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Item:The Disney Comics Pages.

You can find the names of RR characters as they appear in foreign Disney comics here:
at www.update.uu.se.

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France and Canada

In French, the show is called Tic et Tac, Les Rangers du Risque- "Risk Rangers." The word "risque" is reportedly a half-hearted attempt at French ("Franglais.") Kannik (kannik@io.org) has recorded and translated the lyrics to the theme song in French.

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Chip 'n Dale are Chip 'n Dale in Mexico, and don't go by the Spanish name.

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While the Disney Comics lists give three variations of "Chip and Dale" in German, the only one I've seen in action is "Chip und Chap."
"Ritter des Rechts," literally, means "knights of right."
Both of Gadget's German names seem to be normal proper names (isn't that a switch. :) ) They are listed as Dimsey and Trixie by the DC list, but TV TODAY gives "Trixi" [sic.]
Monty's German name, Samson, goes without saying.
Zipper's name, Summi, is a derivative of "buzz" or "hum-" Buzzy.

TV TODAY, a German website, gives a listing for one or two episodes of Chip und Chap, Die Ritter des Rechts daily, for a network of German TV stations.

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