's Yail
5 Monster's Food
5 Clover
5 Fluff
5 Feather of Bird
5 Talon
5 Spawn
5 Raccoon Leaf
5 Chrysalis
5 Empty Bottle

Feel free to visit Ragnamart to see what monsters drop these items.

Upon returning with all of your items, Mr. Smith will take them from you and charge a one-time 10,000z fee.

At this point, Mr. Smith will give you another mission, to locate an NPC for Rogue lessons.
Here are the NPCs and their locations:
Antonio is located in Kokomo Beach (cmd_fild04) at 302,177
is located in Fortress Saint Darmain(South) (cmd_fild09) at 000,000
Hollgrehenn Junior is located in Fortress Saint Darmain(South) (cmd_fild09) at 338,143
Hermanthorn Junior is located on the Beacon Island, Pharos map (cmd_fild07)  at 349,286
Your assigned NPC will give you a password needed to enter the secret area, if necessary.

Your third and final mission starts: Don't get pasted by mobs of insanely powerful monsters.
The maze is straightforward.  Walking in the center of the passages will cause monsters to spawn.
Use your Hide skill to escape their attention until they wander away.  Blue potions (for restoring SP) may help.
If you stay up against the walls, then monsters will be less likely to spawn.
Here is a list of monsters that you may encounter:

Archer Skeleton



Abyss Knight

Speak with Markie upon leaving the maze.  She will reward you for your ingenuity and steadfastedness and welcome you into the fold of the Rogues(tm).
If you are job level 49 or lower, you will be presented with a 2 slot Gladius.
If you are job level 50, you will be presented with a 3 slot Gladius.

Last update: May 17, 2004