The little Anterran

The Dark Overlord pays a visit


Greetings viewers, welcome to another adventure filled edition of Who's that Alien!

Today's show, about a young Anterran named Isagi, is in two parts.

How does one pronounce his name?

The I is spoken like the i in hickory, the SA is like the so in sock, and the GI is said like the letter G. Emphasis on the SA.

In the last episode, Isagi met the Rescue Rangers, a group of mice and chipmunks who help others in trouble.

He also met Thyrria, cat queen of the underground city of Thyrrin. After meeting her, he destroyed her city. Then he was chased by the royal guard, a couple thousand of homicidal maniacs, and was wounded.

The Rescue Rangers rescued him and brought him to the surface, until he recovered. Right now, they're teaching him how to live on planet Earth, because he's a little naive.

Now sit back and relax. Imagine this is a movie in 3-D. Hope you enjoy the special effects!

Isagi and other characters © 1995 little Anterran productions
Gadget, Chip, Dale, Monterey Jack © Walt Disney corporation